Where The Magic Happens

I thought I would start out this blog by first posting about where most of my inspiration comes from. My craft room!  I feel extremely blessed to have a space all my own, and goodness knows I would probably not get much crafting done if I didn't! 
Right now the only decorating I've really done to it is put up things that I've created, or that inspire me to create! It's a really fun room to be in.  Some of my favorite things....

My yellow cutting mat. I had planned on buying a mat in my signature color, but when I found this double-sided yellow/green mat at a craft store I just fell in love with it! It's so sunny!

My sewing machine. Obviously, one of my favorite things in the room. It's a Singer that my mom bought me last summer. It took me several months to really start using it though!

This built-in desk/hutch was a medium-toned wood when we moved in, and it made the sewing area quite dark! So I lightened it up with some pink paint. My little button jars are actually spice jars that I emptied out (I'm just not that good of a cook!). I used the round spice rack that they came in to store all my spools of thread!
The fabric and ribbon stashes. This isn't quite all of it. Most of my fabric was given to me by my mother and sister. I love the challenge of finding uses for every piece! 

This shoe organizer works very well for stashing all of those little odds and ends that clutter up shelves and drawers. I love that it is clear, so that I can see what I have!

It's very easy to get carried away in this room. Who has time for laundry when there are little skirts to sew?


  1. Well done, Disney. This is a great use of your time. I'm sure your little one loves to "help."

  2. I love your craft room. What fun! You are inspiring me to get out my sewing machine. Hmmm.

  3. ooh..very well organised..:)luv that pink color n those bottles of buttons..

  4. OK girl
    went through the whole thing!!

    Is there anything you cannot do with a piece of clothing?

    It's been a delight to be here

    I'll be back


    Barbara Jean

  5. Just thought I would let you know I just dug up your first post out of curiosity. BTW, my cutting mat, yellow with PINK on the reverse!

  6. UHHH mazing!!! I am most DEFINITELY inspired...thank you SOO much...I am even going to use your "MAGIC" room as a template to organize my stash that i am starting to gather!!! I have realized a room or permanent separate space so keep me going :)


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