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I had such a good day today :o)
A couple of younger girls from Church came over, and we played around with making some jewelry, and headbands, using this tutorial I did for Ucreate. I was so proud of them, they did such wonderful work! And they were so sweet. They kept saying over and over how "amazing" I was when I helped them with their projects(Yes! I fooled them!). Don't worry, the ego trip has ended by now.

I was teaching one of the girls how to sew a little bit, and I realized how much I take for granted the simple basics of sewing. Things that are habit for me, having been brought up by a quilter, are totally new to other people and take great effort (and sometimes frustration) to master. I do get emails fairly often about sewing advice, and I was just wondering; do you think it would be helpful if I had a section on the blog with tutorials for different sewing methods/tricks? Don't misunderstand me-I am by no means an expert sewer! And I would probably be learning a few new things as I teach them, but I thought it might be something that would make the projects a little bit more doable for some of you. What do you think, would that be helpful?
I'd love it if you left a comment or emailed me with the kinds of things you'd like to learn (it could be anything-threading a needle even!). I probably won't have them up right away, but I'd love to get started on it if you think it would be a good idea!

And in case you were curious, here are some photos of the girls' projects:

I helped one of the girls make this silver and pearl necklace for her mom....but secretly I wanted to keep it! :o)

Some very elegant headwear!

And Carolyn designed these necklaces all by herself! I love the duo-tone leaves :o)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you about the sewing tutorials!
Take care!


  1. Hello Disney,

    I follow your blog for quite a while now!
    And I think it would be such a good idea to start a tutorial series for different sewing methods/tricks!

    I´m totaly aware of the sewing basics (like you said this is not standart nowadays), but if it comes to ruffels or customising clothes...I get stuck.
    So: yes I think it´s a great idea!

    Lots of love from snowy Germany


  2. Yes!! Always yes! It would be oh so helpful!

  3. Oh my gosh YES! My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas and I barely know how to use it!! My daughter is a year old now and I see all these cute things online but I have no idea how to go about making them! She may be my only child so I've got to make sure she's cute to the max! Do it!!! :)

  4. I think that would be a wonderful idea. I would love to know the not-so-common, secret tips that you possess handed down from your mom, family, etc., that would not be found on other blogs and in basic sewing books and also customizing clothes.

  5. I'd love to know more about bias tape (making and using it).

    Also interfacing tricks.

    And the biggest challenge- sewing a straight line.

    I'm sure I have many more questions and will add when they come to mind.

    Thanks for offering to do this, hope you don't regret it by now.


  6. I think that's a great idea! I'm not an expert sewer either but I do like to sew different things for my child and I tend to get very frustrated sometimes doing the simplest tasks on the machine. Again, you've had another wonderful idea.
    By the way, the girls jewelry was adorable!

  7. That sounds great, Disney! I've just started on this sewing adventure and I'm learnig either the hard way... or thanks to crafty people like you who share their knowledge on the web!

    Lots of love from sunny (but cold, today) Spain


  8. Yes, please do! I think when it comes to blogs you get a lot of followers who are very new at this (like me) and just dabbling to see if they can pick it up.

    I've tried doing ruffles myself with a long stitch on my sewing machine and don't think I'm doing them correctly, so a tutorial in that would be particularly helpful.


  9. Hello Disney:) I just wanted to start by saying that I love your name, you're so very talented, and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! Now on to the comment...it would be a great idea for you to do some sewing tutorials. I just recently learned how to sew and am very intimidated by so many techniques that I don't even attempt a project if it involves them! For example: zippers....I love trying new things, but the book instruction just doesn't work for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us so many things. We really do appreciate it:)

  10. I have been sewing for years but think it is a great idea for those who haven't. I too take for granted the basics & just assume everyone knows how to thread a sewing machine. Who knows, I may even learn a new skill from ya.

  11. Great idea of starting alternate tutorials Disney...There are so many of us who are not yet so accustomed to sewing yet, least as proficient as you are..so I for one would be very thankful if you do start such a thing...If its not too much burden for you!

  12. Hi Disney,

    I think it is a great idea; I know some of these basics, but not all.
    It is about getting over our fear and trying. Some people do and some don't.

    I am glad you had a wonderful gathering with the girls. It looks like a lot was learned with beautiful results!

  13. That would be fantastic !! I hate it when a pattern says for beginners and I have trouble following it :)

    I looked everywhere for the fold in the fabric when making baby yoga pants LOL. I didn't know it meant to place the pattern on your fabric that is folded in half - DOH :)

  14. I need all the help I can get! So, please, do!!

    I have sewn before, but I didn't even know exactly what I was doing!

    Thanks for your helpfulness!

  15. I also have the sewing basics down, but things like adding sleeves and ruffles usually have me stumped!

    Love love love the headband and the necklaces - amazing talent!

  16. Definitely would like it if you started a sewing tutorial. I'm fairly new to sewing and am still learning tricks of the trade. :)

  17. I love your blog! I have subscribed to it for my Google page, so every day I look to see if you have posted something new, and you always have such pretty, feminine ideas. You're amazingly creative!

    Yes, I know a few sewing basics, but I am always looking for new tips. One thing I have wished for, for a long time, now, is a tutorial sampler that walks a person through five or six basic seams (like French, flat-felled, et cetera) and yet results in something pretty, such as a feminine messenger bag. I would make a dozen of those bags and give them as Christmas gifts, and in the process would become more confident with seams. Does that make sense? Does it sound like an interesting challenge?

    Anyway, LOOOOVE your blog! You are gifted.

  18. As a person who can only sew a straight line but would love to do other sewing projects. Simple ones like your ruffle scarf. This would be GREAT! You have a way with how you present things that would make even me want to try to sew.

    Cheers, I love your blog

  19. Hola Disney, te sigo desde hace meses desde España. Mi ingles no es muy bueno, pero me encantaría que mostraras unos tutoriales para quienes, como yo estamos justo empezando con la costura.
    Muchos besos desde Navarra

  20. Hi Disney! I've been following your blog for a while now - you make some beautiful things! As for some tips on sewing, I'll take any tips you want to give. I just bought my first ever sewing machine, and have never used a sewing machine before, so I'm very very new to this.


  21. I think that's a great idea! I need to learn the basics so I'd love it. I actually sent you some ideas, but it was to your Etsy (not your email).

    Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  22. Hola , Disney !
    I think it would be great if you were to show us how to sew , i know nothing and would like to do some proyects , i admire you very much you have a beautiful family

    Rocio from sunny Mexico

  23. love those jewelry/headpieces. they did a great job :)
    some tutorials would likely help some people and be a great idea. I am making plans to start teaching my butterfly some basic sewing techniques this summer (she'll be 6) and am trying to find the best place to start - you may be my inspiration :)... and I plan on posting some videos/pics of her progress and maybe a few tips we discover along the way... (but, like i said, it won't be til school let out--summer)

  24. Hi Disney! Just found your blog and l o v e it *grin* Thanks for all your great ideas, wisdom, and expertise!
    I know some basics of sewing as I too, was brought up by a seamstress, but she just moved far away. (insert sad face) I'm new to the ruffles and flower thing, but as far as basics go...I personally could use some help on zippers and buttonholes. I don't know if that's too far past the basics, or what. Anyway, mainly just wanted to let you know I love your blog!
    Have a wonderful day!

  25. SUCH A GREAT IDEA! You already have a lot of posts that you could add in there...I know that you may go more into the mechanics of how to do it than in previous posts but you could sneak those in too!

    I'm just like the girls at your house...I need someone to teach me! PLEASE TEACH ME DISNEY!


  26. The crafting bug just bit me, but the problem with that is the only thing I can make is the no sew tie blankets. I have a sewing machine but can barely use it. I would LOVE to learn some new things so I can start creating. Basic language would be a good start for me..I have no idea what a basting stitch is and I have heard it often.

    I love your projects and would love to hear some advice and tricks. Thank you


  27. Sewing tutorials would be awesome. I took a few classes a few years ago and I am comfortable with the basics (thankfully, I have a talented mother and aunt who are avid sewers to help!) but learning techniques that may not be so "common" would be nice.
    I SO love the headbands you made with the girls. One of the first reasons I was attracted to your blog was your guest spot on U Create :) I can't wait to make some!
    Take care...

  28. I think that would be a great idea. I love your creations and although I can thread a needle I would love to get some pointers on the basics of sewing.

  29. Hi Disney,
    I love your blog, shop, etc. I do think that sewing tutorials would be really helpful. I am new to sewing and love taking on new things, and find it easiest to do when I have something visual to show me how. Great idea!

    I would also love to get some tutorials on the fabulous jewelry making you do.

    Have a great day!

  30. Do I think a sewing tutorial would be a good thing? Yes, yes, yes!!!

    I'm trying to teach myself to sew again after many years away from it, but I've forgotten so many of the basic things that it is hard. My youngest also wants to learn to sew, too. Simple tutorials and maybe some videos would be awesome!

  31. Hi! I started following your blog recently and you have the greatest projects and tutorials! I also have a little girl named Paige! (Aren't Paige's the best? (: )
    I am a beginner sewer and I think that it would be great idea to have tutorials for sewing tips and such!

  32. Yes, I would love the tutorials! Like previous poster said, I can sew, but usually stick to a straight line! I am trying to get the hang of ruffles, but they always seem to come out not even...the basics would be great!

    love your blog, by the way. I'm addicted to your crafts!

  33. Yes, please! I completely adore your blog, and believe it or not, your blog inspired me to recently buy my first sewing machine, and all I know how to do, therefore, is a simple straight stitch (I know how to switch switches per the instructions on the machine, but have no idea when to use which stitch). I fumbled my way through your ruffle-making tutorial to make your sleeveless top, but had no idea had to make a dart, or how to hem or close areas that I had cut off (such as the sleeve). Your clothes come out looking so polished but mine looks only "okay," I'm sure it will unravel once I wash it (since I haven't finished any of the edges).

    Any tutorials on basic sewing concepts would be SO much appreciated! There isn't a blog out there that seems to do that!

  34. Where do you live? I want to come make jewelry with you and learn all of your tricks! Your pieces are so beautiful!!!!!

    I've been sewing for about a year, but had 2 lessons and have taught myself since then. I know the basics, I can thread the needle, thread bobbins, sew straight lines, but I am horrible at curves and have no idea what to adjust the tension and stitch length for. I'd love for any sewing tips that you have to offer!


  35. i have been thinking about starting a blog for friends but if you did i wouldn't have to. i was thinking about picking a simple pattern and do a sew with me. There are the basics that need to bed taught and the very frustrating time of trying to read a pattern. i will pass you blog around to my mops (mother of preschoolers) group because many of them would love to learn to sew.

  36. I think it's a GREAT idea Disney! I'm new at sewing and I could use all the info on tips and tricks I can get my hands on :)

  37. I think its a brilliant idea!You might help a newbie sewer, or even maybe get a young girl to start. You inspire alot of people, and for your readers who would like to do some of your projects but dont know how to sew, that would be great for them! I say give it a go!!

  38. I am a sewing begineer and love your blog. (your jewelery is beautiful and so inspiring!). I would love sewing basics tutorials. Any help I could get!

  39. Yes! Yes! Yes! I know the basics, but I always like to see how people do it themselves, because let's face it, we all learned a different way and then made it our own.

    You always get the best ruffles and I always have a tough time with gathering. My thread usually breaks on me, probably need to practice more patience. :)

    Keep up the fabulous work!

  40. Yes! I would love that! Your blog is amazing! :) My problem is tension on my machine figuring out what is best because a lot of the time the top seems tight and I have to put it on zero..which is weird?!
    Plus, a lot of the time I sew and then the bobbin thread gets all tangled and then an error message comes on and I have to cut it and I have a mess of thread and have the pluck it =( it gets frustrating.
    Tutorial are awesome because I'm more of a visually learner than words. Plus, basic hand sewing things and stuff would be good too!
    This is so nice of you!
    I love the stuff the girls made super cute! :)

  41. Um... it would only help IMMENSELY!

  42. Pretty please!! Even basic tutorials would be wonderful, especially for those of us who need, ahem, youtube to show how to thread a bobbin! lol Love your blog!!

  43. So fun to hang out and craft.
    And YES PLEASE to the sewing tutorials/advice. I did not use a sewing machine until the last couple years (I'm 29) and it is definitely less than intuitive. There are basic things that I'm CERTAIN I am missing, but have just never learned them. That's the thing, though, I don't exactly know what to ask for because I don't know what I'm missing.
    I love this idea... LOVE it!

  44. Disney, I have become such a fan of your stuff and your posts as well. You just seem like a cool chica, very laid back. I think it is great to do a few tuts for those of us that aspire to make some of these things but don't have quite the skill level yet.

    I am a self taught sewer, with no one in the family to help and I am a visual learner so reading patterns kills me! ugh I hate it.

    I would love a how to decipher a pattern lesson lol. But I think anything you make , when you do the step by step photos and explanations is a GREAT help for me to keep trying to learn more!

    Thanks for all you do.

  45. I would love to read sewing tricks and tips! I haven't really sewn since my 4-H days, but I'm really excited about getting back into it so I can start crafting.

  46. Yes & AMEN! I would love info... starting from the super simple of how to get the sewing machine ready to sew. My mom gave me her old machine and unless I want to use the thread that's already in there... I'm not sewing.

  47. Hello Disney,
    I am also a stay at home mother, of three, two girls and a boy. I am truly blessed to be able to stay home and I have a passion for crafting and sewing however, we are from a very small town, home ec was not even close to an option in school and there was and is no one that i can learn basic sewing from. i have asked and received help from a lady at church. It was more frustrating for her, bless her heart, that i did know the basics and when she told me to do something she had to explain herself and/or show me how to do it. I have figure quite a bit out on my own. I know your knowledge would be greatly appreciated from my end- my sister in law and i visit your blog daily just to see what is new and what we might be able to try. Thanks for all the tips and thoughtfulness.

    Jess- Little Town Oregon

  48. Yes, yes, yes!! I'm a brand new sewer and I would LOVE it!!

  49. Quilting! Patchwork - am just trying to get myself going on it!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration - I am a new follower and just loving it!


  50. Laughing @ Maryann's post. I feel the same way about my serger!

  51. I think that is a great idea! I know most of the basics (although not always the correct term for them) from watching my aunt as a little girl and then my own trial and error, lol. A few things I've yet to attempt which have me shaking in my boots are adding sleeves, zippers, bias tape, and seriously are there any tricks for sewing a STRAIGHT line, lol, maybe I'm just my own worst critic but sometimes those buggers get me.

  52. Hi Disney,

    I've been following your blog for quite some time now. I would love it if you did sewing tutorials. I need help with making ruffles.


  53. Oh my goodness! I just found your blog last week and have been reading about all the fun projects I'd like to try, but I'm not comfortable enough with my sewing abilities to actually make anything. :) I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I LOVE it and I got tons of cute fabric... but I'm just too afraid to mess it all up.
    And I can't sew a straight line... glad to see I'm not alone, after reading these comments. :)

  54. Like many others, I would appreciate tips on serging. I can serge just fine in a straight line, but when it comes to serging in a circle (e.g., putting in the neckband on a t-shirt, serging around a receiving blanket) I get stumped! Hard to figure out how to make the beginning and ends look good!

  55. i think it's a fabulous idea! i know that i would find it helpful.

  56. Tutorials are allllwways great--I'm not an expert either and I just learn as I go. I love seeing tutorials tied with projects come together so I can see what you would use certain styles/methods/stitches for.

  57. I think that is a FANTASTIC idea!!!! I have been wanting to learn how to Sew but have no idea how to start!!

    You could do a "beginner" series and then maybe fun projects or touhg stuff to do like zippers or something.

    I hope you do this..looking forward to reading your sewing blogs ;)

  58. Hi there! I have never commented before, but I love your blog and projects!

    I am very new at sewing and would love tutorials! I can thread a needle and do a basic project - but after that (ruffles, etc...) I need a lot of help!

    Great blog! I love it! Thank you!

  59. Tutorials would be lovely! Especially pintucks, I just can't figure them out!

  60. I have questions- but not about sewing, just all the beautiful jewelry!

    Where do you find your supplies?

    Could you do a tutorial on how to join the chain and pearls or chain and ribbon like you do so often?
    (I can't figure it out!


  61. Such a good idea! I was reading through the comments and one person asked about basic seams. If you needed any help with that I have my AA in Fashion design and making a sample book of all of the seams was one of our first sewing assignments, so i can help you out with that. :)

  62. I would love that. When my two girls were growing up, big sister would tell little sister "let's get out of here. Mom's getting ready to SEW!" She knew I am not happy when I do it. I dread sewing like root canals. But I do want to like it. I really, really do.

  63. Yes -- great idea! I would love to see you do that.

    What a fun thing to do with the girls. All of the projects turned out so well!


  64. Hi,

    A sewing tutorial would be good but I would also love to know how you make your customized jewellery, they look amazing and so professional I would love to be able to make my own at home. (If it's not too much trouble for you to show us of course! :D)


  65. Hi Disney!
    I found you from your visit at Blue Cricket Design. Love your name by the way!!!
    My Grandma has taught me how to sew as a child but all I really know how to do is pillows. I bought myself a sewing machine this year for Christmas. I have an 18 month old daughter and am interested in making some stuff for her. So anything to do with that would be awesome!
    Thank you!!!

  66. Super Big Ruffley YES!

  67. I would love some sewing tips! im a beginning (already making progress)and i would love a place to check back and learn new techniques from a seasoned expert! yes please! and thanks :)

  68. yes, tips would be wonderful! I need help with a basic... how do you square off a large piece of fabric?

  69. Dear Disney

    Yes, as very novice sewer I would appreciate any tips and tutorials.
    I would be so happy to learn how to make a lined items with zipper closures.

  70. Those are beautiful creations!


  71. That would be wonderful, thanks for thinking of that!

  72. Disney,
    I want to start off by telling u, that I literally read hundreds of craft/sewing blogs on a regular basis (I know I have no life) but ur blog is by far my absolute favorite. I enjoy every post, and that is not something I find on other blogs that I frequent.
    Anyways, I am very new to sewing and could use any and all advice (which is why I read so many blogs in the first place) but I do have a few specific questions:
    1) Interfacing? When how and why do we use this?
    2) Bias Tape????? I bought some on a clearance bin at Joanne Fabrics and I dont know how to use it. I have double fold and then the others are just straight with no fold over????
    3) Cutting on the bias? I have heard this term and have no clue how or why to do this?
    4) How do I know what length, width, and stitch to use? and how to pick fabric for different projects????

    I know that is a lot... Hopefully over time u may be able to answer a few of them.

    Thanks again for being such a gracious host. You are never selfish with ur skills and creativity. Thanks so much!

    Your Blogging Friend,



  73. I'm adding my request to the dozens you already have. :) I've been sewing for about 3 months now and the actual sewing part has gotten easier. The part that hasn't gotten easier is cutting and pinning. It's my least favorite part about sewing, but is, in my opinion, the most important part. If you don't measure, cut and pin correctly you're never going to have a good finished product.
    Even more specifically, I'd love to know how you cut your fabrics straight, with accurate measurements. And yes, I do have a rotary mat and rotary scissors. I guess I just don't know how to use them correctly! Need help please! :) Thanks for all your wonderful posts too, I love your site.

  74. I love that first necklace. They all did great!

    Your "light" is shining, Disney....to those you don't even know.

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED your baby shower theme idea. I need a theme for my daughter in laws baby shower which will be at my house in a couple of week. I am so happy to steal your nesting theme from you!!

    I am a friend of Chris R.

    Much thanks!

    Gloria R.


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