"Are you back to blogging full-time?" -I blog as often as I can. I occasionally have extra time to blog more regularly, but my blogging is just a hobby, so it comes second to my exciting "real life". :O)

"Who takes your photos?" If they're not photos of me (and even occasionally when they are), I take them. My husband takes most of the photos of me, God bless him. This is not his favorite thing to do with his time, but he loves me. :O)

"What kind of camera do you use?" -I currently use a Canon 60D. The best "expensive" thing I've ever bought! I'm not a talented photographer, so anything you happen to admire can be attributed to Canon and photo editing. ;o)

"Is Disney your real name?"    -Yes! My older brother named me after the channel he was watching. It's not so bad if you consider that I could have been "Discovery" or "Cartoon Network".

"Is your family Asian?" -Yes, my husband is Korean, and Paige is half-Korean. :o)

"What church do you go to?" -I am part of God's church, which includes all who are in Christ. :o) Our local church family meets in a building that says "Church of Christ", which is really just a description of us. 

"What kind of sewing machine do you have?" -A simple Singer. I wrote a post about her here!

"Why didn't you hem that??" -I get this one a lot. Probably because I use knits a lot! The wonderful blessing of knits is that they won't fray, even after they've been through the wash, so you don't always need to hem if you don't want to. Yay for skipping a step!

"How do I make a ruffle?" -It's easy! You can find my tutorial for ruffling fabric here

"Where do you buy your fabric?" - I don't usually buy fabric, unless it's for something very special, so I couldn't suggest a store to you. I do sometimes look at thrift stores for remnants, or clothes that I can refashion. I also have been known to use a bed sheet as fabric now and then. Also, if you can get your hands on a generous mother with a large fabric stash, that doesn't hurt.

"How do I build my craft blog traffic?" -This really needs a full page essay answer, but in short, make sure you are blogging about your passion, be true to your own style, and take clear photos with lots of light. Then try joining some craft, sewing & etc. communities, or linking up to some link parties on other blogs. And don't forget social media! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even instagram can help get your ideas out into the open.


  1. just found your site and you seem to put so much care into your writing and photo creativity..looking through your blog was a pleasant walk! sincerely, Donna Douglas :)

  2. Your site is so inspiring! It's great. Thanks a lot for the awesome posts.

  3. My parents just flew out to Washington. They are out there to visit and spend my brother ashes(he was born there) so I
    m glad it's the best state ever! I've always heard it's beautiful!

  4. Hi Disney,

    I just discovered your blog. It's so inspiring! Must check out your tutorials :)

    best wishes from Germany

  5. Whew! I could probably stay a while longer here on your blog, but since I really need to get some sleep before it is time for me to wake up for work...I just wanted to stop by on this first post and say...love your humor and posts and I hope to do some more catching up with my regular blog visits and add your blog to my list :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Oh, my brother is in the Navy in Bremerton and they love, love, love it there!

  6. Random question: but are you and Paige the mother-daughter duo in the Children's Tylenol/You are my sunshine commercial? I actually rewound the tv the other day to do a double take! Tried to find a link to post, but I couldn't, sorry.

  7. I just tried to shirr a small piece of fabric and it did not shrirr I followed your instructions . It seems like maybe the elastic wasn't tight enough I wound on my machine. I so would love to do this any info would be appreciated.



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