April 16, 2014

Happy Day 27: Behind the Scenes

It has been a long, fabulous day! Every two months I have a handful of projects that I do for Fresh Style magazine and I seriously cannot get them done until the day of my deadline. What's wrong with me?? :O) So that's what I did today! It wasn't easy getting them all done in a day with the babies and all their little baby needs :o) my husband helps watch them when he can, but he's gotta work too of course. And I'm on this health cleanse thing right now so I couldn't help thinking how much more the creativity would be flowing if I had an iced coffee and strawberry poptarts!
Anyway, as crazy and sometimes stressful as it is, I love my every-two-month ritual of whirlwind crafting. And I so wish that I could blog about the projects I make! Especially for those of you in areas that don't get this magazine.

The last two photos are just vases I made a long time ago at the pottery painting place in town. I love them! I love that place! In my fantasy world I would invite you all to a fabulous painting tea party there and visit with you until I knew you all like family. That would be so lovely!

Have a great day today!
Love you!

April 13, 2014

Happy Day 24: Stuck in My Head

Part of me thinks this all started with a song. My change of spirit and need for happiness.

I love music. I have to listen to it all the time. (And the louder the better!) :O) But music has a big impact on my attitude and I'm so affected by my surroundings that I can go from mood to mood with a switch of a song on the radio. Are you that way?? If I hear a song about a homeless child I'm ready to go home and sell everything we own to help somehow. ...Which is why I have to be careful about which songs I listen to. :O)

A while back I heard a song, I can't even remember where, and melodically it was just hauntingly beautiful, one of the best I've ever heard. However, the lyrics were not at all good, the kind of song I would usually shut off immediately because my heart is so offended by it. But for some reason I didn't, and I kept listening to it. And it made me angry and it made me feel kind of dark, but I kept listening to it, over and over because it was so beautiful and addicting. I think it created a little piece of darkness in my heart that got a proverbial ball rolling until one day I was like: "wait, what am I doing again??"

I've long left that song behind. I've replaced it with songs much less melodically beautiful, but with much more beautiful feelings in their wake. The song above is one that I just recently discovered, it's called "Oceans" by Hillsong United and it is lovely!

Songs like this really help me stay positive and happy. It helps my mind and heart stay focused on God and that really is...the only thing that truly makes me happy.  :O)

Happy Sunday!

"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-thing about such things." Philippians 4:8

April 12, 2014

Happy Day 23: Paige's Room Tour!

Ahhh, Paige's room. One of the happiest places in our home. I love being in Paige's room. The colors are so fun and playful and it has the best light in the house. Lucky girl!

When we first started doing foster care last year, Paige had to give up her room and stay in the guest bedroom in our finished basement, which is, in my opinion, one of the scariest places in the house. But she was such a sport about it, I was so proud of her. Quite a few months later we were finally able to bring her back upstairs so we took that opportunity to make her new room a little more special.
What I really love about the room is how many of the things in it are DIYs that we did together. The pom pom garland, the gold hexadots, the A-frame tent, the straw pendant banner, the doily dream catchers, the tissue flowers, the heart pillows, the giant leaf mobile, the skateboard shelves--whew! More than I'd realized! Most of the other things were either thrifted (like her sweet vintage bedspread) or made for her by friends (the Ash and Pikachu art, the tree side table and the elk art). The awesome bookrack was a steal from when the Blockbuster store in town went out of business and the rug is from Lowes. Pink piano by Shoenhut.

Now we just need to instal trim boards in there one of these days. Hey, it's only been five years, give us a break... :O)

Happy Sunderday! That's "so-late-on-Saturday-that-it's-practically-Sunday". Probably too late for me to  try to be funny in my blog posts in fact...yikes.

Love you!

April 11, 2014

Happy Day 22: Game Changer!

You guys, we eat food now!!

 I mean we've always eaten food, I guess. Usually from a can or a crinkly bag. Most of you already know that because you've met me. (If you're new: Hi, I'm Disney and I don't cook!) It's not that I CAN'T cook, it's just that I'd rather die THAN cook. Do you see the distinction? And honestly, cooking doesn't really bother me (other than the debatable time waste, I mean it's so much quicker to open a bag of Sun Chips or Skittles) but it's kind of the dishes that get me. Everyone has that one chore that they hate doing, and mine is dishes. It's a fate worse than death. I've heard of people who love doing dishes and who find it therapeutic and relaxing and I wish with all my heart that I had an attitude like that!

But enough about dishes, because guess what? They're not my problem anymore! My dear friend Jenna recently introduced me to these babies...
Slow. Cooker. Liners. 
Slow cooker liners.
I created this little graphic work of art to explain how I feel about them, a feeling that couldn't be put into words. They're a game changer, friends! Game. Changer. I make food for my family now. Like, daily! You throw a liner in the crock pot, you throw meat and veggies in the crock pot. You press the button and in a few hours there is a magic dinner in there and your husband loves you. *No dishes.*

And the best part is that these liners create a sense of dignity and confidence that make you want to branch out and cook other things! (In your crock pot. In the liner.) I even minced fresh garlic the other day, and I liked it. Who knows what I'll do next! I've been experimenting with salads, too, which is why today's photo has nothing to do with crock pots. Sorry. I would share my recipes, except that I literally just chop up a few veggies and throw in whatever beef or chicken we have. Although a friend did give me an awesome BBQ pork recipe that I tried and it was amazing!!

So I know that to you "meal-preparers" out there (God bless you) this post probably seems really laughable, and that's ok! Because I know that my busy(*cough*lazy*cough*) friends out there who have a hard time putting home cooked meals on the table are going to feel me and be so thankful for this info. Ladies, I know you're out there. You don't have to raise your hand, but I know you're with me.   :o)

April 10, 2014

Happy Day 20 & 21: The Most Beautiful Arms in the World

Why are these the most beautiful arms in the world?
Because they are eczema-free!!!

Last April I wrote a post about Paige's painful eczema that she's had since birth, mostly on her arms. We'd tried everything we could find to try, including a very strict diet for years and nothing helped, nothing worked. A new miracle lotion would work for a week or two and then magically stop working. Nearly every night was bloody sheets and waking up to put more lotion/oil/ointment on to ease the itchiness and pain. Our lives really revolved around it in a lot of ways. I know there are a lot of eczema sufferers out there, so we definitely weren't alone.

But then I wrote that post. And I don't know what it was exactly (several of you mentioned that you were praying and even fasting for Paige) but in about two weeks it was gone. Just gone!! Occasionally, in the past, she'd have a "clear-up" time, so I fully expected it to come back in the sweaty heat of summer. It didn't. But I knew it would be back in the fall, because spring and fall were her worst times of the year. Fall came. Eczema didn't. We couldn't believe it! We started slowly reintroducing things into her diet and there was still no eczema. I hesitated to announce it joyfully to you all before spring, because she's always, always had a horrible time in spring and part of me really thought we would at least have some sort of outbreak. And about a month ago she had a few days of mild itchiness, but that was all! No bleeding. No scaly patches. Nothing. So Paige sleeps all night now. And eats ice cream and wheat bread and more candy than she should, just like a normal kid. :o)

So thank you, whoever you were that was praying for her! And thank you God, who always answers prayers, and sometimes even answers them exactly the way I want. ;O)

Definitely something to be happy about.

Goodnight, dears! Hope you have a great weekend!

April 8, 2014

Happy Day 18 & 19: Spring!

It's starting to look like spring around our house! Yay! Today we planted flowers and carrots in our gardens. :o)
(Gratuitous photo of me because I love my pink hair!)

I don't know, you guys. I've always said that autumn is my favorite season, but spring is killin' it this year! It was like 70 degrees today. The windows and doors were open and I was in the garden and I caught up on the laundry and even made real food for dinner! I had on my awesome pants today! Yes!

This is so funny though. When we started "30 Days of Happy" I was thinking: "We're not going to fret over cleaning and all that responsible stuff, we're just going to focus on happy stuff." Good plan, I thought. But the more I think about and choose to be happy, the more I want to do the laundry. Whaaat?! I think we all know this, but for some reason we like to forget how much being responsible and doing the right things and working hard creates happiness in us. I know I forget. 

So maybe today...plant a flower! Do laundry! Do that thing that you've been putting off forever because you just really don't want to. It will feel so amazing!! It'll turn that frown upside down for sure. Try it! (Moms: am I the only one who can't say or type "try it" without singing the "try it, you'll like it" song from Yo Gabba Gabba? Curse that song!!)

Have a really wonderful day. I hope spring is peeking its head out where you are as well!


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