Blog Swapping With Get Your Craft On!

Hello everyone!
Today I would like to introduce my dear blogging friend Lynette, from Get Your Craft On! She was sweet enough to ask me to blog swap with her today, and of course, I was excited to! She has some incredible ideas on her blog, and great tutorials, so head on over! (After you read her post here!)

I am soo excited to be swapping blogs with Disney today! If only I had half the style she has...isn't she amazing!?!

I'm Lynette, from Get Your Craft On. I love all craftiness, but especially sewing. Here are 10 things you might not know about me:

1.) I have 2 kids and an awesome hubby.
2.) I've only been sewing for about 4 years...and I was instantly addicted!
3.) I hate wearing dresses....although I think they are super cute on other people. (Disney is so much more fashionable than me!)
4.) I'm a nurse and use to work in an ER in downtown DC.
5.) I love oreos, mint m&ms, mint hot chocolate, peppermint patties.
6.) I grew up in upstate NY.
7.) My baby girl was born on my accident!
8.) I fall asleep during almost every movie I watch.
9.) I have big feet...size 11!
10.) At first I didn't want to admit to my craftiness, but now I'm learning to embrace it!

There you have it, a few things you may not already know about me! But, enough of are a few of my favorite projects:

Feel free to stop on by Get Your Craft On and say hello some time! Thanks again to Disney for swapping with me today!!! Have a great day and have fun Gettin' YOUR Craft On!!!


  1. I love the ceiling fan. Can you give a rough run down how you did it?
    new to crafting.

    also wondering if you have any suggestions on this:
    I'm trying to give a photobox as a basket gift filled with goodies, however, i would like to cover the outside of the photobox with cloth. Do you think that would work? Also what could I use to make the cloth stick to the photobox? hot glue?

    thanks so much.

  2. Juls T. from "Juls Jewels Creations"April 26, 2010 at 6:08 AM

    That ceiing fan has given me a great idea - I'm a mixed media artist and my biggest secret is... I am a "picker aka Dumpster diver - free off the side of the road on trash day hound" My family gets embarrassed until I sell a recycled, upcycled revamped item on Ebay for decent $ - then they go nuts... back to the ceiing fan - I have some antique light weight wood motifs that came off an old piano, that glue on; as well as tons of fabric and remnants (good places for free remnants is to ask for discontinued furniture samples at furniture stores, decorating stores etc...)


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