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Disney Goes to DISNEY!!!!!

My whole life, because of my name, people have asked me if I have been to Disney Land/World, and finally, this fall.....I AM GOING!!!

This is a little bit kind of a huge deal to me.
AT Disney.
Will the world like, implode, when I walk in??
Will I feel like I'm home when I get there? 😂
Are all the characters going to be my instant best friends?? (Yes. Duh.)
This feels so special, I almost can't handle it.

We have the opportunity to go because my husband is guest-preaching in Kissimmee, FL, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Disney World, and we get to stay in the hotel down there for a week for free. 🤗 And I am so, so thankful to God. What an incredible gift he's giving me.

My darling friend bought sparkling pink ears for me and Paige (and a monogrammed hat for Ace!) for the occasion, and I have definitely been wearing mine around the house to break them in.
I can't wait to go!! And I can't wait to share how our trip went w…

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