Wrap It Up!

With all this talk of Mother's Day gifts during "Celebrating MOM", I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to wrap up all of those lovingly made treasures!
I tend to think simpler is best when it comes to wrapping gifts. After all-it's the gift that should impress, not the package!

Like buttons on plain white boxes......

Ruffles glued to bags.....
Printing out pictures.....

Petals glued to ribbon.....

Fabric and lace.....

And good ol' fashioned brown paper packages, tied up with strings!
With a few paper napkins, scrunched into carnations......
Twigs from the garden....
Peek-a-boo hearts....
Or playful messages!
And I find that when I'm out of tissue, a paper shredder comes in handy! :o)

As do old sewing patterns that are missing pieces due to tiny hands :o)
If any of you have unique packaging techniques, I'd love to hear them, too!

I get strangely excited about the gift-wrapping process. It's a good thing there are only 240 days until Christmas! YAY!! :o)

Don't forget our partner in crime!
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  1. In the past I have used colourful plastic carrier bags (shopping bags) as wrapping paper, and I made bws with them and suffles and flowers.

  2. I usually take plain brown paper bags and stuff them with newspaper like you would tissue paper. It comes out really cute and vintage looking.

  3. I usually take plain brown paper bags and stuff them with newspaper like you would tissue paper. It comes out really cute and vintage looking.

  4. I think it is really cute to take the Sunday comics, wrap it around a gift and tie it with twine or raffia...

    I also hang on to containers. Any kind... margarine tubs, mason jars, tissue boxes, and any gift packages given to me... I decorate them with stickers, ribbon, buttons, fabric, or whatever... You never know when you'll need a package!!!

  5. thank you for announcing how many days until christmas! im glad im not the only one!

  6. Gorgeous packaging!

    Yes, I like to take a really beautiful feminine scarf, lay the package in the middle and tie the scarf up on top. It's kind of like two gifts in one - she can still use the scarf and she gets the gift inside.

    Even better yet, is that you don't have to use any paper so I guess it's kind of a "green" way to wrap.

    Thanks for sharing these GORGEOUS creations!


  7. Love simple packaging that makes a statement :)

  8. I think that it is pretty to take a potato chip bag, clean it out, and turn it inside out, so it is all shiny. Then you have shiny wrapping paper for free :).

  9. And don't wrapping gifts with newspaper, the comics page, for example.

  10. such wonderful ideas!!!...thank you!

    Heart Hugs,

  11. Especially love the sewing patterns as tissue paper. I have plenty of those to use!

  12. Disney, you have to have one of the most creative minds around. Seriously, I LOVE to wrap presents and these are so pretty and fun, and so many ideas as well! Thanks for sharing your talent you've been blessed with!

  13. I love the pattern tissue as wrapping, too. How cute!!!! And I always keep those stray pieces just in case.... ha! like I'll ever find the rest of the pattern.....

    Great ideas! Thanks so much.

  14. Lovely as always! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love to use brown paper or if the gift is small enough I use white paper for my printer. Next I use tulle to wrap around the package and tie if off. It really dresses up the wrapping.

  16. I love using the comic strips/funny papers from the Sunday newspaper. They're colorful and people don't want to tear them up because they get caught up reading them.

  17. Love these! Especially the "it's a sweater" approach lol. Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Clever ideas!

    I've sewn small presents into tissue paper (or sewing pattern paper) packets on my sewing machine. There's something strangely satisfying about sewing on paper...

    Plus the recipient gets to literally tear into their gift, which is always fun!

  19. in my family, tradition is to use the sunday comics as gift wrapping paper and the kids can color any open space. i don't have any pictures O_o but it look cute and thoughtful!

  20. My husband is the amazing gift wrapper in our family. His reproitar includes this little number for my birthday


    But my favorite was when he wrapped like those new gumm wrappers that have a tab you pull that rips off the top of the plastic, does that make sense. it was awesome. I should try and dig up a picture.

  21. love these ideas! :)

    i've been known to paint a picture on a paper lunch bag or paper grocery bag of an animal that the recipient loves.

    also, i tend to not always have ribbons or bows in my stash of wrapping paper, so i make bows out of the scrap wrapping paper by cutting it into strips and taping them into loops on the package.

    i've also used pins (think buttons or brooches) as a center to a bow. :D

  22. cute packages! Its so weird you posted this today because last night I wrote a quick post about DIY wrapping paper here...



  23. I don't have any great ideas for you but just wanted to say a great big than you for this wonderfully inspiration post. LOVE the ideas!

  24. You are so stinking creative! I love all of these!

  25. Great ideas, Disney. I usually resort to chucking the present in a bag, but I'm happy to see there are other options! Nice work!

  26. I have always liked to wrap gifts in something usable. When I gave my mom gardening supplies for her birthday last week I put them in a plastic tote that she could use to carry the tools in later when she gardens.
    I have wrapped an item of clothing in a scarf. Or given jewelry or beauty goods in a purse. I always feel like wrapping paper and bags are so wasteful.

    I love the old pattern idea. I have tons.

  27. These are beautiful ideas and I will surely be using them! Thanks!

  28. the sewing patterns...♥ this one the most...perfect!

  29. Oh Disney, this is so darling!! I'm glad you went first. Yours are way cooler than mine will be :)
    GREAT ideas you have.

  30. I don't have time to read all the comments (I have a toddler and newborn! Whew!) so if this idea has been thrown around already, sorry.

    Save all you fabric scraps and use them to cushion things in boxes! Beautiful and the recipient may use the scraps in their sewing.

  31. I love plain colored paper. Then I use glitter glue to draw or write on the package. All kids love sparkle.

    I also like using broaches & such as package toppers. Or just sewing up a simple clothe bag.

  32. I love your Blog!!!!!
    And I love those colors you´re wearing!!!
    It is the best Blog I ever seen.
    Many thanks for so much Ideas :)

  33. not only great for momsday... AWESOME for every present!!!!

    love Miranda

  34. Hey, I love the comments on this post almost as much as the post itself. What a creative bunch of readers this blog has! : )

  35. Lovely post! I love all of your ideas. The twig one...so cool!

  36. I use comics in place of tissue paper in gift bags, bright and fun & free :)

  37. Some gorgeous ideas: I cant wait to wrap my mum's present!

    I too love using comic strips from the weekly newspapers: they are so colourful and bright and look great.

    I have also used ordinary newspaper, foil, phone book pages, and pages from a large A3 Maine atlas for wrapping paper.

    I have a photo on my flickr of the wrapping papers I made for Christmas.

    For plain brown paper wrapped pressies I have made ruffled crepe paper garlands and punched heart garlands to wrap around them.

  38. I love these ideas! So cute! And fun! Thanks for sharing.

  39. I love the "its a sweater" one. So Cool, or maybe I'm just too geeky.

  40. I just love wrapping presents too! I have a friend who shares this passion so we go all out when we wrap presents for each other's birthdays. I love your ideas - some of them new to me - so thanks for the inspiration.

    One of the simple things I do is use a pretty postcard on top of a plain wrapped package.

  41. Awesome, awesome, awesome. So much goodness stuffed into one post! I write a blog about gift wrapping (www.thegiftedblog.com) and it is a joy to see the ideas you're clearly just bursting with.

    I think my favorite is the xeroxed photos with the zebra ribbon. Really personal and modern at the same time!

    Thanks for sharing!

  42. This Christmas I made personalized coasters for several members of my family. Since they were all the same size (and small) I wanted to do something fun to wrap them. I used the old crayon-shaving-melted-in-wax-paper trick that my mom taught me when I was little. I just got a piece of wax paper big enough to wrap my coasters (when fold in half), shaved some crayons using different shades and melted them in between the wax paper. Then I used it to wrap the presents. Tip: I only put crayon shavings towards the middle part of the paper (for the top of the gift) so that it wouldn't get too bulky or stiff on the sides and bottom when it came to wrapping. It was kind of difficult to tape with wax paper (doesn't stick well) but if I did it again I think I would use a little dot of hot glue or something. Everyone liked it and liked it even more when they found out it was homemade. And it was fun!


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