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Stabbed in the Back with the Sword of Truth

"You don't love God!" I can't count how many times I have been told that in my life.  (In case you're new here: I do, in fact, love God very much. More than my kids. More than my own life. More than anything. Honestly there's not much more to me than my love for our Creator.) Have you ever been a victim of spiritual abuse?  If you know, you know. But you might not even know if you have been, I didn't know for many years, and many others don't realize that they are experiencing it right now. Because if you genuinely do love God, when someone says they want to call attention to your sin, you care. You want to fix it. You humbly accept the correction, because you WANT to be holy.  So when I heard things like: "you're not obeying me like the Bible says to", I thought: "I really could do a better job submitting."  And when I heard "You're a materialistic woman!", I thought: "Well, I didn't really NEED to go to

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