March 31, 2010

Back! And My Little Anthro Shower Curtain...

I've missed you! :o)
I took a little spur-of-the-moment road trip to visit a friend for a few days, and it was a wonderful trip! I only had a tiny bit of "I haven't posted in days!!!" anxiety, and while I was gone, I didn't check my blog or email once! Can you believe that? So I'm sorry if you've emailed me and I haven't responded yet. I will be sure to soon!

Better late than never, here is a picture of the Anthro-inspired shower curtain that I mentioned previously. I know some of you really wanted to see it, so here it is!

(And that third row of ruffles isn't crooked, it's just blowing in the wind!)
Fun, right? Not too bad for a recycled flat sheet! It's really skinny because it's for my free-standing shower. Someday I'll try to do a tutorial with measurements for a full-sized one, but right now I've got tons to do to get ready for the end of the contest in two days!! Yay!

(The Anthropologie curtain was plain white, but I added a little yellow trim and a flower because....I like yellow) :o)

Oh, p.s., while I was out of town, I went to Paradise (Target!) and saw THIS:
I was not even ready for this scarf. Could there ever be anything more beautiful than this? I would make one, but I don't think I could ever find fabric that cute. :o) For now, it will just stay in my "fantasy closet". Which, by the way, is a beautiful, beautiful place....

See you soon, I hope you've all been well! :o)

March 29, 2010

Contest Sponsor: Shona Cole

I am so excited to share with you more about another one of the "Ruffle Your Stuff" contest sponsors:
Shona Cole of An Artful Life!

Shona is the Author of "The Artistic Mother, A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your Life", which she has generously donated as part of the grand prize!

love this book. Shona teaches you how to bring creativity back into your life, and how to make time for it in the midst of all our business; laundry, housework and errands to do, etc! It can be so hard to not feel guilty about making time for our hobbies, and Shona, being the mother of five-ages 9 and under!-knows full well just how difficult it can be! But she has found a way! :o) She shares her secrets with us, as she guides us through a 12-week course with step-by-step instructions. The book outlines some time management principles, ideas for getting started in collage, photography, and writing poetic words about your life. It also highlights several artists who are moms and have successfully integrated art into their busy mom lives. The projects in the book are very fun, and family-focused art projects!

Artisc Creations With Trudy

And if that were not enough!
Trudy Callan of Artistic Creations With Trudy has started an Artistic Mother Online Support Group for women who are going through the workshop in the book! The group has over 70 members so far. Most members are moms, but there are some non-mothers and grandmothers who are also finding the ideas in the book very helpful to their lives! Trudy's group is a great resource for information about the book and a place for community of like minds and accountability. We need all the help and support we can get to be artistic mother's, don't we??

She is still accepting participants, but even if you don't want to formally join the group, she has listed all of the participants' blogs on The Artistic Mother Blog List in her sidebar, so you can jump from blog to blog and be inspired by the different versions of projects from "Artistic Mother"!

What are others saying?

"Weekly goals have definitely helped me stay focused and I am thrilled."~Kristi

"I'm really having fun. I just think this is the best thing for me now. This gives me homework, and it's making me stay focused."~Rayanne

"Like many have said, I love being a part of this group - the fellowship and friendship are wonderful, and being held accountable surely helps too! And yes, knowing that I have homework to do is wonderful, and working with a plan is helping me to keep my scattered-self organized. One of the best things, though, is that my kids are enjoying seeing me play artfully, and really have fun working beside me. My 2 year old son loves it when "Mommy maints" (Paints, in Nate-speak!)"~Holly

"Yes!!! Definitely having fun. I have only been able to spend a little time popping over to the other artists to see their work, your side bar is a dream. I hope to spend some time this week checking other blogs and the progress they are making with this project. Your papers are gorgeous, so rich. I love seeing the different styles emerge. THANKS!"~Kristi

I have to tell you I have my book. It arrived on the doorstep this morning. I am beside myself with excitement. I now have the ooportunity to catch up with the program as it should be, and follow Shona's direction. I have only been scrapping in the past so my art skills and knowledge are somewhat lacking, but love to throw paint on my pages. This group without a doubt will help me do the pages I really want to do. I am sure you know I love this group, and I am really enjoying following everyone's progress. The ladies in this group are just so encouraging. It lifts the spirit. I have said to you before, this, your group and Shona's book have really been life changing for me. Thank you! I feel finally me again."~Mandy

"I am loving the support of this group and the incentive to keep moving."~Lis

"Thanks again for starting this group. I am feeling more and more active and motivated to do art. It is so freeing! What a blessing. Thank you!"~Susan

"I'm enjoying this group too. Thank you for all your hard work."~Bethany

Also, on her blog, the author, Shona Cole, will be giving away "Starter Kits" every Saturday in the month of April to be used with the projects in the book. So visit her blog, An Artful Life, to take part in that giveaway!

Thank you so much, Shona! :o)

March 27, 2010

Homemade Lace Appliqué Tank! (and more!)

I. love. lace. appliqués.
I want to use them on everything.
And I was thinking about it the other day, why not use the lace you have to make appliqués?
So I dug around in my stash, and found several options, and started snipping away, cutting out the flower shapes!

To make an appliqué out of one:
1) Cut out a square of Heat Bond, and a square of lace, large enough to cut around your flower.
2) Lay the lace face down, with the Heat Bond on top of it, paper side up. Press for 2 seconds on medium heat.

3) Cut around your flower shape, and then peel off the paper backing.
4) Lay the appliqué on your shirt, and press for 8-10 seconds.

That's all the directions call for, but I also like to give it a few hand stitches for security.

Then you're done!

I love the possibilities of this!
I'd love to see a shirt with lots of different lace flowers appliquéd on! (Why didn't I think of that before writing this post....)

Of course, you're certainly not limited to clothing. I had lots of fun with these! :o)
I stacked some different sized flowers on top of each other, and added a pearl, then I glued it to one of Paige's hairclips.....

I glued some tiny little lace flowers to earring posts....

And used a jumpring to attatch a large flower to a chain! (my favorite!)

And don't forget-you can paint them, too! I spray painted these, but for clothing you could use fabric paint, or dye!
I just love this discovery, because a yard of lace would give you sooo many appliqués! But if you only needed a few, you could just buy a couple of inches of lace, and it would be really inexpensive.
Yay for inexpensive! :o)

March 26, 2010


Congrats to Elizabeth, who is the randomly selected contest winner!! Have fun with the book!

And thank you, everyone, for entering!!

As promised, Paige I have been doing lots of coloring. We play the fun game where mommy works on a picture forever and Paige "improves" on it while mommy's back is turned:

We even got Daddy to color a few with us!

I should be back with you tomorrow, with some little lace-y things!
I hope you're having a good weekend!

March 23, 2010

"MAKE" Giveaway!


Wow. I am so overwhelmed by all the responses to yesterday's post! I'm amazed by how many of us have had similar experiences. And while you would think that reading everyone else's stories would be even more depressing, somehow it made me feel so much better. :o) Thank you.

I'm going to take the advice of many, and take a couple of days off to drink Starbucks and color with Paige.
But in the mean about a little giveaway???

A publicist from St. Martin's Press contacted me about doing a giveaway for a book, and I was almost ready to politely decline, as I don't like to do too many of those types of things, you know, but then I saw the title: "MAKE" by Cath Kidston! I'd seen this book at the book store recently, and I just loved it! It's full of bright, fun colors, and pretty projects! So, since I already love it a lot, I have no problem promoting it a little! :o)
I'm a sucker for vintage-inspired prints, and bright colors, and that's exactly what Cath Kidston is known for!
The book has 48 projects, and 16 adorable templates, in color and black and white, that you can trace or copy!
It has projects for bags, clothing, children, gifts, kitchens, and bedrooms....

And it also has some great tips for applique, embroidery, and different types of stitching! want it??
I thought so! :o)

To enter, leave a comment with your email address, or link to your profile.

For extra entries, you can:

Be/become a follower
Link to the giveaway on FB or Twitter
Post about it on your blog

Please remember to leave a separate comment for EACH extra entry, so the number generator will catch them all :o)

Good luck!!
(winner will be announced Friday Morning)

March 22, 2010

This Saturday is my husband's birthday.
It also marks the 1-year anniversary of the baby we lost during pregnancy last March. I was only a little over 2 months along.....but have you seen what a baby looks like at two months? It has eyes, ears a little nose, mouth, fingers, toes, and a little beating heart :o) For two months I cared and planned for it, I started exercising more, changed my eating habits, even gave up drinking soda. (That's love) I was positive that it was a boy (just like I knew Paige was a girl) and I already had a name picked out for him, a nursery theme, and a few little outfits that I couldn't resist buying. We told our friends and family, everyone at the church we attended, and also the church we were moving to. We couldn't help it, we were very excited :o) And everything we'd cared for and hoped for, for two months, was gone in a few seconds. It was (literally) flushed down the toilet. I never even got to see it.
I needed to see it.
I could barely walk into that bathroom afterwards, and I think I cried more that week than the rest of my life combined.
I know that miscarriages are very common (as my Dr. kept reminding me over and over again), but it still changes you a little. I'm not really sure I've gotten over it yet. And for some reason, at 3:45 AM, I woke up thinking about it again, like it had just happened. And even though that little baby is luckier than any of us, to enjoy the splendor of heaven without the hardships of this place, the loss of life is just so scarring. It made me a different person.
I'm not sure why I'm writing a post about this, I'm not the person to do that type of thing normally, and I try to keep things upbeat. :0) But I guess the truth is, I don't really have anyone to talk to right now, and even if I did, I'm not sure that I would. Words are easier typed than said, aren't they?
So please forgive my wearing my heart on my sleeve for a day. :o) Maybe some of you can relate.

And God bless all those little sweethearts that we never got to hear say "mama".

March 21, 2010

Shabby Beaded Frame

Happy Sunday, everyone!
Thank you all so much for your sweet, encouraging comments on the last post! Reading it again, I sounded a little dramatic(GAG!), and I certainly didn't mean to. Forgive me! I think we all just feel like "closing the show" now and then, right? But I totally wouldn't do that in reality. I love blogging! But it's nice to know that if I ever did, you'd miss me as much as I'd miss you! Is it weird how much I just love you guys?? :o)

Anyway! On to the crafty stuff! :o)
Yesterday I tinkered around with this beaded frame that was inspired by one I saw at someone's house once. It's funny, I used to see things like this and say "I wish I knew where to buy one!" and now I just say "I could make that in 5 seconds!".
OK, It took a bit more than 5 seconds, but not much! It's one of those wonderfully easy projects that we all love so much. :o)

If you want a slightly "shabby" look to your frame, like mine, try to find a real wood frame at a thrift store. The natural "pores" and cracks absorb the paint and give it a little bit of a distressed look.

1: Take your frame apart and give it (and your beads) a layer or two of white spray paint.
2: Then snip your beaded necklace at one end, and glue it around your frame with a strong-holding glue, trimming off the excess.

3: Once the glue is dry, give it a final coat of paint to make sure you have an even coat! Done!!

I'm so silly, when I bought my thrifted frame, I didn't notice that it was missing the glass! So I took the opportunity to make some 3-d art, using paper butterflies.

To make them, use a printed template, or cookie-cutter to trace half the butterfly, then move it over 1/4" and trace the other side. Score two lines down the middle, and make creases so the wings pop up!

Then use double-stick tape to adhere them to a white paper backing, slid into the back of the frame.

(Leave it to me to focus on the cup, rather than the frame! Silly girl.)

I'm kind of obsessed with white frames right now, so springy! I've got quite the collection! Now if I only knew what to put in them.... :o)

Also! Thanks to you, my sister was able to meet her donation goal in one day! She's still keeping her 50% off sale though, and she's also selected a new charity to donate to, so be sure to check out her shop, if you haven't already!

March 19, 2010

My Name In Print! (and other ramblings)

Back in October, I was contacted by Beth Livesay, the managing editor for Stampington & Company, asking if they could feature a few of my necklaces in the premier issue of their new magazine, Jewelry Affaire.
And today, I got my issue in the mail! (Thanks, Beth!) I could have just wet my pants, I was so excited. I've never had anything in print before, so I'm pretty excited about it! :o)

"Jewelry Affaire" is a magazine about....well, jewelry! It's chock full of amazing pieces, and most of them have directions on how to recreate them. My necklaces are nowhere near the prettiest in there, I give such credit to all the designers who's creations are featured! If you're into jewelry (and even if you're not!), I definitely recommend picking up a copy. The magazine will be available in stores on April 1st, I believe, so keep your eyes peeled for it! :o)

And speaking of Stampington & Co, and dearest Ms. Livesay, she is also the generous heart who donated the issues of "Altered Couture" for the "Ruffle Your Stuff" contest! Since I discovered this magazine (which is almost a book, really), I completely fell in love with it. Full of amazing refashions and recycled clothes, by all kinds of indie designers(much like you and I!). And did you know that you can submit your creations to be considered for a feature in it? I have a little shirt coming up in the summer issue, and if I can get in, surely you can, too! :o) Check out the submission guidelines here. Why not give it a shot??
So that was my exciting news for the day!
And it came at just the right time, because I've been feeling a bit melancholy lately, over nothing in particular. Do you ever get that way? I was even considering shutting down my blog after the contest is over. (I know, right?!? Silly, moody, artistic people....) Don't worry, I'm sure I won't. I think I would miss you all too much! And you can't beat a hobby that costs almost nothing, and makes the world prettier :o)

Take care, dear friends!

March 18, 2010

More "Ruffle Your Stuff" Entries!!

You guys are killing me with cuteness!
We have over 140 entries to date for the contest, and they are just so wonderful. Great job, everyone!!

Here are a few more entries to gaze at and be inspired by :o)
(and remember, these are picked randomly, so if yours isn't here, don't fret!)

Ruffled wrist warmers by Rachael

Ruffle-trimmed handkerchief by Pingkan Anita Dengah

Ruffly dress by Suzanne

Overalls-to-ruffly-dress makeover by Corrie

Ruffly pillow scarf by Erin

Ruffled necklace by Lauren

Ruffled shoes by Nancy

Ruffle dress by Meggan

Ruffled table runner by Adrianna

Ruffled shoes by Debbie

Ruffled skirt by Abby

Ruffled party hat by Karryann

Ruffled tutu by Marty

Ruffled Tank from Karina

Ruffled hat from Emalee
Ruffle trim crocheted pillow by Susan

"Layer Cake" dress by Kristin

Ruffled Boots-to-booties by Emme

Lilac Ruffled Chiffon shirt by Kelly

Swimsuit "Bust Ruffle" by Amy

Ruffle bracelet by Kathleen

Ruffle dress by Tammy

In case you are fashionably late to the party, here's a link to the contest rules and lovely prizes!

There have also been a few contest FAQ's:

"How do I send in my entry?" -Just email me a photo at: rufflesandstuff(at)hotmail(dot)com
"Can I submit something I've already made?" -Sure!
"Does it have to include a tutorial?" -Nope, just a photo, but if you want to include one, that would be super!
"Can I submit something that's for sale at my Etsy shop?" -Absolutely
"Do crocheted ruffles count?" -Certainly! Any ruffled material, yarn, fabric, paper, I will accept literally anything! :o)

One more thing:
I noticed after the last post of entry photos that a few of you were intimidated by the other entries-don't be! Even if you think you haven't got a chance, please send in your photos. Part of the reason I'm having the contest is so we can all share some inspiration! And besides, sometimes I have really quirky taste, so you never know, I just might pick yours!

So just for fun....which one is your favorite??


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