June 25, 2016

Official Joy Medley Website is Live!!

Hurray!! I've been waiting forever for this, and our official website is finally live!! We have our very own website! I'm so excited!! I feel like such a big girl! 
Not going to lie, this was totally hard for me, haha. The online tutorials all say "Oh, it's so easy! Such quick and simple setup!" LIES. Ok. Maybe it wasn't that hard. Maybe it was just me. But it took me way longer than it should have to get this all set up. But it's cool, it's cool. Because it looks so stinking AWESOME!! If I do say so myself. It feels like such a big leap to go from Esty to our very own website. I think another reason that it took a little longer than expected was that after getting about 95% done with it...I froze. And panicked. Because what makes me think I can even do this?? It's just how I felt when I wrote my book. I have all the confidence in the world, until it's really happening, and then I'm like "Wait, what? We're doing this in real life?" It's so scary. Because, to be honest, the world isn't always nice. (News flash.) And it's hard to put yourself out there when you know it's going to hurt at some point. But we're doing it! So there! Phew!

So! To celebrate the begining of summer and our brand new internet home, we are having a huge 20% off sale on nearly the entire store!! Yay!! All our inventory (excluding the HOPE charity necklaces) is on sale, all this week! And as always, free US shipping! The sale will also make room for our brand new line, which should drop very soon-ish! :O) I'm just so excited!

So please, I'd love it if you clicked through to check out our new site and give some feedback and support! We are still currently focusing only on girls' necklaces, but have upcoming plans to accommodate those not-so-young girls who would love to wear our designs as well. Please spread the word to anyone who you think might be interested! We will also soon be looking for some blogging/instagram moms who would love to host a giveaway or review one of our necklaces. So hit us up if that's you! hello@shopjoymedley.com

Gah!! This is so exciting!! 
Hashtag dreams, you guys. 
Ok. Breathing. 
I'm all done for now. 

I love you to the moon!! Have a great weekend!

June 24, 2016

Movie Night with American Girl!

American Girl surprised us by sending the new Lea Clark movie in the mail the other day, as well as a few other goodies for hosting a viewing with friends. Wasn't that sweet?? So we called over our neighbors and made some popcorn and had such a great time together! They didn't ask me to blog about it, but it was so sweet that I just had to share. I love the idea of turning a simple thing like watching a movie into a mini party. Because, why not?? I should do this a lot more.
Thanks, AG for making it happen! If I owned a super successful doll company, I'd like to think I would run my business in a similar way. :o) They also sent me one of their new Wellie Wishers dolls yesterday and she's sooo cute you guys, I can't wait to take pictures!!

Also! Our new Joy Medley website is going to be up and ready in like, 5 seconds! Ok, maybe not that quickly, but maybe tomorrow? Hopefully? So stay tuned!! Love you!

June 11, 2016

Mandarin Collar Shirt DIY

Don't you love a mandarin collar? I just think the mandarin collar can look so rad on guys. Especially little guys, since everything looks more rad on them. I was window shopping for some online yesterday, when I thought: "Wait. What am I even doing??" and grabbed two of Ace's button up dress shirts and transformed them. This process seriously takes like 10 minutes, tops. And in case you're wondering-yes!-you can totally do this with men's shirts as well. Or women's, obviously!
Now I just need some little hipster suspenders to go with this... :o)

1. Use a seam ripper to tear out a few of the top stitches.
2. Gently pull the collar away from the stand (the neck band-ish thing) and begin taking out the stitches that you find holding them together.
3. Continue tearing out stitches until the collar is completely off. The stitches will be reinforced at each end, so be careful not to tear your fabric around those stubborn areas.
4. Use matching thread to sew the stand back together, trying your best to stay on the line where the previous stitches were.
And there you go! Super easy.

Love you, friends! We just got back from work camp again, painting houses in Ohio with the youth group. We painted 12 houses this week(!) for people who really needed it but couldn't afford it. Serving is such a treat! But we are tired. So good to be home. :o)
Take care!

May 12, 2016

Scrumptious Newborn Photos! :O)

I have the BEST neighbors, my friends. They are truly special, I am so thankful for them. And one of them recently was kind enough to have the most precious baby girl for me to hold and sniff and take pictures of. (I mean, there may have been other reasons for having her, sure...)
Isn't she perfect?!? She is about a week and a half old in these photos. I took them in her adorable nursery, which is full of light, and sweet, soft shades of cream and peach and robin's egg blue. She has three older siblings, all brothers, so I'm sure she will be doted on just as much as she ought to be. :O)

I'm trying to think of some ways to use my camera to help God love people...not sure exactly how to do that yet. For now I'm at least just trying to bless more family and friends with photos. I just love taking pictures. I love, love, love it. I wish I had fancy Photoshop software to make editing more impressive. Editing is half the fun for me, but Aperture is pretty limited. Not that I'm not grateful for it! Maybe if I stopped spending every free cent I had on iced coffee....haha, just kidding, we all know I'd be dead in three days! ;o)

Love you, my dears. Thanks for hanging around all these years to read my little blog. 
I sure love having you here. :O)

May 10, 2016

Paige's Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom

Oh man, I hate to even put that picture on here! ^^^ What a hot mess!! 
But I love the....

We were in the store a few months back and Paige saw a big, blown up sign advertising this Shabby Chic bedroom line and she was instantly head over heals in love! Which kind of surprised me, because in the past, she hasn't been super girly in her taste of bedroom decor. She asked if she could get the frilly quilt for her birthday, which was still months away, and I said "Hmm, well, we'll think about it..." knowing confidently that she would change her birthday request 100 times before May. But guess what? She DIDN'T!  She consistently asked for that thing for like two and a half months! So we decided to go for it, and surprise her with a few other things as well, to make it a whole new room! We've recently had electrical work done, which left big white patches on her light blue walls, so we told her that she had to sleep downstairs for a couple of nights while we painted the walls. **evil chuckle** She had NO idea what we were doing. Ah, I love it when they are young and easy to hide things from. ;o)

She's always wanted a desk in her room, so I snuck out one Sunday while she was at a friend's house (dude! it's hard to find a time when I'm not around her!!) and scoured our mega-huge-and-awesome thrift/antique store in town and found the perfect little desk with a stool and mirror! Score!! It just needed white paint, as it was a kind of yucky looking wood color. Then I covered the 90's tropical (but not in a cool way) fabric on the stool with a navy and white polka dot. I added a vintage floral hatbox from an old friend to hold accessories, vintage lace curtains from my mom/grandma, and handmade artwork. But my FAVORITE art is the vintage Samantha poster on the wall, which needs a frame still, and-get this!-was brought home by my husband! He found it at a thrift store, and you should have seen my dancing! Major brownie points for that one.

She was so surprised, and she LOVED it! In the midst of her gushing, she said: "Oh, Mom, this is like, totally a teen's room!" (the ultimate test in coolness) I didn't have the heart to tell her that it wasn't really at all what a teenager would want...I'll just let her feel cool. Because she is. :O)

So thankful to be able to surprise our little cookie pie! I never get tired of making her happy. Well, you know, except when I want to sell her to the gypsies. ;o)

Love you!


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