Buttons, Thanks, and Lady Monsters!

**First of all, I just want to thank everyone so much for all the advice/encouragement that you left in response the my post about my daughter's allergies. I can't wait to try all the suggestions, I have new hope again! I will try to keep you all updated as to how she's doing.

Thank you all so much!!**

Well, it might be a little late, but I finally decorated some pumpkins! Well...one pumpkin, and some gourds! I searched high and low for more white pumpkins (you know about me and orange, don't you?), but there are literally none in my area! Isn't that crazy?

I'm not much of a ghost/monster person, to tell you the truth, but I thought some nice glam ladylike monster pumpkins could be fun! They look like they could be named something like "Gerty" or "Flo". I love them!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Too cute! I haven't seen those ideas yet and I adore the button one!

  2. LOVE the buttons on the white pumpkin. Very creative. Too bad you can't find more, there are a million here. They're my favorite, they make me think of Cinderella.

  3. These first ones are GORGEOUS -- seriously some of the prettiest pumpkins I've EVER seen. How genius! And the other ones - hilarious!

  4. i want a white pumpkin too! we are really late on our pumpkins, hopefully tomorrow...

  5. Love the monogram. We always buy one white pumpkin, and a gourd named Gordon for Halloween. :)

  6. That's the cuties pumpkin and doesn't get old at all :)

  7. I know I already said how happy I am to have found you but it gets even better because our letter is "P" too! Not too many craft projects around with the letter P I find:)


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