"Blah to Tada!" Hankie Presents

So, I've been snooping around online to find fun ideas, since my camera is broken and I can't post my own, and I discovered Claire's fantastic blog called "Blah to Tada!". It's a crafty recycling blog, with such great ideas! This idea is one of my favorites, as I have a stash of vintage hankies that I've been racking my brain to figure out what to do with! I thought this idea was simple and beautiful! And, I noticed, she posted it on my birthday, back in July. Happy birthday to me!

Don't you just want someone to give you a present wrapped in one of these?

Of course you could do this with any scrap of fabric, I'm thinking a black and white damask print would be nice and fantastic around Christmas time! Plus it's a great way to use that completely gorgeous button you have lying around with no mate! Yay for recycling!


  1. Happy, happy Birthday Disney! Thanks so much for featuring my blog on your blog & for the additional ideas, especially for Christmas -- I'm slowly thinking about Christmas presents and packaging already =) Have an awesome day!

  2. Happy Birthday! And, wow, where do you come up with these ideas. The presents look beautiful!
    - CougarTales

  3. How adorable!

    Hello from SITS! You commented above me today!

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