We Have Our Winners!

We have a winner!
Several, actually....

First Place:
"Ida's Quilt" by Mellissa, at The Fraker's Acres!

As soon as I first saw this quilt I knew it would be a possibility for first. Everything about it is fantastic! The bright, springy colors, the fun and feminine shapes and prints, and the cute, ruffly pictures! I love the idea of using ruffles and clouds and grass.
It's clear that this quilt (made for Mellissa's daughter) has hours upon hours of hard work and love bundled up in it! Look at all these fun details!
Congratulations, Mellissa!i

Second Place:
"tRuffles and tEa" party, by Sarah at 2 Giggle Boxes!

Sarah really went all out on this one! This looks like every little girls dream party! She made all the decorations, tablewear, and even all the girls dresses and accessories! I am so impressed! By sure to check out her post to see even more pictures, and she even has a tutorial for the "ruffelier"!

Congratulations, Sarah!

Third Place:
"The Ruffled Table" by Carrie, at Apple Inspired Creations!

This table rocks my world! It has everything you could ever dream of in a project: Creativity, inexpensiveness, and startling good looks! It was made from one of those $5 side tables you can buy in Walmart. I LOVE the wooden "ruffles"!
Great job, Carrie! Congrats! :o)

And the Runners-Up!

"Up Above the World" Outfit by Jan
Ruffles as a jet stream? Way creative! What an adorable little outfit!

Ruffled Skirts by Leisel
There is no way these could not win something. SO beautiful!

Ruffly Baby Shoes by Debbie
One of my first entries, and one of my favorites, too! I would love to make Paige some of these!
Congrats to all our winners!!!
If you could please email me with your addresses, and top 6 necklace choices, I will get the prizes out asap! Thanks!

I honestly wish I could afford a prize for everyone!
And just because I couldn't help it, here are a few more of my favorites that I wanted to highlight!

Creative entries:
Mocha by Taylor
(We all know that this was the real winner today!)
Boots-to-booties by Emilie
(This still blows my mind! HOW??)

Ruffled Wall Art by Katie
(I could see myself doing this in every room.....and hallway.)

Ruffled Screen Wreath by Holly
(Yes...like from a window screen!)
Who says boys can't wear ruffles? :o)
(Seriously, who would think of this? I am so amazed!!)

Some of the photos I loved:
Apron by Nikki
Cuffs by Ginger
Tutu by Jennifer
Ruffly Dress by Katy
Skirt and headband by Paige
Ruffly Hat by Taylor
Skirt by Rosella

Red Ruffle Bag by Asta

Ruffly Twins by Beatrix
Dress by Claudia
Ruffle Bloomers by Joy

Some things I really want to steal for myself:
Ruffly Rose Necklace by Autumn
"Ruff Around the Edges" by Crys
Ruffle Ring by Elvi
Ruffled Coat by Monica
Spring Wreath by Katie
Shirt by Alana

Dress by Haley

Ruffled Birthday Crown by Elizabeth
Ruffles and Lace Skirt by Leanne
Oh the delicious ruffliness of it all!
Thank you so much to everyone who participated! This was just way too much fun. And it was worth every minute (ok hour.....ok week!) of work! :o)

Let's get back to the tutorials, shall we?
See you soon!


  1. I'm screaming and dancing around the house right now! Oh my little table! I'm so excited and honored to have won third place! And holy cow that QUILT and TEA PARTY?! Are you kidding me?! This has been so much fun, Disney!


  2. i can see why these are the winners/runner ups! fantastic talent and imagination and patience!
    none of which i have!
    congrats to all!

  3. Hello, Disney!!! Thank you so, SO much for featuring my necklace in the pieces that you want for yourself!!! You are so sweet and you made my day--especially since you are surrounded by ruffly talent! When I clicked the "Autumn" link it sent me to another Autumn's blog--so lovely, but not mine! :-) Here's my link: http://autumnraeart.blogspot.com/
    Thank you so much, Disney! Have a lovely, creative day!! --Autumn

  4. Oh, sorry about that, Autumn! It's fixed now :o)

  5. Such loveliness! Congratulations everyone. :)

  6. Wow! I'm so lucky, honored, amazed and impressed to be part of this incredible pool of creativity! I LOVED this challenge and I can't stop thinking about ruffles. Who knew they could be so fun? (Disney did, I guess...) Thanks everyone, for bringing them to my attention, and thank you Disney for providing such a totally fun and inspiring experience!
    Congratulations to everyone!

  7. I am sooooo excited and honored!!! So many amazing entries that I will be referring back to anytime I need to make something with ruffles:) I had a blast with the party! This was such a great experience and memories that will never be forgotten! Thanks again Disney! I am sure you are happy (and a little sad) it's over:)

  8. Wow! These are awe inspiring! Congratulations everyone!! :o)

  9. I'm disappointed that I didn't win, but I can see why not! Wow, you guys have talent!


  10. Disney that had to be the hardest contest to judge- ever. They are all ridicously cute! Omgoodness, I've never seen such creativity in my life. Bursting with joy!

  11. Congrats to the winners! Those are great creations!

  12. These winners are truly deserving! That quilt is super creative and fun and beautiful! The tea party must have been such a blast for those girls! I just love ruffles. This was fun to see. Gotta say, kudos to the ones who thought of ruffles for dinasour backs and rocket fire too
    ! Kathi

  13. Me too Disney, I want to make all of those, or just buy them from the makers, do you think they could be persuaded?;) My husband will be glad to know it's over haha.

  14. i love all of the ruffly goodness!! hehe. lovely post with all of these images..congrats to the winners! yayy!

  15. I don't know how you were able to narrow it down because everyone did such a great job.

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

  16. Wow! That must have been a hard decision but honestly you chose all the right ones! Now I want to see some tutorial action on them! This was so much fun and I got so many ideas from other people! It would be so fun to do it again!

  17. You clearly picked the most creative and awesome entries to be the winners. Congratulations to all of them. And thanks for giving me an "honorable" mention. I appreciate it.
    Now I need to figure out how to make a lovely quilt like this and plan a "ruffle party" for the girls' next birthday.
    Thank you again for hosting this fun contest.

  18. Congratulations to you talented ladies!!

    I am just considering myself lucky to have all of this inspiration, especially from Disney! She inspired me to finally pull out my mom's sewing machine and figure it out already - and I am having a BLAST!!

    Oh, and if Rosella sold that skirt, I would sooo be interested in buying it! :)

  19. that quilt is amazing! Great picks for winners! Also where can I get that ruffle baby hat with the flower? adorable!

  20. Thank you, Disney, for hosting this competition! It must have been a lot of work but you did an amazing job at pulling this off...and provided many people with fun, wholesome entertainment...we love you and your blog!!! :-)

  21. OH MY GOSH! LOVE all the ruffles! I would especially love to know how to make the ruffle shoes and hat!

  22. seeing all those ruffly projects makes me so jealous :) I think I might have been born without the ruffle bone :) soo many of these inspired me to try projects...lets just say I think I'll stick to what I know...simple jewelry designs :)I dont know how on earth you picked a winner they are all so awesome! I'm glad you picked a winner though cause I was running out of excuses to run upstairs and check to see who won :)

  23. This was so much fun! Thank you for doing all this work to get us ruffling!! The entries are amazing, I don't even know what to say!! Who knew all that stuff could be ruffled??? The little boy stuff too, adorable! I especially loved some of the pictures that people took. You all are so creative :)



  24. Congratulations! What a fun bunch of creations. They are amazing! Thanks for the contest and all the inspiration!

  25. I'm so glad that quilt won! When I saw it in the slide show I had to pause the run to stare at it longer. What a beautiful piece!

  26. SUGH a fun competition. I may have spent a little too long looking at those slides.... So much creativity! I am so honored to have a little shout out on there (ruffle skirt, last pic). Thanks Disney!


  27. wow!!! the winners deserve it!! congratulations!!! so much of work!!! i wish i have done something more creative... so sad that i did something so simple.. :(... anyways hope more contest will come up there soon....

  28. Congratulations to all winners! Amazing talent here, and so much inspiration! I was very happy to take part in this competition and I love the wide array of ruffly crafts that are on display here. I definitely got inspired.

    Thank you, Disney, for organizing this competition :)


  29. Congratulations to all the winners. I love all the creations and got many ideas.

  30. Um, WHAT?! Thank you so much Disney. This is all so exciting. I'm speachless. I love what you and your blog represent and appreciate you sharing it with the rest of us. Congratulations to all the winners.

  31. Silent: Don't be sad! Your entries were wonderful, and I'm sure I speak for most crafters when I say, simple is usually better! :o)

  32. love the mushroom quilt! It was hard I bet for you to choose, so many cute things and great ideas. But I can see why you picked that one.

  33. Well done! Wow! That quilt is absolutely amazing and that party- oh. my. goodness! What a fun contest. And what a creative bunch of readers you have.

    I love your blog.

  34. Incredible creations! Congrats to all the winners :)

  35. oh MY! such gorgeous creations and photos. Congrats to all the winners and ESPECIALLY to Mellissa! Very cool.

  36. Those things are just awsome! So so beautiful!
    I wouldn't want to be you and choose from all of them.
    I envy you all so much for being able to produce these lovely things.

  37. I meant to leave my e-mail for follow up

  38. Ruffly Hat by Taylor is one of my favorites, please tell her I'd love to buy a tutorial or a hat from her for my newborn! it's beautiful!!!
    Great job, all the winners did great!

  39. Bummed I didn't win. I can see why, this must have been so hard. But I just had to have that ruffle hat! Feel free to check my version out http://craftedbymama.blogspot.com/2010/04/ruflfed-hat.html Amy

  40. Hi! I LOVE this blog and all of these competition entries are amazing! I know it was a long time ago, I have only just found it though. I am wondering if anyone can tell me how I can make a skirt like the one by Rosella?? It's BEAUTIFUL and I have to have one!!! I have searched online and can't find anything like it, HELP!!! :)


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