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You're Embarrassing Yourself

"Someone ran into me and totaled my car this week. Ain't God good??" That's how the preacher started his sermon two weeks ago at a church we were visiting. Since moving to a new town, we've tried several churches, and they were all fine mostly, but as soon as I heard that man say that, I was pretty sure these were my people. He went on the tell the story of the accident as if he were a side character, and God was the Hero. I want to re-write all my stories to be like that. Here's how I kinda feel like I want to write the story of this week: I'm completely sleep-deprived, I'm at a loss in certain areas of my parenting and it has me scared for the future, the car I just bought broke down, and I had CPTSD flashbacks all this morning at work, which was humiliating and exhausting. But as I walked into my apartment after my shift, a giant whiff of Christmas tree met me, and then I remembered what that preacher had said, and my heart felt it so much in that m

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