April 14, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Pictures. :o)

Don't you just love a beautiful photo?
These were taken by my brother, Mark:

He and his wife have been getting more into photography recently, and I just had to post a few of my favorite photos! I'm totally amazed by what some people can capture through a lens.

This is a photo of the stars with a 318-second shutter speed. How beautiful is that?

Me and my brother.
You can see some of his other photos here.

He and his wife have also just started their photography blogs. They're still in the works, but definitely keep an eye on them because they are really talented. I can't wait to see what they take pictures of next!

I just wanted to brag a little about them! :o)
I love my brother to death, he is the best. And he married one of my best friends, which was incredibly considerate of him, don't you think?


  1. His photography is amazing. You have talent running all through your family. It's nice that you are so close.

  2. How very lovely...what a unique view on the world!!!! :)

  3. wow such gorgeous pictures. Love his style!

  4. these are stunning...some people are just super talented huh? :)

  5. Love the pictures! i love photography sites. Thanks for letting us know. Love your blog too!

  6. Amazing photos!! Pure natural aesthetics. Good luck with their blogs.

  7. Those are AMAZING! He is very talented!

  8. I heart the flower! It doesn't look like flower, more like crystal flower. Nice blurry background too!
    Yes, they're pretty.

  9. Another artist in the family ;)

  10. That second photo looks like an impressionist painting...I love it!

  11. Disney, we just LOVE your blog, that's why we gave you the Sunshine Award! Follow the link to check it out:

  12. WOW, disney can they put a tutorial how to change the thing to 318 second shutter speed? i have a cam but i never move always user automatic mode you know?
    which model of cam have your lovely brother?

  13. Hello Friend... I'm a new follower of yours & just found you today. I too LOVE ruffles & if by reading your blog I could learn how to make some...I'd be thrilled. Plus I love your grag me button! Hope you can stop by & say hi over at vintagesusie & wings, my blog.

  14. oh my gosh. I can see the family creativity! WOW. Those photos are really, really cool.

  15. Wow ya'll are really nice. I have to say that my sister Disney is the most amazing person! That was super nice of her to post this stuff. I am so very proud of you Dis I love you so much and wish you nothing less than utter happiness!

  16. Also, to the anonymous person. I'm not sure what camera you have but most DSLRs have a setting called "bulb" (sometimes represented by the letter "B". In this setting you can hold down the shutter release (take a picture) button as long as you want. As long as you're hold the button down it will be taking the same picture and, in doing so, capture all movement. Hope that helps. If you want to know more just let me know, also I could tell you more if I knew what camera you had.


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