Apron Winner!

I chose the winner through the random.org's number generator, and
The winner of the vintage hankie apron is Hana, from Hanamik!

(isn't she just too cute!?!)

Congrats Hana!
You can email me with your address, and I'll have it sent right off!
Thank you to everyone who entered!


  1. Winner winner chicken dinner!

  2. Congratulations to my namesake. :-)

  3. Yeah for Hana. Those aprons were super cute.

  4. Congrats Hana! I love how you spell your name! Just like mine....which NEVER happens!

    MomTog Diaries

  5. hi disney! could you please make a tutorial on how to sew elastics?
    i find it reaaaaaally stressful! i think i dón't know how to do it correctly. would you pleeeease answer my demand?
    i love your blog. paige is THE cutest girl.

  6. Three Hanas at least among the readers? Great. :-)


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