Prostitution and Sex-Trafficking

Two issues that have always been close to my heart. Even though I've never personally known anyone who've had experiences with either of those issues, for some reason I've always really felt for those women and girls. I've read horror stories about girls who've been victims of those things, and it just kills me. I can barely even wrap my mind around it.

So when I got an email from Stephanie of Sabbe Interior Design asking for a favor, I was delighted to help!

Stephanie had the wonderful idea to do something for the girls of the Kim's Project organization (a local organization who helps women out of prostitution and sex-trafficking) this Christmas. She's asking for all of us crafty ladies to help her by making some fun bags and sending them to her so that she can drop them off at the shelter. (More info here!)

Here's one that I made for her today (out of T-shirts!), and I'm hoping to make more!

She would like to drop the bags off at the shelter before the 25th, so it doesn't leave tons of time... and I know we're all busy at this time of year, but things like this really are more important than Christmas shopping and decorating anyway, aren't they?

So if you have the ability, I'd love it if we could all help her out with this special idea!
Pretty please? :o)


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  2. Beautiful bag for a great cause! Blessings to you and everyone else who can use their talents to bless others.

  3. I just so happen to have a few (3 or 4) Amy Butler Birdie Sling purses (the smaller version) laying around.......let me know if you'd like to see them and where I can send them to. I have a SEVERE purse making addiction so I can whip them up pretty quickly. :)

    Laura (the purse making addict)

  4. Totally gorgeous. I'm loving your blog, Disney. Thanks for sharing. If you want to peek at this new reader, I'm at
    Thanks for being such an awesome craft-spiration.

  5. Can it be something other than bags?
    -Elizabeth :)

  6. Do you have a tutorial for the bag you show in this post?
    Love your blog. Hope you are doing well.
    Marta :)

  7. I love the bag you made! No surprise as I love EVERYTHING you make...and my sewing table shows it with several Disney-inspired projects in the works! :-D

    I have a bag made with Anna Maria's Chocolate Lollipop that I would be happy to donate to this cause. Let me know where to send it. Thanks for sharing this opportunity! :-)

  8. What a wonderful cause! I love the bag that you made, I'm sure it will make one girls day!

  9. I'd really love to help put if you can email me an address I can get a couple out right away.

  10. Hope you had lots of crafters to help with that.

    Purse is too cute (ballet slippers from another post too!)

    are you going to show us how you made the purse?
    And where did you get that great chocolate brown t shirt?


    barbara jean

  11. I think its really important that you posted about this. I hope you keep up your work with this kind of thing.


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