Featured Blogger Interview at Pepper today!

Today I am featured on Pepper as the Friday Guest Blog Interview!
I have to admit, when Morgan asked me to do this, and I went to her blog to check out all the previous guest bloggers, I was totally confused(read: honored!)! Why she would want me in there with all those greats is beyond me. But go check it out if you want to catch the interview! And don't forget to browse the rest of the blog, because it is downright delicious!!


  1. Disney, you DO fit right in with all the others over there...in fact, I'd say you are still my favorite! I honestly don't visit blogs regularly, but I find myself checking yours daily and feeling delighted when there is a new post because I never know what wonderful creations you're going to bless us with that day.
    Disney, you are one very talented and wonderful young woman. I'm so glad to see you and your blog being acknowledged and admired by others!


  2. You seem too sweet to fish for compliments but I will give you some anyway! I love this blog! You have the best ideas and I keep checking back numerous times a day to see what fab new creation you have come up with. Keep up the great work!! : )

  3. You ARE one of those greats, dear.

    Wish me luck, I'm breaking out the sewing machine tomorrow to try my hand at those ruffled cuffs you posted about recently! ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. That's wonderful, Disney. Congratulations.

  5. Agreeing with the above, you are one of those greats! Who knows all the awesome things God has in store for you down the road :)

  6. You are hands down the best craft blogger. You are creative, you make your tutorials easy to follow for the common person, and you make it practical and affordable.! I'm going to tell everyone about you!

  7. Disney, it was such a privilege and honor to host you! Thank you for all of your beautiful inspiration and work and for letting Pepper *showcase* Ruffles & Stuff as a Friday Guest Interview :o).

  8. HI, Disney I just stumbled across your blog and your style resembles my own. I love little embellishments! You have such cute ideas. I think everyday I have tried out one of your ideas. And love the photo frames. I am a dollar tree frequenter too! Thanks!

  9. Congrats! And thanks for the intro to Pepper. (And, as said previously, you are one of the greats.)


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