Slow Summer

We were really struggling with the homeschool today. Even I wasn't into it. So when a friend texted and generously offered to let us pick berries in their woods, we jumped out of our chairs and into our boots and hats!

This is my kind of day lately. Slow and easy and no-fuss. I've been trying to bring my camera along when we venture out of the house, not only to remember our little moments together, but also because it gives me a little bit of creative satisfaction. 🤗

It was a lovely day! :) We walked in beautiful scenery, ate yummy berries as we worked, discovered tons of new bugs, and bickered a little about who's bucket had the most, and which bush belonged to whom. 😌

Now to figure out what to make with all our black raspberries! Does anyone happen to have any no-sweetener recipe ideas? If nothing else, I'm sure stuffing handfuls into our mouths until they are gone will suit us just fine! :)

Love you!


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