Sweet Gifts!

I opened my mail box yesterday to find this little box filled with gorgeous goodies from the lovely Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home. (You may have seen her projects featured on my sidebar now and then. I love her style!) The note enclosed said "you inspire me. Thank you" which is so sweet, but funny, because she is actually way more talented than I!

The box had these adorable little flower hair clips.....

Some soft little hand warmers (my daughter has been throwing them across the living room like bean bags)....

And these super-cute little felt cookies!
I am totally amazed at the detail of them.

And Paige has not stopped playing with them!

I also got almost 4 yards of this ribbon in the mail from the wonderful ladies at Crafterhours! Aren't they too sweet? I love it so much, it reminds me of the Burberry plaid. :o)
What should I do with it??

I'm thinking I might add some of it to this hat!

So I just wanted to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" to those ladies, and to let the rest of you know how sweet they are!


  1. What super cute gifts!!! So cute. I love the cookies and the ribbon, fun! A sweet person deserves sweet gifts!

  2. How fun! I love getting packages in the mail :) They brighten up the day!

  3. How sweet!!! What thoughtful friends :)

  4. Love that ribbon! It looks very classy on that hat!:)

  5. i love goodies that come in the mail! makes my day!

  6. Add the ribbon to that hat. That is absolutely perfect!

  7. GIVE ME THAT RIBBON!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I didn't even realize that I was missing that. That is the most beautiful ribbon EVER!!! I'm off to find some!

  8. I know how to get that blue marker off your couch. Scrub it with neutrogena face wash, the regular one that's orange and comes in a 'hand soap' like bottle. My costume design teacher taught me that, and it got black permanent marker out of my mother-in-laws red sweater without discoloring or damaging the fabric.
    BTW, I really LOVE your blog :D

  9. I live in Wisconsin, so the handwarmers would come in handy!

  10. Hi Disney! Thanks again for such a sweet post. I am so glad that you liked those little presents I sent you. I laughed when I read about Paige throwing the hand warmers around. My kids do the same thing. :)

  11. What wonderful gifts. I love the hair clips. They are so very pretty. I think putting the ribbon on the hat is a nice touch.

    I made some really pretty hair ponies with ribbon and tulle that only takes five minutes to make that would look really cute on your daughter. You can see them on my sewing blog,


    Feel free to put them on your side bar if you like them well enough.


  12. Sachiko is super sweet!! I have her hand warmers too and they really work. You're right she is very talented!

  13. How wonderful! There is nothing like giving an unexpected gift or receiving an unexpected gift. I love this season of giving!

  14. I live your blog, I like your ideas and the burberry´s ribbon so cool, maybe if I find it here in Spain I´ll make a necklace with it. Bests regards and happy new year.



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