Contest Sponsor: Shona Cole

I am so excited to share with you more about another one of the "Ruffle Your Stuff" contest sponsors:
Shona Cole of An Artful Life!

Shona is the Author of "The Artistic Mother, A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your Life", which she has generously donated as part of the grand prize!

love this book. Shona teaches you how to bring creativity back into your life, and how to make time for it in the midst of all our business; laundry, housework and errands to do, etc! It can be so hard to not feel guilty about making time for our hobbies, and Shona, being the mother of five-ages 9 and under!-knows full well just how difficult it can be! But she has found a way! :o) She shares her secrets with us, as she guides us through a 12-week course with step-by-step instructions. The book outlines some time management principles, ideas for getting started in collage, photography, and writing poetic words about your life. It also highlights several artists who are moms and have successfully integrated art into their busy mom lives. The projects in the book are very fun, and family-focused art projects!

Artisc Creations With Trudy

And if that were not enough!
Trudy Callan of Artistic Creations With Trudy has started an Artistic Mother Online Support Group for women who are going through the workshop in the book! The group has over 70 members so far. Most members are moms, but there are some non-mothers and grandmothers who are also finding the ideas in the book very helpful to their lives! Trudy's group is a great resource for information about the book and a place for community of like minds and accountability. We need all the help and support we can get to be artistic mother's, don't we??

She is still accepting participants, but even if you don't want to formally join the group, she has listed all of the participants' blogs on The Artistic Mother Blog List in her sidebar, so you can jump from blog to blog and be inspired by the different versions of projects from "Artistic Mother"!

What are others saying?

"Weekly goals have definitely helped me stay focused and I am thrilled."~Kristi

"I'm really having fun. I just think this is the best thing for me now. This gives me homework, and it's making me stay focused."~Rayanne

"Like many have said, I love being a part of this group - the fellowship and friendship are wonderful, and being held accountable surely helps too! And yes, knowing that I have homework to do is wonderful, and working with a plan is helping me to keep my scattered-self organized. One of the best things, though, is that my kids are enjoying seeing me play artfully, and really have fun working beside me. My 2 year old son loves it when "Mommy maints" (Paints, in Nate-speak!)"~Holly

"Yes!!! Definitely having fun. I have only been able to spend a little time popping over to the other artists to see their work, your side bar is a dream. I hope to spend some time this week checking other blogs and the progress they are making with this project. Your papers are gorgeous, so rich. I love seeing the different styles emerge. THANKS!"~Kristi

I have to tell you I have my book. It arrived on the doorstep this morning. I am beside myself with excitement. I now have the ooportunity to catch up with the program as it should be, and follow Shona's direction. I have only been scrapping in the past so my art skills and knowledge are somewhat lacking, but love to throw paint on my pages. This group without a doubt will help me do the pages I really want to do. I am sure you know I love this group, and I am really enjoying following everyone's progress. The ladies in this group are just so encouraging. It lifts the spirit. I have said to you before, this, your group and Shona's book have really been life changing for me. Thank you! I feel finally me again."~Mandy

"I am loving the support of this group and the incentive to keep moving."~Lis

"Thanks again for starting this group. I am feeling more and more active and motivated to do art. It is so freeing! What a blessing. Thank you!"~Susan

"I'm enjoying this group too. Thank you for all your hard work."~Bethany

Also, on her blog, the author, Shona Cole, will be giving away "Starter Kits" every Saturday in the month of April to be used with the projects in the book. So visit her blog, An Artful Life, to take part in that giveaway!

Thank you so much, Shona! :o)


  1. Disney,Thank you so much for sharing about my blog and the art group I am leading on it at Artistic Creations With Trudy.

  2. That sounds like an amazing book! I will def be checking out that site!

  3. I've not heard of this before (must be from being the other side of the pond!)

    I'm definitely going to have a look out for it now!

    Thanks for telling us a bit more about it Disney!

    N x

  4. Hi Disney! Umm... speaking of your contest, I just tried e-mailing my entry to you twice and both times the e-mail got kicked back to me. Could you reply to this in an e-mail and I'll try it again? Thanks!

  5. hi there...just saw my words and thought i'd just say hi, can't reccommend this group enough...

  6. Hey, Disney! I love your blog! I gave you two blog awards today. Check them out at

  7. Hello there!
    I've been a reader of yours for awhile now and I've never left a comment. I just saw how many comments you get and think "boy, she's going to be busy". but I see my name here in this post and I know Shona through my daughter. She is a great artist and person. I am so honored to be in this group of other artist mommy's that want to make art everyday. Something lovely everyday.
    T just wanted to thank you for doing this post.

    I really enjoy your blog too !!

  8. i was wondering if you would please do a tutorial on how to make a fabric rose, PLEASE!

  9. Hope you're having a good day.

  10. I love that she has a blog all about her party making!
    I come from a family of 8 and I am the oldest girl so I have been throwing great kids parties for years!
    My favorite for the 8 and up age group is a photo shoot party. I have done TWO for my younger sister, one of which was just this year for her 18th.
    Thanks for sharing.


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