December 10, 2014

Whaaa?! Thank you!!

You guys just blew our minds!! 
Paige sold enough necklaces to buy the doll in less than a day! We can't thank you enough for all of your orders. You guys ate them up!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're so glad you liked them. :O)

I wish we could keep up with all your orders, but we ran out of Grandma's crocheted flowers, so the shop will be out of a few colors for a little while. I told Paige that she's welcome to keep selling her necklaces, even though we already ordered the doll. It'll be a good homeschool experience for her! She wants to save money for a dolly bed next. I'm thinking savings account...we'll see who wins. ;o) We've also got some ideas up our sleeves for some charity fundraising in the shop as well, once we get our own set up. Should be a fun adventure!

In the meantime, there are still a few necklaces available that will ship (in the US) in time for Christmas, if you'd like to snag one! Thanks again!!

A note from the artist:
"Thank you for buying my necklaces. I think they'll look pretty on you! And if it's for someone, I think they'll really like it. I made it up myself! -love Paige!!(with two exclamation marks) Oh, and one more thing: You. Are. AWESOME!"

We love you! Goodnight!
-Disney and Paige

December 9, 2014

Paige's Handmade Necklaces for Sale!

You guys!! I am so, so proud of my little Paige!
I'll bet you didn't know that. ;o)

The necklaces pictured above are the ones Paige crocheted to earn money for her American Girl doll a few months ago. After she earned all the money she needed, she said she wanted to sell more to help her little friend, Brooklyn, earn one as well. You see, all the other girls at church either had a doll, or were very close to getting one, and Paige was worried that Brooklyn would feel left out. Brooklyn is a few years younger than all of the other girls, so we try to make sure she doesn't get left the younger sibling, I remember that feeling all too well! :O)

Sooo, Paige is taking her entrepreneurial aspirations to the online world! We've listed her necklaces on Etsy, in six fun colors! She has two of each color ready to ship, so if you have your heart set on a certain color before Christmas, better snatch it up right away if you can! They are just $10, plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. :O)

Just to be clear, each necklace was hand crocheted by Paige herself, I didn't help at all! She worked so hard on them. Grandma did pitch in some help with the flowers, but Paige still had to do the eye-batting and puppy eyes, so that's work, too. ;o) And she glued them on herself! She might actually be better with the glue gun than I am, but we don't need to talk about that...

They are made with a super-soft acrylic yarn, and are lightweight, so they don't pull on your neck at all. They would be great stocking stuffers or gifts for any of the ladies in your lives! The strings are left long, so the length works well for girls, teens, or adult women.
Thanks in advance for supporting Paige and helping her get a special present for her friend! And learn the wonderful blessings of generosity.

Here's the link to the SHOP!

And if you aren't in to necklaces, maybe you might pass the link on to someone who is? Thank you a million times! 
Disney and Paige

P.S. A big thank you to my sister-in-law for letting me "borrow" her Etsy shop to sell these! We will have our own shop set up some time later. :o)

December 4, 2014

Our Well!

Just wanted to pass on these two photos of the well that you guys helped build in India with Healing Hand International! Isn't that just beautiful?? A super-fist-bump to the kid in front with a Pokemon shirt. :o) I wonder if Paige will notice that when I show her the photo.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your donations! And may you be as blessed by your generosity as these people have been.

Love you!

December 1, 2014

Death and Victory.

Oh, guys. 
I would really appreciate your prayers today, for my sweet cousin, Hillary, and her family. She gave birth to her beautiful little baby boy yesterday morning, but unfortunately, it was very early, and he didn't make it. I can't perfectly understand her pain, but I know it must be so unimaginably heartbreaking.

Do you know that verse in 1 Corinthians that says "Oh death, where is your sting?"
I used to think I understood that verse. In fact, it was one of my favorites. I thought: "I can't wait for heaven, why on earth would I fear death??" What I never really considered was the bitter sting of death, when the it is the death of a person you dearly love. When you can no longer experience, physically, the exchange of love and affection with a soul that you are closely connected to. It's more than a sting. It's a bitter, choking, cold, hard, suffocating, desperate pain. A hurt that you could never explain or imagine until it's there, all over you and inside you, and you can't make it go away no matter what you do. It can make your legs fail, your appetite leave, your face change, make your heart feel like it's frozen, a miniature iceberg in your chest. It can even make your hair fall out. (I'm hoping that is temporary? Please??) It's beautiful that humans need each other so much. But excruciating when we're ripped apart.

One thing I am thankful for: experiencing the sting of death makes me more completely understand what was written in Corinthians just before the above quote. Which is that "Death is swallowed up in victory." Death is not the end. Even though it sometimes feels like it.

A long time ago, a man named Paul wrote these words to his Christian family: "Therefore, my beloved, be steadfast, immoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord, your labor is not in vain." And I hope those words will encourage my dear cousin when the time is right. 
Thank you so much for the prayers for their family. Also, due to some other health issues earlier this year, I know their finances are hurting a bit. Hillary's sister has set up a page to donate to help with some of those medical bills if any of you feel inclined. You can find it here. Thank you. :)


November 29, 2014

The Perfect Gift! Little Sun Hat Headwear

You know what makes me happy? Buying cute stuff for my kids. It really delights me, I don't know why. Probably because I'm obsessed with my kids and how cute they are, and anything to accentuate that cuteness feels like a definite need. ;o)

But do you know what makes me even happier than that? Buying cute, handmade stuff for my kids from really, really, really nice people. Remember that one time I had a book signing in a tiny little town and only one person came? (I know, sad.) That one person was Kara. She has been encouraging me through email for a while now, and since we live about an hour and a half away, she came by to say hi so we could meet in person, and it was so wonderful. I instantly felt like we were old friends. She has the kindest, sweetest demeanor and it just a darling person. We only spent a few minutes together and it left me wishing so much that we were neighbors and that I could just hug her every day. Anyway, she and her husband have a wonderful business selling the most adorable and high quality hats for children in sizes 0-4T. The summer hats are so precious, but when I saw her winter line, I...basically died. I mean do you even see those up there!! ^^^^^ I can't stand it! I'm dying to get Ace in one of these. The only problem is that I can't even choose a favorite, at all. (The herringbone with the red pom, ugh!...But the "lodge plaid", oh my goodness!!)

I was thinking about this. And it's Christmas soon, so you should buy some. And if you buy some before midnight on Monday, December 1st, you get 25% off! Awesome. And get this: FREE SHIPPING. ALWAYS. The website says they offer free (US) shipping "Because we think being nice is a good thing to do!" Isn't that heart melting? I told you. Really, really nice. We need more business owners like this guys, so let's support them! :O)

Have a wonderful day! And I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was great!

*This was NOT a sponsored post. I just really like Kara. And her hats. :O)*

November 15, 2014

Tutorial: Doll Box into Dolly Closet!

So, I MAY have had a little momentary lack of self control involving some new dolly clothes. (I need that little monkey emoji with his hands over his mouth. Why don't we have emojis for computers?? How am I supposed to express myself without little cartoons?? Oh yeah. A vocabulary.) This was, of course, not my fault. It was my sister's fault for encouraging me to create posts about football, which I got paid for, which funded my shopping "accident". But I love her, so I'm not mad at her. ;o)

Anyway! When your dolls have an extensive wardrobe, you need a place to put all those fancy things! I priced out some adorable and crazy-expensive doll closets online, but by then my senses had returned to me, so we decided to make some quick ones out of our doll boxes. Perfect! And I even had all my supplies lying around the house. We had so much fun!

Here's what you need:

  • The box your doll came in. (I'm not sure if all 18" doll boxes are the same? These are from American Girl.)
  • Pretty papers
  • 1/2" dowel
  • cardboard
  • hot glue
  • glue stick

  • First, place your background paper inside your box and crease to measure where to cut your back piece. You will need 2 pieces to cover the full length.

  • Cut paper to size and cover the back with a glue stick.

  • Press paper into box. When overlapping papers, do your best to match up the print.

  • Use a pencil to punch a hole into each side of the box, 3'' from the top and 2'' from the front.

  • Poke the dowel through the hole, mark, and trim dowel.

  • Cut two pieces of cardboard for shelves. Measure to make them the same depth and just slightly wider than the back of the box. When you press them into the box, they should fit snuggly.

  • Cover the cardboard with paper. We chose a wood pattern to make it look like real shelves. You can find similar paper by the sheet at JoAnn stores, and probably tons of other craft stores.

  • Don't forget to cover the front of the shelves! I glued on a wider strip and them trimmed the edges to fit.

  • Add a line of hot glue on each side, about 1'' above the dowel and quickly press shelf in. Repeat for lower shelf.

Hooray! All done!! 
Quick and painless. (Well, depending on your hot glue gun experience.) I also made the wire hangers, I will post a tutorial for those a little later! :O)
Then you just have to invite friends over and play!
In case any of you are thinking: "Wow, what a great mom!" let me assure you that, while Paige really loves them, the clothes and closet might be 20% for Paige, and 80% for me. Haha. Dress up has always been my favorite! I can remember playing Barbies with my friends as a little girl and we would just get them dressed for a million different occasions over and over again. Paige likes the dress up, but her passion is the drama. When she plays, someone is always getting injured in a gymnastics competition or being kidnapped by "the bad guys" or moving in with a rich neighbor after being poor and hungry all their lives. I love her imagination! I love her. To the moon, and back. I can't get enough of that wonderful child.

I will try to get you guys the tutorial for the hangers next week after the kids and I get back from visiting my grandma in OR. :O)

Have a great start to your week tomorrow! Sunday is my favorite. 
Love you so much!


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