Guest Posting Today!

Hi guys!
I'm over here today with a cardigan hat tutorial!


  1. Stop it! Stop it now! How could I NOT feature this?
    Loves! Lot o' THem!

  2. I just found you from 30 days. Yeah! That hat is so creative and adorable. I must now make one! I am going to spend some time looking around your site now.

  3. This is when I wish I was cool enough to wear hats. That is TOO cute!!!

  4. Came over here from 30 Days -- and I love love LOVE your hat!! I have a question for you: when you cut the sweater, doesn't it ravel all to pieces in two seconds? I have never done a craft that involved cutting one, though I have a few sweaters stashed away for projects... I'm just afraid to whip out the scissors!!

    Great work -- you are so creative! :)

  5. Actually my sweater was really easy to work with! But some that are more loosely knitted can be somewhat tricky.
    I did forget to mention though that when you're cutting the band off, you'll want to cut right up against the finished edge, but I think most people would probably consider that a no brainer anyway!

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