The Mother Huddle

I just wanted to let you know that I'm being featured today at The Mother Huddle! Such a cute blog, I can't believe I didn't know about it until a few days ago! Please go over and check them out! I'm doing their "Bullet List" on everyday things that you can repurpose. Probably nothing you all haven't thought of before, but it was fun to think up!


  1. Disney, I just discovered your blog yesterday, and I have to admit that I am obsessed. All of your ideas are so adorable. It makes me want to break out my sewing machine again!! (I used to make the coolest clothes on the weekend without patterns) Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration.

  2. Great job! Those ideas were all so original - I love using everyday items for other purposes. I put my liquid dish soap in a really pretty olive oil bottle and keep it out on my counter. The soap looks pretty and it's easy to access when washing dishes!

    Thanks for all your great ideas!! I especially love the picture frames as trays!


  3. ok- I want to see this shower curtain? Is there a post I am missing with it?!

  4. Yes, please, post the shower curtain!!! I have been drooling over the thought of making an anthro- style shower curtin!

  5. few weeks ago, after a bad day i found your blog and it make me smile:)
    thank u
    so... i will tell u that i posted a post about your blog

    it will be nice if u visit

  6. Hi Disney,
    I just read your Bullet List. I hate closet doors as well! Our house had sliders in both my kids bedrooms when we moved in, and the first thing we did was pull those suckers off their tracks. I was wondering if you would be willing to post a picture of your closet curtains.

  7. I couldnt stop myself and mentioned your blog in my blog.oh really I always visit your blog and stay for hours... you are the best creative person for me...

    love from turkey...

  8. i agree about this shower curtain! would love to see a tutorial on this one.

  9. i love those tutorials!!!!! are verry creatif!!!!i'm goning to make a skirt from a denim jeans..recycle!!!!

    love marijke

  10. You are very talented and having so much fun with Paige's clothing! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Thanks for the tutorials, I only hope for a little grand daughter some day so I can put them to the test!

  11. After looking @ all the images, all I could think of was: could I be your kid"?! HAHA! Cheers, Julie


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