"Americana" Necklace and Other Jewelry Tutorials!

The fourth of July is coming up!
A lot of the accessories that I see around this holiday are pretty cheesy looking, really. Especially when it comes to jewelry!
So I brainstormed with my wonderfully talented sister, and we came up with a few new necklace tutorials and kits!

Many of you might remember this J Crew necklace knockoff tutorial I did in February:
And my sister and I both agreed that the J. Crew necklace would look smashing in red, white and blue!

So, my fellow Americans (and whoever else might enjoy the color-combo).....

The "Americana" necklace!

I have to admit...I kind of reeaally love it.
You can find the original tutorial here, just switch out the ribbon!

Most of these photos are the version I made, which is not nearly as cute. The kit that my sister sells in her shop has a much cuter navy ribbon w/ white polka-dots. It's adorable! I'm totally going to make her send me one.

(You can see her version in a 36" length on my mom in the third photo from top)

My sister also designed this simple, dainty little fourth-inspired necklace with a star charm:

She shares the intructions, here:

"You need 18" chain, two tiny jumprings, medium jumprings and a large jumpring, one red bead one blue and one pearl, one star charm.

  • Take the two beads string them on a headpin, clip it 1/2" from the bead, turn it with your round nose pliers till it becomes a loop
  • Cut 8 links of chain off (alltogether, just count 8 links and then cut)
  • Take a jumpring, open it, hook your red bead loop on it, hook it onto the bottom link of your 8 link piece.
  • Take a second jumpring, open it, hook your star charm on it, hook it on the second link above your red bead jumpring, close it
  • Take a third jumpring, open it, hook on your pearl bead loop, hook it on the second link above your star charm jumpring, close it
  • Take a fourth jumpring (oops I told you only three) , open it, hook on your blue bead loop and hook it on to the second link above your pearl jumpring, close it.
  • This only leaves one link left at the top of your chain piece, take your large jumpring and hook it through the last chain link, close it.
  • Take your medium jumprings and attatch one to one end of your 18" chain, attatch the other onto both your clasp loop and the other end of your 18" chain.
  • Slide the large jumpring at the end of your pendant thingy onto your chain and YOUR DONE!!"

And for an extra-full cluster version:

"You'll need three 8mm pearl beads and 4 4mm pearl beads, 2 of the other see through beads in 8mm and 2 in 4mm, so you need 11 headpins, 5 medium jumprings and one large

  • Take all your beads and string each one onto a headpin, clip it 1/2" from top of bead, turn it with your round nose pliers till you've got a loop...do this with all of them
  • Take a med jumpring, open it, hook a 8mm pearl loop onto it, close it
  • Take a med jumpring, open it, hook a 4mm clear loop onto it-hook it through the first jumpring-hook on the other 4mm clear bead.
  • Take another med jumpring, open it, hook a 8mm pearl loop onto it-hook it through the second jumpring (between the two 4mm beads...make sure one will hang on either side)-hook on a 8mm clear bead loop.
  • Take another jumpring, open it, hook a 4mm pearl onto it-hook it through the last jumpring you added between the two beads you added- hook on a second 4mm pearl bead loop, close it
  • Take another med jumpring, open it, hook a 8mm pearl bead loop onto it (make sure it is hanging oposite to the last 8mm/pearl/clear set)-hook it through the last jumpring you added between the two beads- hook on a 8mm clear bead loop, close it.
  • Take another med jumpring, open it, hook on a 4mm pearl bead loop-hook it through the last jumpring you added between the two beads-hook a 4mm pearl bead loop onto it, close it.
  • Take your large jumpring, open it, hook it through the last jumpring you added, close it.

You're done!"

If you'd really like to make one, but you don't have the supplies, you can buy a little kit for each one in my sister's shop!
The "Americana" kit includes the pre-tied ribbon bows with treated, no-fray edges.

So hop over to her shop if you'd like some! She's very flexible, so if you'd like a different chain/ribbon/bead, etc., don't hesitate to ask. And if they run out of stock, just check back in a few minutes.

I'm thinking I might definitely try to pull this "Americana" necklace off all season. It could also just be a nautical-looking necklace, right?? (right?? Just lie to me....) :o)

Have a great end-of-the-week!


  1. I just think you're wonderful Disney...no lying about it!
    Blessings to ya,

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I was actually just wondering how to do the cluster necklace. Yeah! Now I can make one!

  3. I agree, Americana decorations/jewelry/clothes can be cheesy...but the necklace is tres chic. I love it.

  4. Beautiful necklaces! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. It is nautical looking! (No lies here!) Gorgeous necklace, thanks for sharing. :)

  6. wonderful! i'd actually wear this kind of red,white and blue!

  7. The necklaces are both so cute - I have never made jelery before but now I am inspired to try!

  8. What fun necklaces. Looks cute on you.

  9. Definitely wear it all season! It looks great with your striped shirt. The other necklaces are gorgeous too!

  10. I was just given some jewelry making supplies so I will have to add this to my list of things to make!

    Gorgeous and what a great gift idea- the kits on etsy would also make great gifts for those on your list who also like to create things. How cool to get a gift that you could make yourself to enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kind Regards,

  11. Wow, you and Joy are both so talented and creative! I love this stuff.

  12. Stripes again, with touch of red! Love, love, love!
    We have similar taste- we will be girly girls whole life!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. truth be told, it makes me a little bit uncomfortable that you used the term ghetto in describing this necklace. just thought I'd put my two cents out there.

  14. I live in a small town so sometimes getting something cute means a longer drive than I want to make. Thought I'd mention when it comes to ribbon that many scrapbooking shops have a really great selection of cute ribbons! May Arts (don't work for them just love the stuff) has really cute ribbons and a nice blog.

    Now that you've had this idea, I can totally see changing out the ribbons to go with different outfits or different seasons or any number of things. Cute project!!! It is on my to do list but I haven't made it out to a store that has enough jewelery making supplies to find a chain I like!!! Got everything else though so it is just a matter of time!

  15. Anon: I'm so sorry! I confess that I use that word all the time without really thinking about it, but I would certainly never want to hurt any feelings!

    I know how you feel, I get when people say "Oh my God" all the time. We all need to be careful with our words! Thank you for the reminder :o)

  16. The kits are rather easy to put together and I'm not even skilled in making jewelry!

  17. I realllllly like your striped boat neck tee that I keep seeing in your pics. Where did you get it?


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