Alrighty, then! I used's number generator to pick the winner of my favorite coasters in the world, and the winner is.....Comment #23, the wonderful girl from Fancy Vintage! (I'm sorry, I couldn't find your name!)

I'm so excited that she won, because I'm pretty sure that she and I could be soul sisters if we knew each other in real life!
Reasons I love her:
*She has amazing taste!! Every time I go to her blog I go "Yes! Exactly!!".
*She drinks Starbucks
*She has the Proverbs 31 woman on her sidebar
*She's absurdly cute. I mean, seriously adorable. It's just sick....oh wait, this goes on the list of reasons I hate her. :o)
*She has Frank Sinatra music on her blog. I LOVE Frank Sinatra.

OK, anyway, she's great, go check her out!!
And thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who entered! I love doing giveaways! I hope eventually everyone can win :o)


  1. Congrats 'lucky girl' from Fancy Vintage...heading over there now to check out your blog :)


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