Oh, Help!

I have a little bit a dilemma, it seems!
I'm hosting a baby shower in my home this Saturday (yeah....two days) and so far I've got no ideas for decor. (Jenna, if you're reading this, I'm sorry! It's not because you're not important to me!) So, does anyone have any inspired ideas? Or even a good website to try? Normally I have no problems at all with shower decorations, but my brain is a little fried lately.

Some points to consider:
1) My budget is roughly $0, rounding up.
2) My living room looks like this
3) The shower colors are blue, brown, and tan.

Any advice would by incredibly appreciated! And I'll try to post a few photos after the shower! Unless of course it turns out terribly. Then I'll probably be too embarrassed to show you :o)
Thank you!!


And I leave you with two gorgeous pieces of art; my husband and I "drew" portraits of each other in Photoshop last night. We're goofy.

He goes "why do I have scars on my face??"
(They're cheekbones!!)
Do you like the subtle hints I threw in? I should have added a Starbucks in there. Yum!

He's got my train of thought pegged pretty well in his drawing of me, but I'm not sure why my underarms have X's on them?? Is he trying to tell me something?

I can't wait until he finds out that I posted these on my blog....*snicker snicker* :o)


  1. Use toys... If you have any gender neutral (blocks, metal wagon - to hold gifts, tricycle, brown teddy bears (tie blue bows around neck!?), etc.) and/or ask a friend with little boys if you can borrow some classics - Legos (spell out baby's name), etc. Also, borrow and hang on a line of twine some baby boy clothes -- overalls, blue onesies, etc. Or you could use scrapbook paper and cut out the baby's name letters, onesies and put the baby's name on them, etc.

    I did a baby shower with this and it's since been copied several times.

    Good luck!

  2. You guys are too cute!! :)

    I would definately not worry too much about decor and focus on food, a fabulous centrepiece, cake and games/activities...but you could get helium filled balloons in your theme colours and tie them up in various areas, you could make paper chains in your various theme colours. Dollar stores carry alot of fun decorations that won't break the bank.
    Good Luck...and remember that as long as people are having fun it won't matter what the place "looks" like. xox

  3. Disney,

    I'd say, given what you already have to work with, that birds and nests are a shoe-in. Find clip art of stylized birds (a la, the Twitter bird) in your shower colors and make small paper medallions. It would be stylish and understated.
    Try this for inspiration:


  4. Hi there,
    How about this one? I think it's really cute, and goes well with your budget :-)


    I hope your party will be a success!

    Greeting from germany,

  5. Okay, do you have coffee filters and tea/coffee, you could dye these and make a garland.
    Pam Garrison made one on her blog and there is a tutorial..I will post again, what month...you could also use cupcake papers, odds n' ends of fabric that you have in the color palette you mentioned.
    (also if you don't have coffee filters, use paper bags, cut into circles and scrunch or cut them into flower shapes. I would go to a paint store and get paint samples in those colors ..if you have a punch: star, heart,or just a circle paper punch etc...you could make confetti to have to spread out or use to glue on other things, to jazz them up.
    Crepe paper flowers, huge ones, tied up with string...dangling.
    Or make confetti out of the paper bags, white paper and then find something, blue to add to the mix.

    Do you have any stencils...you could make a banner/garland even if you drew the letters on paper bags and then add dabs of paint or glue the punch outs to it.
    Look thru your fabric, i know you have something that would fit in the colors you mentioned.

    You could sew little birds, in fabric remanents in those colors, whatever symbol you like. Make a nest out of yarn/raffia and put them in ..Welcoming the New baby to the Nest...type of theme.

    Also look around, what do you have that fits in...cloth for table cloths or drape on the gift table.


    A train or the nest would be a nice center piece...you could use a wood bowl and just drape ribbon, yarn, shredded paper into a nest.
    Add the birds.

    Balloons always are fun...if you have any on hand.

    I hope this helps; Good luck!
    I know it will be unique and special!!!

  6. I find that this blog has a lot of cute ideas and she is budget conscious. Good luck! You're gonna need it!


    PS- Tulle. Lots of it. It's cheap, pretty, and it covers a plethora of sins.

  7. There are tutorials everywhere in blogland on those adorable tissue balls-thingies. Cheap, and adorable. (just hang them from the ceiling and tada) I'll look around, but I know there's been several features on it from the craft blogs I follow, in just the past couple months. They're WAY too cute!

  8. That is so cute that you 2 drew pictures of each other :) My hubby is really good at art and I am not however so mine would be stick legs and his an exact replica. lol

    I wish I could give you ideas, those are really good colors to work with to where you can create something totally different than the traditional pink baby theme. Good luck :)

  9. Hot Air Balloons? If you have some blue balloons, you can make hot air balloons with little brown cups or baskets and ribbon. There's a picture here: http://www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.com/hot-air-balloon-centerpiece.html You could also make an "UP" style hot air balloon by tying a group of balloons to something (a toy crib, a stuffed bear or lamb).

    Your living room is beautiful. What ever you decide will be wonderful.

    Candyland was another cute idea. See it here: http://www.baby-shower.com/themes/candy-land-shower.html

    Good luck!

  10. Cute photos. You two are so silly.

  11. You can make a clothesline of onesies that says "Baby _____" or "It's a _____" For the shower it can be a banner and after, the baby has extra onesies. You can also hang pacifiers fro the ceiling and add socks to the clothesline. Good Luck! :D

  12. Maybe little branches in bottles or vases with some little birds in tan felt that I'm sure you could make!:)Then maybe little nests made of dyed brown coconut held together with a combination of powdered sugar and butter. Then if you're feeling really motivated, little meringue eggs dusted with cocoa powder to look speckled. Or jordan almonds would look cute as eggs. Just thought the nest theme would be great for a shower and that it would go with your living room. I'm sure whatever you do it will be fabulous!

  13. One of my favorite places for party/decorating inspiration is a blog I discovered a little while back, Party Perfect: http://partyperfectblog.blogspot.com/

    Additionally, one of my favorite new decorations is to cut circles (can be all one size or multiple sizes) and just run them through the sewing machine. I made a Christmas tree garland this way, and you can personalize it to the colors you want, add any lace or ric rac scraps into every other piece, use colored thread, endless possibilities! Also, the pom trend is all over the internet right now, and are very ethereal and appropriate for a baby shower. I'm sure if you just google "how to make a pom" there would be great tutorials. (If you don't know already).

    I hope that helps! Enjoy!

  14. I cohosted a baby shower last weekend that turned out really cute. Not a lot of money was invested on my part, just some creative energy and a little time. I got a ton of inspiration from this blog....
    Here is a link to my pictures that I posted on Facebook...
    I hope you can see them, even though we aren't friends on facebook.
    Good luck! And I am sure that your friend will be pleased with the shower no matter what. :)

  15. Make a big diaper cake as your centerpiece on the table! Depending the amount of time, you can make some paper baby booties...you can find pics of these on my blog...let me know if you have any questions! The dollar store has tiny colored clothes pins that you can tie a small piece of ribbon to and glue a small safety pin to and there's your pin on favor :0) You could make a fruit basket in the shape of a baby carriage from a watermelon!

  16. Oh, just KISS... keep it simple.
    The answer is just one piece of fabric/same-kind of wrapping paper. First, cut bunch of small triangles and sew a happy bunting or 3. Hang up. Now you already have a party feel.

    From the rest: either sew the edges to make an instant table cloth, or if not big enough, in a table runner.

    Buy 4 potted flowers in same color scheme as fabric. Group 3 and post one somewhere else. Odd numbers show abundance.

    Walk over to dollar store and pick toy thingo-s in the right color and throw them around on a table or, hang them in a coathanger mobile, or fill glass vase with them.

    Glasses filled with crayons and couple of crisp clean copy paper sheets for all guests to make happy drawings for the mom to be, complete with fun affirmations & sayings for when she may have the baby blues after the baby's born
    or to hang in the baby room just in case it isnt finished, or to put into her scrapbook later...

    I prefer NO diaper cake as ... well... who wants to be reminded of upcoming poopie diapers.

    Hope this helps.
    Have fun, and yes you can now follow me on Facebook. I am thrilled to just have created a fan page yesterday.
    I know, the tiny bitty bits of progress we make each day... oh well.


  17. Hi Disney, btw I love your blog!
    I just made some super easy banners. I used felt cut into triangles and ribbon and I have to tell you that they are darling, I am sewing challenged and they only took about a half hour to make.

    I got my felt from creative imaginations, but I also picked some up at michaels and they were 28 cents a sheet (approximately 8 1/2 by 11)

    Also, she could hang them over the crib after.
    Good luck, I can't wait to see what you make!!

  18. For the windows or across the book case, hang a peice of twine and with clothes pins, hang baby onesies like a little baby clothes line- (not sure if you have as gifts or planned to get any, if no then scratch that but i think they are cute!) here is a link to one i found on the web

  19. I love the drawings, by the way...fun
    that you posted them ;~D

    Also, You could dig out those Easter
    decorations, baby blue and tan eggs and mix in real eggs, if you did
    do Welcome to the Nest type of theme.

  20. I don't have any ideas personally, but will share some links that I have bookmarked for when I ever do host a baby shower. I am on a tight budget so I don't think there is anything that would cost much or at all on the list.

    Pea in A Pod Theme at Infarrantly Creative.

    Lil Pumpkin Baby Shower at This N That Williams

    There are several ideas also over at Enchanted Expectations

    I love the idea of guests decorating a baby onesie, but there are other things that could be decorated or maybe have each guests make up a page or a card (I saved every card from my baby shower and put it in a photo album and my son used to love going through and looking at them when he was little) and that can go in a scrapbook for the baby.

    Best of luck on whatever you come up with!

  21. Hmm… baby shower ideas. Well, if you have some fabric in those colors, I would definitely put that to use. Rectangles could be used as table runners, and squares could be used as decorative centerpieces. If you have any clear baby bottles, you could fill them with whatever small objects you have around the house in those colors or spray paint some small items in the colors that you need. If you don’t have baby bottles, you could always use vases. The goal obviously is just to add some color. You could also cut out different size circles that are blue, brown, and tan from paper and then put them all over your walls like polka dots. I did this with flip-flops for one party and it both looked and went over 1000% better than I ever imagined it would. Also you could cut out the new baby’s name and post that somewhere or just a general message such as “welcome.” Balloons are always a cheap but not necessarily free option. Also, as far as the brown goes, branches are brown. You could find some great small branches, put them in a vase, and hang “ornaments” from it in your coordinating colors even if those ornaments are just circles of paper, instant centerpiece. I think that’s all that I can come up with for now. Hope it helps!

  22. check out TomKat Studios- she is a master of baby/kid parties!
    on the left side bar she even has printable cupcake sticks and things like that to help!

  23. you could try this site...


    hope this helps!

  24. Too cute! (the pictures!) and i'm going through my emails to come back and give you an address for a blog...(that's amazing!) and she had an adorable- simple teddy- bear picnic theme (it was a birthday- but it would be a darling shower...you could even do a little "outdoor" clothesline with onesies and use a quilt for the tables...brown paper bags and mason jars...oh goodness! now I'm rambling!- I'll be back with a link!)

  25. Here is the blog i was talking about... www.pearlsandgrace.blogspot.com

    i'm running out the door and couldn't get to the exact post...it wasn't that long ago...her son's birthday...
    hope this is helpful!
    Blessings! (again)

  26. Hmm, a bit of a toughie...I know that you are super crafty, but I don't know what you already have on hand. So, maybe you should do little collages of animals or insects (you know like those books for kids by Eric somebody- they look like the insects and animals were made of construction paper scraps. I do know you have some sort of various fabrics, so if you can find some that you have in these needed colors you could use them as table cloths, fabric streamers,or wall drapings. Eww, or you could make little fabric flowers for centerpieces. I have found that for boy showers, keeping it simple is best. I have no doubt you will throw an awesome shower!! Good Luck!

  27. I am throwing a baby shower next month and doing a "Candy buffet" using jars, vases, apothocary jars I already have and buying assorted candies in blue and white. Google candy buffets there are some great idea on the WWW. Also since your budget is not big, make your own cake or cup cakes! Games are cheap and fun! Good luck!

  28. disney, take many pictures in the event, to see the final decoration...

  29. Hey Disney!
    I hosted a baby shower for one of my friends a few months back. I was in the same boat as you…..I had nothing to spend. Here’s the URL to that post. The colors I used are different than the ones I used but maybe you can get and few ideas or some inspiration.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Baby Shower Ideas: http://domesticprincessintraining.blogspot.com/2009/06/fun-and-cost-effective-ideas-for-baby.html

    My blog:

  30. Love that you and your DH play together :) I wouldn't worry about decor if I were you. Your LR is gorgeous and once you get food, presents, etc in there it will totally look like a baby shower. Are you giving any host gifts or playing any games with prizes? If so, just put those in a pretty bowl, or arrange on a plate and you have an instant decoration (that you won't be stuck with afterward as well *thumbs up*) and it won't cost you anything extra. Best Wishes for a fun party!

  31. Looks like someone already suggested the baby bird theme. Here is what we did for ours http://sweeterthancupcakes.blogspot.com/2009/08/birdie-shower.html. I'm sure whatever you do will be great.

  32. Last night I spent a LONG time going through your blog and I felt like you were me, like you were in my head! Kinda weird and creepy sounding, but it's not ;)
    I love everything you do. So here is a site you might love because I love love it. I'm sure you've heard of it, but there are hundreds of amazing ideas and you can redo them yourself for way cheaper i'm sure.
    Good luck!! I love decorating parties and stuff, i'll see what else I can find for ya.

  33. lots of great ideas here...I was just going to mention making tissue paper flowers


    When I decorate for a shower, I think of pampering the mom rather than focusing on a baby theme, so they usually end up very peaceful and elegant. So, think peaceful and elegant... :)

  34. This centerpiece idea is absolutely adorable and the best part is it's edible. http://www.ehow.com/video_2344825_filling-baby-stroller-centerpiece-fruit.html

    Also you might want to consider a wish tree or wishing well. For the tree you would get some branches from the yard and spray paint them a pretty color, put them in a terracotta pot with foam and pretty pebbles to hold the branches in place. They have these great little note cards with envelopes at the hobby stores and you can stamp one side with a baby appropriate stamp (little feet, blessings, carriage, etc) tie a ribbon to the envelope and then as guests arrive have them fill out wishes for the baby or advice for the new parents and then hang it on the tree. It's something that the parents will enjoy looking back on. Hope these ideas help a little :) Good luck!

  35. Here is what I've learned from my own showers: decorations are nice but no one really pays too much attention. My girlfriends went all out with my last one and it was great, but they spent alot of time and money but not one person
    ( besides me and my mil) complimented them. with my second all there was was a cake and drinks. People left early cause they were hungry.
    I suggest more food, less hoopla.

    You could have a special chair for mom to sit in. Use scrapbook paper as table runners. Cupcakes make things super cute and you dont have to be a pastry chef to make them, plus its cheap!You could also do a candy bar, find candy that matches your theme and fill little jars. If you have a printer,I have some signs that I made for my sisters wedding, I could e-mail to you.If none of this helps, dezign dazzle has some great ideas too.Good luck & let us know how it turns out!!

  36. Design Dazzle has a TON of ideas for baby showers...you seem to be more than creative enough to make some of the ideas work for your budget...good luck!

  37. One of my favorite baby shower decorating ideas - Buy a bouquet of inexpensive flowers and use baby bottles and used baby food jars as vases. Add some ribbon and it is super cute and simple.

  38. Are you familiar with One Pretty Thing? She has TONS of ideas from around the blogosphere! Go to http://www.oneprettything.com/, select the categories link at the top, scroll down to baby shower roundup, then select each of the posts in turn. Each post has between 8 and 16 (usually) specific ideas and links to blogs where there are more! I've found lots of cute ideas on this site. Good luck! I think you'll pull it off with style to spare!

  39. My sister decorated for my shower. She gathered cute baby clothes and made a clothes line with the baby clothes. It was so cute. Here is my blog post with pictures.

  40. For my sisters baby shower I went to the 99 cent store and bought all the the little boy outfits. I then took some ribbn and hung it up across the rooms from one side to the opposite side. I then took clothes pins and hung up the clothes as decor. I also used cloth diapers and hung them up...it looked really cute and waa affordable

  41. I love these flowers, super simple. Just make sure that you have a handful of paperclips around, you can glue, clip and move on to the next instead of holding it until the glue sets. Oh, and I learned that this is not a good idea for stiff scrapbooking paper that's almost like cardstock.


  42. Once I went to a party where they decorated exclusively with blue and brown (but in your case, tan) scrapbooking paper. She used a big punch to punch out confetti for the tables, and used the same paper to wrap around "half pint" water bottles...

    But my actual favorite baby shower decorating thing uses onesies and twine... just string twine with clothespins holding cute onesies. Do you know anyone with baby boys who might have those color onesies? You could also use baby socks or booties or bibs clipped to twine-same effect.

    Good luck!

  43. Do you have lots of paper? I've had this post from Nina saved forever.


    Also, you could do tons of those yarm pom-pom balls in containers... or tissue poms hanging, too.

  44. For the last shower we hosted at work I designed little pennants in the shower colors. I cut the triangles and folded the tops over and glued them to white curling ribbon. Then we strung them all over the room!
    For another shower I made tons of tissue pompoms (a la Martha Stewart!) and covered the ceiling.
    both were very inexpensive and had a big impact on the room!

  45. You could make a paper garland like this one: http://rachelsimonsen.typepad.com/rachelsimonsen/2009/11/im-ahead-of-schedual.html - I did this for my nephews first birthday about a month ago with fun blue and brown paper and it was a big hit. You can also sprinkle left over circles on the table and other areas around the party.

  46. underwater themes are always easy peasy. You can fill vases or bowls with fun snacks like goldfish, hang clear ornaments (they sell them at Hobby lobby for $3 for 20 I think) from the ceiling to look like bubbles and you can easily tie in the color theme to underwater. Good luck!

  47. Try Hostess with the Mostess, they have great ideas that look good i can usually make copies with just a little fabric an paper. Good Luck!!

  48. Here is what I did for my best friend's shower. It was centered around scrapbooking.



  49. Children's books make great baby shower themes. I've used The Cat in the Hat and The Very Hungry Caterpiller recently. You should be able to see some of the ideas we used on my blog. They were SOOOO fun to put on and since we made most everything, they were inexpensive. :)

  50. Paper/fabric and ribbons...make some paper or scrap fabric banners in your colors.

    Ribbons, ribbons...lots of them Try the.50 cent rolls at Michael's or Joannes in your colors. Drape them across tables, tie bows on paper truck/car lollipops (die cuts on tongue depressors. The lollipops make great centerpieces in clear vases with bright candies as the base.

  51. Cut out cute baby themed templates of whatever you choose... in the colors... and make a garland. hang that up. Then a cool idea is to print out profile shots of babies or newborns and pregnant women and cut them out on black paper like sillouttes. put those on the walls. Then have great music and food and games, and it'll be a hit anyway, regardless of the decor

  52. Great shower ideas here:

    Good luck!

  53. you could make a diaper cake centerpiece it's easy and makes a nice impact :)

  54. http://www.modsblog.com/2009/08/modern-baby-shower-jungle-theme.html

    use what you have in your house already- make a silouette of the mom to be in blue and duck tape to some of your pillows- then make a blue scalloped banner- incorporate blue in the food-food coloring in the punch-use white serving wear-fill apothacary jars with blue candy ect anything blue you have in your house.

  55. well, i've been meaning to comment all morning, and I see now I'm the 55th to comment, I'm sure you've go it all figured out! But if not, here's a great website that I like to draw on for inspiration when I'm feeling a little less inspired! check out http://www.thepartydress.net/ lots of great ideas there! hope your party goes off without a hitch!
    Project K

  56. What we did for my sister, was set a table up with scrapbooking supplies and had everyone take a picture with her and make a scrapbook page with the picture. (We had a printer set up.) You can put all the embellishments in fancy bowls or cake plates. So it serves not only as an activity, but as decoration. If you don't want to set up a printer, you can just have everyone make a scrapbook page for all the different holidays, leaving a blank spot on the page for a picture or two. -Jami

  57. Here is a link to a blog who talked all about baby showers... complete w/ 191 links from her readers to their shower ideas. :) Happy planning!

  58. you can get tons of great ideas on flickr.com, just type in baby shower and so many inspirational pictures come up!

    I think a clothes line with maybe clothes would be a cute banner to have up and a diaper cake would be great too

  59. Pocket full of Posie's had great pics of a birthday party. Love the table covering idea made from strips of fabric


  60. Hey Disney,
    You can hand out nice scrapbooking paper in the theme colours.Then have everyone draw a leter from the alphabet out of a baby bottle (or anything really). Then ask them all to draw a picture or animal that matches their letter. At the end put all the pages together to make a funny alphabet book!!Remember to ask them to sign their names on the art work! It will give the mom to be a good laugh when see looks back on it!! Good Luck! I'm sure whatever you do will turn out to be beautiful!!

  61. You could use brown paper lunch bags, buttons and wire to make bouquets of flowers for the table.

    A paperbag mini album would be something nice for everyone to contribute a thought about the new baby-a nice keepsake for the new momma.

    Brown paper bags (are you seeing a theme here?) ;) wrapped and ruffled around candles and tied with a ribbon would make a nice gift.

    A cute banner could be made with paper, buttons and ribbon.

    Good luck, Disney!

  62. My mom, sister and I just did a wedding and the only piece of advice is.......


    They cost 4 dollars.

    I made a 4 long buntings out of 1 twin sheet. Tablecloths out of others. We seriously spent 20 bucks on ALL the linens. You could probably get away with 2 sheets. $8 bucks? Now that's a deal.

    And another tip....I didn't even use ribbons on top of the buntings...(it can get pricey because they are so long). I just sewed through the top with thread, lined the next one up and kept sewing. Way cheaper.

  63. I made my Sister's Kiddo an upcycled dress from an old t-shirt.
    I'm sure you have a shirt lying around that can be turned into something. A hat, a pair of booties, or even a rockin' onezy. Tshirts provide a lot more fabric than you'd expect, and babies don't really need that much. (Excluding church dresses, that Kiddo took nearly two yards of fabric and she wasn't even one yet!)

  64. Since I'm obsessed with pinwheels today, I will say use them, for centerpieces, wreaths, garlands, cupcake toppers. They are very easy to make and you can use scrapbook paper to make them in the colors of the theme.

  65. I copied this for my nursery and thought you might like it.


    I love your blog! Working on a tshirt scarf as we speak!

  66. Try, www.hostesswiththemostess.com. Even if you have a small budget (like me!) if will give you so many wonderful ideas.

  67. I have five Baby Shower Roundups that should help. Click "older" at the top to scroll through all of them. Hope this helps!


  68. I like the cheekbones! As for ideas...a diaper cake! So fun and easy to make (look for directions on youtube). I did one for my cousin and also made a taggie and burp clothes to go on it. Also you could hang tulle from somewhere, like a garland, and hang little baby toys from it. Or something.

  69. My mom made these super cute pea in the pod balloons...two green balloons with green celaphane over it and pink string on each side, pretty cheap, but ever one loved it oh and she made everyone walk around with a balloon under their shirt so they all looked prego :)

  70. Not my idea but I thought this was really easy and CUTE!
    Have a great weekend.

  71. I always like to take the theme, and use it for food choices as well...blueberries, um...okay maybe not. You can also make a decorative mobile out of paper as decor, and then give it to your guest of honor. Here's a link to the shower I did like this: http://www.gracelaced.com/2009/06/16/orange-you-glad-the-theme-wasnt-purple/

  72. One of my favorite decorations my mom did at my baby shower was to hang a "clothes line" then with clothes pins hang scrap squares of white fabric like little diapers. Super cute and super cheap! If you are giving any clothes as a gift you could also hang those on the line.

  73. I saw this recently on a blog and thought it was adorable!
    Of course you can tailor it to your shower, but the idea is so gorgeous!


  74. I know that once I saw that homemade by jill hosted a baby shower and she made "onesie sugar cookies". They were so darn cute that they've stuck in my mind ever since! I don't have the link but you could probably dig around her blog or google it.

    Good luck, I have no doubt you'll through an absolutely adorable baby shower!

  75. I think you've already been steered in this direction but, the tissue paper pom poms create the greatest impact on a budget. You can find them over at Martha Stewart's website. So pretty! & of course bunting made with scraps of fabric or even old clothes.

    Good luck. Whatever you do I'm sure will end up just darling:)

    Would love to see pics of the event!

  76. Our shower was beautiful, but didn't have a ton of actually decorations. Mostly just balloons and flowers. The food was the centerpiece for the most part.

    Here's a picture:

    and the favors/shower game prizes/baby advice table was a big part of the decor:

    Our colors were "citrus" because it was a gender neutral party...but any colors will.

    We're doing the same thing for Alexa's first birthday...though we're doing a Valentine's Day theme since her party is a week after the holiday.

    Banners made from construction paper & string like these (only spelling out Happy Birthday...or baby related words for your party) will be fun:

  77. Saw this cute post today--maybe it will help!

  78. Yes, yes, yes! My sister threw an awesome shower... Here ya go!

    http://thealexandersut.blogspot.com/2009/07/baby-shower-youre-invited.html (these posts are from the same shower)

    Oh yeah, and this one too!


  79. I did this as a center piece for my big sister's 23rd birthday dinner with odds and ends from around the house.

    With some blue votives, teacups and candy it could easily work with your color scheme. Hopefully goodwill has some?

  80. Some ideas:




  81. http://alisa-thesweetlife.blogspot.com/2010/01/homemade-baby-shower-decorations.html

  82. Oh So Crafty just posted a lovely garland made from magazine pages! Hers is for valentine's day, but it's very adaptable to different shapes. And even if you go with the hearts, hearts and love are still pretty perfect for a new addition to the family!
    And Congratulations to your friend Jenna!

  83. I agree with the toys and what about children's books?

  84. Hey!
    Twigs, Twigs, TWIGS! Perfect brown color (maybe with some lichens?)
    Put twigs in a pot of sand make a shower "tree". There is your centerpiece... have guests give mom wisdom on blue cards and tie cards to twigs when written on... super cute.
    my blog has a cute blue & brown shower sometime last summer... for Holly Mathis...
    Good luck!

  85. You probably already have the decor all figured out, but one thing I like to do is find out if it is the Mom's first shower for this baby. If not, I ask her to pick out 20 of her favorite baby outfits she has received so far. Then I string up some jute twine, grab some clothespins and hang the cute clothes all over the room.

    It makes it feel festive and "baby"ish, but it doesn't require any money or create any junk that you or Mom has to keep.

    I also try to tie in the jute and "natural" elements with the rest of the shower decor (table-runner of burlap with baby items sprinkled around). I received lots of compliments.

    Good luck!

  86. The onesies on the clothesline thing I have seen is cute! Not only part of a gift but decor too!

  87. You have really nice neutral decor colors so I wouldn't worry too much on full on decorations. I would stick with balloons, linens, a fun centerpiece and great food!

    Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to see what you decide on I'm sure it'll be great!


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