Silhouette Pictures

Don't you love silhouette pictures? There is something so classic about them. But they can be really fun and casual, too! Best of all, they are pretty much free :o) All you need is a printer, paper, and scissors! Here are a few of the many that are on the walls at my house....

This is one that I did today of my daughter:

This is a silhouette of my husband and daughter at the park about a year ago:

My daughter and myself, at the park that same day:

Daddy-daughter kisses!
In case you've never made one, here's how ya do it!
1) Print out the picture that you'd like to make a silhouette of (black and white is fine, because you will be cutting it up anyway!). Be sure that the subject in your picture can be identified by just the outline. A profile picture is a classic! Although it can be difficult to capture a toddler's profile :o) You could just try letting them watch TV to distract them(who said that?!)!

2) Lay your photo on top of your paper of choice (go ahead and tape if you wish!) and cut out around your subject.
3) When you've cut it all out, you should have two pieces. You can throw away the photo version(or stash it in that box of other crazy things that you couldn't possibly ever throw away!).

4) Cut some pretty contrasting paper to fit your frame, and tape your silhouette to the background, and voilĂ ! You've got a cute little cut-out of your little sweetie(or your dog, or your new refrigerator, or whatever you happen to treasure most!)!

*Note to the reader: if you're doing an outline of yourself, try not to pick the picture of you in your thick sweater and puffy vest (see pic of me and my daughter in the park). Unless, of course, you just enjoy looking 30 pounds heavier.


  1. They are really beautiful!! Thank you for the tutorial! Will have to try that out sometime:)

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have been wanting one of my daughter but didnt know how to do it! I have seen them turned into jewlery and are stunning. Thank you so much!

  3. I loved seeing the variation you did of the silhouettes... not just the side profile of a face. So creative and classy!

    Thanks for sharing your technique!

  4. Once again, my friend, you have created a masterpiece! Love it! And of course I put your button on my page. And thanks for your sweet comment on my post yesterday. -Kelsee

  5. I love your silhouettes there gorgeous and really sweet, i really want to make one of myself for my textiles GCSE, and im definitly using your method x

  6. say whaaaat, a pair of scissors is the perfect weight loss tool when you're working with silhouettes ;)
    very cute projects!

  7. I CANNOT wait to try these! Thank you:-)


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