"Sew Basic" Tutorials, and a Sneak Peak!

I've added a couple of tutorials to the "Sew Basic" section up top!

The first, on winding your bobbin, was added to the "threading your bobbin" tutorial, so you can see them there together!

And the second is just a few tips on starting your first sewing adventure!

I'm also working on a glossary of sewing lingo, and some fabric-cutting tips, so those will be up soon! yay!

And here is a sneak peak of a ruffly tutorial I have coming tomorrow for a guest post! I'm excited!

I heart girly stuff! :o)


  1. Thanks!!! I am just starting to sew and see your "Sew Basic" has really helped me!!!! Plus can't wait for tommorrow's tutorial looks so CUTE!!!!!! And that picture is AMAZING!!!!!!! Just to tell you I LOVE your blog and I visit EVERYDAY...sometimes more than once!!!

  2. I had to laugh when I saw the post about bobbins. I have been looking for my case of bobbins. I lost all my bobbins. They like, poof, disappeared. Hope I find them soon. I can't use my sewing machine until I find them.

  3. great tutorials...as always, you do a wonderful job of explaining things clearly.
    ps..i added your button to my sidebar..i so enjoy following your blog!:)

  4. that skirt look sooo cute!! Can´t wait to see your tutorial!!
    thanks for all the efforts you make for us!

  5. I just love the stuff you come up with. It's enspiring to say the least.

    I'm passing on a Beautiful Blog award to you. You can find all the details at my blog


    Keep up the great work!!

  6. YAY! Just what I am in need t\of! I was planning to make- very soon- a frilly skirt! Talk about timing! This will be for my daughters 5th birthday!

  7. thank you for all the tutorials.... i am excited about doing a project now!

    will you please include somthing about fabric selction tips? i love to go into the fabric store but quickly get overwhelmed by all the fabric selection... how do you know what kind of fabric to select? especially when you are not following a store-bought pattern...

    thank you! i love your blog!

  8. So excited about the tute tomorrow. I just adore you tutes.

  9. This is so great!! I need a reminder on ALL of this! Thanks, Disney!


  10. I love you blog and have an Award for you on mine if you would like to play along. Thanks.

  11. You are so cute, I am excited to try to make that skirt for my little girl. Btw- you should write a book! Seriously. Maybe one day you can and refer to your blog and make a book about sewing and crafting and loving God. :) I would buy it!

  12. So cute skirt=) Im trying to learn how to sew but it will take years to be as good as you=)

  13. The pictures of you and your daughter are delightful! And I like the simplicity of your instructions.

  14. i'm sitting at my sewing machine right now, staring at it, willing myself to learn it. So far I've spun the bobbin thread correctly! Yeah! Now I'm playing around with a few stitches. I think tomorrow I'll be brave and make a pillowcase (it was listed on the web under kids sewing crafts- yep thats where I'm starting, a 33 yr old making a pillowcase geared to an 8 year old)

  15. I know that a lot of people might think that this kind of post doesn't appeal to them b/c they are more advanced, but for us domestically challenged mommas, these are SO very appreciated! Thank you so so so much!


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