September 24, 2016


I've been doing a bit more photography here and there! It's really fun. :o) 

That's all. 

Oh wait, that's not all! I don't think I told you guys-I'm a preschool teacher now!! Isn't that neat? It's teaching me a lot about being organized, haha. The preschool uses our church building, and Ace is in the class above mine, so he goes to class and Paige works on some of her homeschool in Micah's office while I'm teaching the littles. It's such a perfect setup, and I'm *loving* the fun and creativity that it takes to teach. So thankful for the opportunity. 

I hope you guys are all doing well! Love you!!

July 19, 2016


Hello, my dear friends! How've you been?? I've had a great couple of weeks at home with my feet propped up, or at least one of them. I injured my ankle in a wild photoshooting accident and had to have a few stitches, which was awesome! Because so many reasons. For one thing, I got to use crutches for the first time since I was a kid. So much fun! And I got some good rest, which was so nice. (Thanks to my family and friends for all the help!) but the BEST part was that I had so much time to design and make necklaces for Joy Medley. I made about 50 in just over a week! Yes!! I enjoyed it so much, I'm so thankful. As of yesterday I am able to walk again, which means I can start the photoshoots now. Oh man, I love this life.

I realized the other day how much this jewelry business has helped in the grief process. I haven't been this happy since before my sister died. Although, I cry *constantly* while working on the necklaces because of how much it reminds me of her. But it still makes me really happy, if that makes any sense. If only she were here to work on it with me. But I can't think about that.
Isn't it funny how healing it is to work on something that you're passionate about? (Why is that??) I'm so thankful that God gave us passions, and I'm fascinated by what gives each person their individual inward drive. For some people it's creating, for some it's planting things and making them grow, for some it's helping people with their emotions, it can even be like, toy trains. It's so cute to see what makes people happy. I know I've said this before, but I just love thinking about how God makes mountains and the human body, and physics, and solar systems, and then watches his children get all excited because they put beads on a string. Haha! Adorable humans. I just love thinking about that.

I feel like there was an actual reason I wrote this blog post, but apparently not. Oh, I guess I was just saying that I've been making necklaces and I'm so happy about that! These next few designs are going to be very bright and happy! The hardest part now is just figuring out how to market this and get the Joy Medley name out there. It's been so long since I've had to do any serious self promotion, ha! That's the part that doesn't come very naturally to me. :o/ But this time it's important, so I've just gotta do it. Another thing I've been mulling over is how the company can give back more...we have a set of necklaces from which the profits are donated to charity, but that's all based on sales of course, and I'd like to think of a way to add value to people's lives regardless of how sales are doing. Any ideas there??

Well my adorable humans! I'm off to put beads on a string. :o)

Love you so much! Hope your day is going nicely. 

July 5, 2016

Anchors Aweigh! New Joy Medley necklaces!!

Ahoy there, ladies!! Our new line of Joy Medley necklaces is officially out today! Hooray!! We had so much fun designing these, and even though there isn't a hint of pink, I think these are some of my favorites that I have ever made! We also had tons of fun creating our playful nautical themed lookbook. I hope you like it! Many thanks to the sweet girls who helped with their excellent modeling skills. ;o)

OK, so, there's something a little different going on with this line that I'm excited to share with you! Each piece is completely totally 100% unique, meaning there will only be one made. Ever. So no one will ever have the same necklace as you! How fun is that?? We will still be offering styles in the future in larger quantities, but I love the idea of creating something really special just for one person.

Another thing we are trying out with this line is offering a lobster clasp instead of magnetic, with the option of purchasing a 3" removable extender in the shop, which means, adults can wear them too, if they want! Yay!!

So go check out the new pretties!!

Love you, love you, so much, sweet friends!!

July 3, 2016

AG Wellie Wishers!

American Girl recently reached out to see if I wanted to do a product review of their new Wellie Wishers line. Heart eyes!! I love how they always ask me if I want to, as if I would ever just be like: "Oh, no, I have enough insanely cute dolls..." Pfft! Give me all the dolls!!!!!!! I've recently realized and accepted my future fate of being the crazy doll lady with a whole room filled with dolls when I get older. No shame here. It's like being a cat lady, but you don't have to feed them! Um, anyways.

About the Wellie Wishers! They are five adorable friends who love hanging out and having adventures in their magical garden together. They have a gorgeous playhouse, a pet rabbit, and the cutest wellies and accessories.
I am going to be honest, when I saw that AG was coming out with a new line of dolls, I was a little hesitant because I am a pretty loyal person, so part of me was like "Who's this new kid??" ;o) But I LOVE these new dolls! The more I looked into the personality of each doll and the story of their adventures and sweet spirits, the more I was won over by their innocent charm. I only wish they had been around when Paige was younger!

Look how cute!! Ugh! It was the toughest thing ever to decide which doll to review. Obviously I wanted Emerson, because Paige. But look at Willa! And Paige loved Camille. In the end, I chose adorable Kendall, because she's SO cute, and I really wanted to share her with my little friend in the photos above, and I thought it would be fun for her to have the one that looked most like her.

So here's what you need to know about these new comers:

  • They are marketed for younger girls. You know, your daughter/granddaughter who you don't really want to buy an American Girl doll for yet because you're afraid she'll destroy it? :O) Of course, I just turned 29 for the third time, and I am totally into these, so age wise, you can't go wrong here.

  • The price is cut in half! Wellie Wishers dolls run about $60, which is significantly less than AG's typical dolls. How does that affect the quality? Not a ton, surprisingly. The dolls are smaller (14") and I noticed that the torso of the doll is a hard plastic, instead of a cloth body like usual. However the arms/legs/face are the same lovely vinyl as the regular AG dolls. I also noticed that the eyes don't open/close like a regular AG doll, which I consider to be a plus, considering the age group they're geared towards. The hair and clothing seem to be the same beautiful quality that we are used to. I think they did a fantastic job making these a little more economical, and also sturdy enough for younger play, without compromising the AG standards of quality.  

  • You will need all the things. I'm warning you now, because the cuteness is quite hard to handle. Look at this playhouse. Just look. With pretend mud pies!! I actually got to see this in person recently, and I was really impressed by how sturdy it was. Again, that's extra important for the younger ones, and I'm glad they paid attention to that. ;o)

  • There's an app for that. And it's free, and it's cute. Ace loves it! So does Paige. 
  • The books are wonderful. There are 3 Wellie Wishers early reader chapter books coming out this September (along with a show!) and they are one of my favorite things about this new line. One of the things I've missed is the beautifully illustrated American Girl books that I read when I was a girl, and these new books are *full* of bright, fun images, that young readers will love. If you buy nothing else, buy the books. They are delightful!
Much thanks to American Girl, as always, for sharing your beautiful products with us! We adore you!
Have a great day, my friends!

P.S. Totally unrelated to dolls, but I have been getting to take so many photos of people lately, and it is the best!! How cute is my little friend up there?? ^^^ So thankful for my camera and the opportunities to share God's love with it. 


June 25, 2016

Official Joy Medley Website is Live!!

Hurray!! I've been waiting forever for this, and our official website is finally live!! We have our very own website! I'm so excited!! I feel like such a big girl! 
Not going to lie, this was totally hard for me, haha. The online tutorials all say "Oh, it's so easy! Such quick and simple setup!" LIES. Ok. Maybe it wasn't that hard. Maybe it was just me. But it took me way longer than it should have to get this all set up. But it's cool, it's cool. Because it looks so stinking AWESOME!! If I do say so myself. It feels like such a big leap to go from Esty to our very own website. I think another reason that it took a little longer than expected was that after getting about 95% done with it...I froze. And panicked. Because what makes me think I can even do this?? It's just how I felt when I wrote my book. I have all the confidence in the world, until it's really happening, and then I'm like "Wait, what? We're doing this in real life?" It's so scary. Because, to be honest, the world isn't always nice. (News flash.) And it's hard to put yourself out there when you know it's going to hurt at some point. But we're doing it! So there! Phew!

So! To celebrate the begining of summer and our brand new internet home, we are having a huge 20% off sale on nearly the entire store!! Yay!! All our inventory (excluding the HOPE charity necklaces) is on sale, all this week! And as always, free US shipping! The sale will also make room for our brand new line, which should drop very soon-ish! :O) I'm just so excited!

So please, I'd love it if you clicked through to check out our new site and give some feedback and support! We are still currently focusing only on girls' necklaces, but have upcoming plans to accommodate those not-so-young girls who would love to wear our designs as well. Please spread the word to anyone who you think might be interested! We will also soon be looking for some blogging/instagram moms who would love to host a giveaway or review one of our necklaces. So hit us up if that's you!

Gah!! This is so exciting!! 
Hashtag dreams, you guys. 
Ok. Breathing. 
I'm all done for now. 

I love you to the moon!! Have a great weekend!

June 24, 2016

Movie Night with American Girl!

American Girl surprised us by sending the new Lea Clark movie in the mail the other day, as well as a few other goodies for hosting a viewing with friends. Wasn't that sweet?? So we called over our neighbors and made some popcorn and had such a great time together! They didn't ask me to blog about it, but it was so sweet that I just had to share. I love the idea of turning a simple thing like watching a movie into a mini party. Because, why not?? I should do this a lot more.
Thanks, AG for making it happen! If I owned a super successful doll company, I'd like to think I would run my business in a similar way. :o) They also sent me one of their new Wellie Wishers dolls yesterday and she's sooo cute you guys, I can't wait to take pictures!!

Also! Our new Joy Medley website is going to be up and ready in like, 5 seconds! Ok, maybe not that quickly, but maybe tomorrow? Hopefully? So stay tuned!! Love you!


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