Your Mommy Memories!

I drank my first Diet Coke in literally over a year today!
I'm not sure if the tears were from the nostalgia, or the carbonation burning my throat, but it was lovely. And at the time it seemed worthy of photographic documentation! :o)


A couple of things:

1. Just wanted to let you know that the "daily feature" on my sidebar is back from it's little sabbatical! It probably will be more of a somewhat daily feature, especially during the "Celebrating MOM" event! But please feel free to pass on your tutorials and I'll do my best to get yours featured!

More importantly:
I'm working on a little secret project for the end of our two week MOM-a-thon, and I need a little help from you! I need you to email me your mom memories; short stories about your mom, funny things she used to say, photos of you and her (that you don't mind being shared), etc. Happy, sad, sweet or silly, it doesn't matter! If you are a mom, I'd also love stories and photos of your own experiences with your kids!
I'd be so grateful for anything you'd like to share, and the more the merrier, so please don't be shy! Thank you so much, everyone! I can't wait read your emails :o)

The "Celebrating MOM" tutorials and goodies will kick off Monday morning, so get ready! (I'm so excited!)


  1. LOVE that picture! Will you email it to me in it's full size? I have an idea...

  2. Im so excited for Celebrating mom!

  3. Hi Disney! I would love to join you in the Mom-a-thon. I will soon email a pic and a short story. Have a great weekend! Vanessa

  4. so excited for celebrating mom! I have a Mother's Day tutorial I am finishing up and a bit about my mom I blogged that I will send it to you:)

  5. I can't wait!


  6. Hi Disney,

    A mommy story that's son was in kindergarten and we were going to the store. I was preoccupied so when he asked about the twentieth question in a five minute period which was "When did you get married, Mommy?" my reply was, "A long time ago." He was quiet for a while and then asked "Was Jesus alive?"

    Have fun with your MOM-a-thon. I love your blog!


  7. My mom is far from crafty, but I guess as a toddler I pushed her to the point of desperation and she fashioned *devil horns* for me out of construction paper. If I was misbehaving then she would put them on me. ha! I have some old school pics of me in them, but they are all in storage. Maybe I should try that trick with my 3... if nothing else it might turn their frowns upside down. :)

  8. A great mom story......I was pretty young, like 7 or 8 years old. I knew that my family prayed and went to church every Sunday and sometimes Wednesday evenings. I just thought it was something fun to do as a family, I hadn't really put any thought into who God was or why we prayed. One morning my mother asked me to pray with her because money was very short and we didn't have any food for dinner that night. I held my mothers hand and we prayed. I went off to my bedroom to play without thinking much about it. A very short while later someone knocked at our door. It was a lady from my mother's prayer group with 4 bags of groceries!! My mother hadn't told anyone but me and my brother about our situation, for this lady to show up with groceries impressed upon me that God was real and He was listening when we spoke to Him. This was such an amazing event that I will never forget. My mother could have easily gone on her own and prayed silently but she didn't she choose to let us as a family raise our concerns to God and for us kids to see His amazing abilities.

  9. You should read my mom's blog. It is She is an amazing person, and a fabulous mother. She made childhood fun. Some of my favorite memories as a child were when we went camping she would buy those small individual size cold cereal boxes, and tie them to the trees. We would have to go out in the morning and search and "pick" our cereal off the trees. Another fun thing she did was at Easter. She would take colored yarn and attach it to a banister or whatever. She would string it all around the house in and out, up and down from the basement to the 2nd floor. We would have to follow the string to find our Easter baksets. I had three brothers and we would be climbing over and under each other trying to find our basket first. Ok I know I have said a ton, but one more thing. Whenever we fought as children my mother would make us sit next to each other with our arms around each other's shoulders and sing to each other. If I really needed to tell my brother that he stunk or was driving me crazy than that was fine so long as I sang it to him with my arm across his shoulder. We always ended up laughing.


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