Crocheted Choker Necklace

So, I've been trying to pace myself and not post everything all in the same day, but....I'm just too impatient!!! I get so excited about the things I make that I have to share them immediately!
I love feminine things like this, and I'm really inspired by Jessica at Happy Together with all of her lovely flower creations. 
I'm not sure I can really see myself showing up to church wearing this necklace so I might just have to put it in my Etsy shop!

It started out as this stained tank top that I couldn't bring myself to get rid of. I love the trim!

Add a silk flower and a lonely, unmatched earring.....

Ta-da! A necklace! I really like it!

Here is the back:


  1. OMGOODNESS!! I love it to the ends of the world!!! Ooooorrrr...You could give it to your favorite sister in law! I hear she is really cool! ;)

    It is so great, really though!

  2. So cute! I love Jessica's blog too, and now I can add your awesome blog to my reader. :O)

  3. HI THERE! I came across your blog from another site (can't remember which one!) but I just HAD to say that I found it SO interesting!!! I find your style really elegant and beautiful!

    Thanks for the great read! =]


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