(Tutorial) Tree Circles Pillow

I was inspired by this picture (Etsy), that I saw in a magazine, and I thought that I probably needed to make something like that. I actually saw this idea done as a coaster in Martha Stewart Living a year or two ago and I loved it!

Anyway, I made this felt pillow out of it!
(Sorry about the blurry photo, night time!)

I used a platter for a guide, cutting a little over two inches outside of the edge to make two 16" circles out of brown felt.
Then I cut one 13" circle of ivory felt....
I sewed the ivory circle to one of the brown circles, and used fabric glue to stick on rows of circles in brown yarn.
Once it was mostly dry, I hand stitched several spots here and there to help it stay better.
Then I laid the other brown circle on top of the first two (with the ivory sandwiched in between) and pinned it, and sewed almost all the way around, leaving a 5" opening for stuffing.
I stuffed the pillow with polyfill, and hand stitched the opening shut. Ta-da!
Hmm, almost done....
It looked kind of like a rose to me, so I added another circle around the outer edge. Perfect!

P.S. I have an idea for my blog that I'm really excited about!! But I'll save that for tomorrow's post....


  1. I love it! I had never heard of your blog until a few months ago, and it is seriously one of the cutest ones I have seen! Thanks for all the great ideas!


  2. Very cool Disney!!! I love ALL your couch pillows!

  3. Oh my goodness! I have the exact same brown sweater pillow in the second picture from the bottom sitting on my couch right now. How fun is that? BTW love the tree pillow too.

  4. Love it! What a great project and great tutorial. x


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