American Girl Grand Hotel Review!

We recently had the huge blessing of being given the American Girl Grand Hotel to review, and we have been having so much fun with it! This has been, by far, the most played with of all our AG products (other than the dolls themselves, of course!) Look at all the little things it comes with, couldn't you just DIE??

All of these blessings...I honestly don't know what to do with it. Do you ever feel that way? Sort of a...burden to reciprocate. I see that all of these things are from my God, and I *must* respond...but how? I once heard someone say the only thing you can give to God that isn't already his, is your heart and I loved that. But I don't think giving God my heart just means *feeling nice things* toward him. It's much more than that. My actions, my words, my thoughts, each one a little stocking stuffer for God. (Oh my goodness, what a dorky thing to say.) And I want it all to be for him, every last breath. I'm too smart, too thankful to waste my time with anything less.

Um, anywaysss, I'm reviewing a product here, yes. Probably you're only wondering two things: "Is it as cool as it looks?" Yes, for sure!!
And "Is it worth the money?" That's a harder question to answer, because I'm pretty frugal, and with our family budget, there is no way I would ever spend $275 on any one thing for my kids. Just saying. BUT, if I was going to, this would be the kind of toy I would buy; nice quality, lots of potential for imagination, and attention to detail, which I'm a sucker for. :)

Thank you, my good, kind Father! I love you. And thank you also to American Girl. :) You guys are my favorite.

Hope you all had a great holiday! I love you,