March 31, 2011

Our Back Yard

We got to play in the yard today. Hooray for spring! 

March 30, 2011

Book Art

You've seen book art like this before, I'm sure. I love it!
Etsy had a shop featured today with tons of prints for sale that I absolutely thought were so fun. If I could, I would buy these and cover my walls with them:

As I was drooling, I realized that we could make these in like, five seconds!

If you don't already have an old book to use, check out a yard sale or thrift store for a large dictionary or something like that. I happen to have this old book that I--brace yourselves antique lovers--tore a couple of pages out of. (It's my book, I can do that.) :o)

Use the pages in your printer like any old sheet of paper and print some silhouettes that catch your eye.
I chose some nautical pictures to go in my bathroom, my current work in process.

Oh, how happy they make me!

I'm planning to cover the walls with different photos of that lovely, maritime nature. :O)
I really love the bold look of frame-covered walls!

March 22, 2011

Rice Babies Giveaway Winner!!

Ready for the winner of the Rice Babies giveaway??

Using's random number generator.......
Congratulations to Katie!!

I hope you enjoy getting to give your friend's little girl the cutest present ever! :O)

March 17, 2011

3-Way Skirt/Dress Tutorial

 I fell in love....

Super-stretchy knit, with silky-soft ruffles already sewn in, in lots of colors. Amazing.
I was sent some to try out, and I made this tube dress:

Which also doubles as a maxi skirt(my favorite way to wear it!).

You can also wear it high waisted...although it's not the most flattering on me. But I like the sailboat. :O)

I'm pretty sure someone invented this fabric just for me.

So here's the tutorial!
It's a skirt, it's a dress. 
It's the easiest thing you'll ever make.

You only need two things for this skirt: elastic in your desired width(mine was 2.5"), and 1-2 yards of ruffle fabric. I made mine with less than a yard!

  • Cut your fabric to the length you'd like your skirt to be. Then wrap the fabric around your hips and mark it with a pin. Pin the rest of the way down (right sides facing) and trim the excess to make a long tube-OR-sew before trimming and try it on to be sure if fits, then trim off the excess. *Note: try to make sure that your ruffles are lying flat as you're pinning it.

  • Wrap your elastic around yourself and mark the length you need with a pin. Be sure that it stretches comfortably both on your hips and around the top of your chest.
  • Sew the ends of your elastic together, to make a circle, then pin the top of your skirt to your elastic in four evenly spaced places. The fabric will probably be a little larger than your elastic, which is fine. Just stretch the elastic slightly until they match up as you sew them together with a zig-zag stitch, right sides facing.

Bam, you're done! No need to even hem the bottom. 

BUT....if ya wanna.....
You can make it convert into a half-length skirt, too!
  • Sew a few (6-8) smallish buttons to the top of the skirt on the inside. (Make sure to sew only through the knit, not the ruffles)
  • Then cut an itty-bitty, tiny, little hole directly below the button, on the bottom of the skirt. (Again, just through the knit. The ruffles will cover it.)

Then you can bring the bottom of the skirt under and "button up" occasionally and have a half-length skirt!
Here's my uncomfortable face:

I really hope you're able to try this one, it makes me so happy. I want to wear it every day. It's so comfy! So unbelievably soft.
I'm not sure if you can find Ruffle Fabric in stores, since I don't have fabric stores around me. But I know you can buy it here! I have a little leftover that I'm planning on making some fun things with later. I think I could really cover my whole house in this!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

And...because a post is not a post without this pretty face:
And don't forget to enter our super cute Ricebabies Doll Giveaway here!

March 16, 2011

Rice Babies Handmade Doll Giveaway!

Thanks for entering!

Yay! Hurray! It's a giveaway!

Good grief.

This shop is so cute I can hardly stand it. Seriously, I have to look away. *shields eyes* It's too, too cute.

A sweet little shop with sweet little things. 
Things like hair delicacies....
Yum. :o)

Things like perfect little painted dolls.

Things like handmade party crowns for boys and girls....

And things like the cutest, most fabulous handmade dolls ever. 

Which is what one of you lucky bums is going to get!! 
You can choose a girl or boy, customized to your hearts delight. 
I'm so excited for you! 

Even though, obviously, Paige would want a girl doll, I secretly love the boy doll the most. Maybe it's because I really want my own real-life little boy. But really, how cute is he?? Look at his little lumberjack shirt! I could die!

You can go to the Ricebabies shop and check out the different customizing options, and enjoy all the cuteness while you're there! I think that if Kellie and I met in "real life" we would most likely be kindred spirits. Such a sweet person. You can get acquainted with her here, on her blog!

But. OK. Down to business! You'd like to enter? Please do!

Just leave a comment on this post. Go ahead and leave your email in your comment so that I can contact you if you win. 

That's it!
The winner will be announced in one week-Tuesday the 22nd

Good luck!
Love you.

March 15, 2011

Disaster in Japan

I just found out that a very sweet blogger friend of mine, Sachiko, is from the Miyagi prefecture, one of the areas that was hit very hard by the earthquake and tsunami. I just can't imagine how heartbreaking it would be to see that happen to your hometown. Although, Praise God, her family is all OK.

I can hardly breath when I think about how terrible it must be for people over there right now.
Please take a moment to visit Sachiko's blog and read her post about it, I'm sure she needs all the encouragement she can get.

Thank you. :o)

March 3, 2011

Poppy's Rug

We've talked before about how we sometimes can't choose just one style that we like. I'm the absolute worst at that, and I can never choose which one is definitely "me".

After being inspired by a new acquaintance (and I dare say soulmate), Heidi, I've decided that I certainly don't have to choose only one. So I've created my own alter-ego, who was really there all along. Let's call her "Poppy"...

Poppy is so indie-chic. She's vintage, she's kitschy, she does all her shopping at the thrift stores and flea markets.
Disney (that's me, if you're new!) is the preacher's wife, and lives in a town that doesn't quite understand vintage bliss. So she lives like Clark Kent, and only turns into Poppy occasionally for her blogger friends, whom she trusts with all her important secrets. Disney makes things that you might see at Pottery Barn (if I may be so bold), Poppy makes things you'd sell on Etsy.

But in many respects, Disney and Poppy are quite the same. They share the same religion, they have the same favorite earrings. They both drink only one cup of coffee a day (Disney takes hers in the morning, while Poppy likes it in the afternoon). They're both compulsively sanguine and have terrible memories.

Today's project was Poppy's idea. She's been trying to get her hands on vintage potholders in various colors and designs to use for it:

But she found these afghan squares first, and they worked quite nicely!
If you're a crocheting crafter you could whip this up yourself in whichever colors/patterns you'd like! If not, ask your grandma, or keep an eye out for those potholders.

There isn't much to say in the way of instructions for this project. Make/find some squares and put them together in an order that makes your face smile....

Then tie all the squares together at the corners with a fun, matching yarn.

And, tada!

You can lay it face-up and display all the cute little yarn ties...
Or flip it around and hide them!

Let your toes enjoy the cuteness.
I had originally planned to put this under the sink in my kitchen, which is normally pink. But I recently put away all the pink things temporarily for a "breather". 

So I put it in the pink craft room! 

My foot pedal is so happy now!

People are just drawn to this rug. 
It just needs a couple of slip-proof thingers under it.

Hope you're having a great week. :O)

-Disney (and Poppy)


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