A few things I've been working on lately....

Lately, I've been having loads of fun making clothes for my daughter to wear this fall! Here are some of the more recent ones. Can you tell which color of fabric I love to work with? :o)

This dress reminds me of Heidi! It's a lovely silky, taffeta-like fabric that, I think, was originally used for table runners at my brother's wedding. I also made a little tweed vest/corset thing to go with it with little ribbon closures.

This skirt was a bag of ties given to my husband that I didn't really think were fit for wearing. I tore out the stitching and took the silk off, then cut them all to the same size and sewed them together with some elastic through the top, and lace to finish the bottom. I've seen skirts similar to this for ladies, but never for a toddler. Probably something to do with the fact that it's silk.... :o)

Every lady needs a high-waisted skirt in her wardrobe! I made this one for my daughter out of an old stretch corduroy skirt of mine. It was so easy!

This was one of my first attempts at making clothes for Paige. It's a little bit cuter in person (and in focus!). I love the navy with the brown.

I can't read a pattern to save my life, so I never can tell when I start a project if it's going to turn out all right or not. But if (when!) I make a mistake, I just alter it in some way to make it look like I meant to do it! That's the beauty of creating. No one ever knows the difference! I'm so glad that the Lord made us in His likeness so that we can be creative! Have a wonderful evening!


  1. I absolutely love the high waisted skirt!! Too cute. Do you have a tute for it? And if not will you be putting one up?


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