April 17, 2015

Wedding Cake Topper DIYs!

Hello, guys! Just sharing a couple of cake toppers I just created for eHow. A "Mr. & Mrs." donut pair, and an elegant monogram wreath that would be perfect for a wedding cake, or any kind of cake that you feel like making fabulous. :O)

I was all pumped to tackle these projects until I realized that I would have to make CAKES for them to go in. Yyyyyeaaaaahhh, I can't make cakes. Not the kind that don't have pans to hold up the sides. The last two cakes I've made turned out like this. But thank goodness for JoAnn crafts! Because they sell styrofoam cake forms. Ha! I frosted the styrofoam! Isn't that AWESOME?! Too bad it won't work for your wedding...I guess that's why we have caterers. I have to say though, it was really disappointing to not be able to eat these when I was finished with the photos. :o(

Click here to get the instructions for these toppers!

Have a great day :o)

April 10, 2015

Meet Ace!!

  Ace Powless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, adoption day!! WE DID IT!!!
And on national sibling day...is that perfect, or what??

Disney :o)

Thanks so much, Larissa Rachelle Photography for documenting our most special day!!

April 7, 2015

We Bought a House! :O)

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! Our first house! It just closed today so it's totally ours! *Happy dance* I'm so excited!!

We've been keeping our eye out on the market in Indiana for a few months and it seemed like everything we looked at just sold right underneath us! It was hilarious! And a little stressful. I totally thought it would be like: "Oh, I like this house, I'll buy that one!" Not even. Apparently there are other people in Kokomo, and they want to buy houses, too. Did not see that coming. But we found one that we're so happy with, I can't wait to see it in person. Oh yeah. I haven't seen it in person yet...I don't know if that makes us adventurous or just stupid, haha! :O) Luckily, we had some great friends check it all out, and they know what they're doing.
It was built in 1915 so it has all that lovely character, and my favorite part: original wood trim! ^^^ Isn't that gorgeous? I actually really love white trim in houses, because it feels so light and airy. But there is no way I could ever paint over 100 year old wood trim. So I'll have to settle for white walls and gorgeous complimentary trim. I think I can suffer through that. ;o) We'll have a few things to paint, and lots of wallpaper to remove, (yaaaay.) but really the house is in great condition for being so old, we don't have much to change. And there is even room for a craft studio! And a fenced yard. And a playhouse. And a two car garage. And a nice long driveway for skating. Basically, I can't wait to get there. Less than three weeks!! :O)

Boy, we get a house today, a cute little boy on Friday...we're getting all the things this week! Thank you, God for these blessings.

Oh! And thank you so much for your bracelet orders, guys!! I sold all out of the trios (well, the circle bracelets, more specifically) and now have enough to cover our website costs for the first year. Yay!! I can't wait to get started with setting that up. Play time!! (If you're late to this party, you can still get the other two bracelet styles, in the etsy shop!)

So, if you need me, I'll just be pinning all the new house things!! See you this weekend, when you meet Ace for the first time! :O)
Love you!

April 1, 2015

We're almost there! (And you can help!)

As I've mentioned before, my mom and I are working on starting a little business endeavor in memory of my sister and all the dreams she and I had when she was alive. We are getting pretty close to being able to launch our awesomeness! But I just don't quite have the funds for some of the remaining startup costs. SO! I searched my studio, and created some pretty little things to sell in order to cover our costs. I have to admit, I really love what I came up with. Is is ok if I say that?? I really, really like these! I've been wearing the pearl one with everything.

What is really special about these is that they were made with the beads and jewelry supplies that my sister gave to me when she was teaching me about jewelry making. I used to love hearing her talk about her latest necklace creations. She used to answer the phone by just saying "Dis! BEADS!!" It was one of her biggest passions, and she was immensely talented at it! It makes me happy to know that I'm passing on a little of what my sister and I shared to you guys when you buy one. :o)

Each bracelet is just $10, or you can get all three for the discounted prince of $25! They can be made in 8'' or 9'' lengths.

My mom set up a little Etsy shop to sell them in. (Three guesses who picked out the name. Ha.) So head over there, if you'd like to help! Some day, when our company is like, all huge and stuff, you can say "Oh yeah, I actually helped start that..." ;o) And I'd love it if you passed on the link to the shop to anyone you think might be interested! I'm so eager to get our project off the ground!

Thank you so much in advance!!
Love you!

P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you to my GORGEOUS girl, Mia, for modeling these shots! She is so sweet and beautiful! And makes the best coffee in the northwest. ;o)

March 30, 2015


Just wanted to pop in.
To tell you.
That we have a DATE!!!

April 10th, y'all! Aceface will officially be ours!!
I'm so excited!!!!!! Not that it will really change anything, except that there will be less paperwork in our lives (which, actually, is huge) but it's thrilling, none the less.

Praise God, we are so in love with this little boy. Ugh! I seriously, love. him. so. much. If you guys only knew. I mean if you could just hear him say "pease" and "tank you" and "waterrrr" all of the other little magical toddler things he says. And I can't WAIT to show you how cute he is. ;o)

See you soon. :O)
Love you!

P.S. Less than four weeks 'till we move to Indiana!! And we're buying our first house. And I'm starting a (smallish) business. And I'm scared about all that. But so excited!!!

March 3, 2015

A Letter


I miss how we used to always greet each other that way. As if we had the most exciting news of our lives to share, when really it was just usually that one of us had gotten coffee.

And now I'm crying already.

I think about you a lot. A lot, lot. I think about you when I color with the purple marker. I think about you when someone talks about wearing black. I think about you when I see my shorter hair in the mirror. I think about you when I'm being silly and I think that it's too bad you're not here, because you're the only one who truly understood that side of me. I think about you when I drive by a cemetery. I think about you when I hear the Cranberries play. I think of you when I see chicken nuggets, and instant mashed potatoes and anything with white sauce. I think of you when people talk about the 90's, or Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I think of you when I see people reaching out to others, and when I hear the word "compassion", and a million other things. I think of you when I see bunk beds.

I think of you when I see bridges.

Did you watch "Frozen" before you died? You must have, you had a little girl, too. :O) Did you notice? Did you notice that it was about us? I'll bet you did. I was Anna, right? Happy and clueless and a little naive, sometimes a little inconsiderate. And you were Elsa. Older, stronger, quieter. And so protective of me. So kind to me. And you were dignified about your pain, just like Elsa was. Instead of demanding pity from others, you just went up on your mountain. Except in our version of the story, Elsa never came down from the mountain. She died up there.
And Anna died every day after.

I understand. You were in so much pain, and you just needed it to go away. Any way you could. But the pain didn't go away. You just gave it to me.
And the rest of us.
Oh, no, I'm not mad at you, I could never be. You didn't know how much it would hurt all of us. You couldn't have, because if you had, you never would have done it. I know that about you. I'm just mad at "it". I'm mad that you were so loving, but so injured. And I'm mad that I don't have you here.

I miss you.



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