Congrats to Elizabeth, who is the randomly selected contest winner!! Have fun with the book!

And thank you, everyone, for entering!!

As promised, Paige I have been doing lots of coloring. We play the fun game where mommy works on a picture forever and Paige "improves" on it while mommy's back is turned:

We even got Daddy to color a few with us!

I should be back with you tomorrow, with some little lace-y things!
I hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. Thanks! I never win. I'm so excited!!

    Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog.

    You just made my day!!


  2. Congratulations to the winner!
    I have experience in that game too, Disney!

  3. Those Colorings are adorable..Ive taken my kids colorings like that and copied them in black and white on cardstock and framed in cool looking vintage frames.. Great Memories and kind of cool art work..
    No matter how old you get coloring is stull fun..

  4. Hi,
    love those colorings! And its nice to see that I am not the only one to work on a picture for hours just to have my daughter improve it for me when I turn my back for a few seconds. Gotta love those little darlings... ;-)

  5. You are so patient, colouring in so neatly! I would have done the same as your little girl! :)

  6. I love that I'm not the only adult that colors in this world :). At least you have a daughter, so it doesn't seem as strange.

  7. The pictures are so much nicer with Paige's special touch.

  8. Have a blessed weekend, Disney, and enjoy your family time.

  9. Okay, so a secret Mommy-confession: I Love coloring in my kids coloring books. It is so relaxing!!Love the post Disney, and Congrats Elizabeth!!

  10. i love the tank top!!! you are so creative and you've got me pumped to get crafting haha. i'm going to be a follower for sure!!

  11. the improvements added just the right touch of color and playfulness!


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