Dear Lillie Dress Winner!

Here's our randomly chosen winner of Dear Lillie's "Adeliene" dress!

Congratulations, to you!! I'll be sending you Dear Lillie's contact info so you can let them know which dress you'd like! (I'm so jealous!!)

(Sorry this post came so late today. I had some internet problems!)


  1. i'm jealous! really doesn't like me :0(

  2. It has NEVER liked me either :(

  3. Congratulations to the winner!! Death to!
    Happy Thursday:)

  4. Congrats, but darn at the same time! That dress is too cute!

  5. Wow...gorgeous, wish I had entered! I just love your blog, and I have a gift for you, come see at:


  6. hey, I realized I forgot to post my email and favorite on my comment for Your sister in laws giveaway but I didn't want to post another one so here it is. My favorite is Fable and my email is Hope thats not too confusing :)


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