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I realized last night that I haven't gone through and posted any of our flickr group photos since I started it last month! I must admit that I am completely addicted to seeing your creations, and I am going to selfishly demand that you upload more. :o) Ok, I won't demand it. But what if I asked nicely? Please??

There's something that really makes me giddy inside to see other people's creations! I think most of us feel that way fact, that's probably why you're here!

Well, without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from the pool so far!

I have seen a lot of your versions of the J. Crew-inspired necklace tutorial, and they are all gorgeous! This gorgeous all-white version is from Hanamik.

I LOVE this artwork from Our Change of Art! Inspired by this ruffly shirt tutorial. I'm not sure if her model was supposed to look like me or not, but I think it does! (Right down to my tree-stump legs!)

Mighty Mouse made the lace applique earrings exactly how I originally pictured them (only I didn't have the right lace!), and they turned out beautifully!

I love how Libby thought to use this tutorial for her dolls. So clever!

I love everything about this photo of Amanda's 20-Minute Skirt. The pose, the fabric choice, and the adorable tee she's paired it with!

By night's version of the Bouquet Tee. I'm totally amazed at how similar this looks to mine! Amazing!

I love this version of the "Beachcomber" dress in black from silvertears1275! Look at those chubby little shoulders. Kiss!

This little mens shirt refashion from Lila Jo is SO cute. Love that she left the pocket on!
(from the shirred dress tutorial)

I am greedy for more, so pretty please keep the photos coming! :o)

Have a good weekend!!


  1. Dear Disney,

    you cannot imagine the sound I made when I spotted my picture on your blog :) I feel completely honored!

    And again, thank you for your wonderful blogging and for sharing your ideas and tutorials with us. Your blog is one of my absolute favourites!

    Have a great day, Sinje

  2. Amo,
    esse blog e' ESPETACULAR...
    Fiz uma camisa daquela com flores
    e nao consigo colocar o link para
    O seu blog
    Sou iniciantes

  3. Aw, you just made my day and it's not even 8am yet! Thank you so much for showing off my picture of the Beachcomber dress and, of course my sweet baby =)

  4. hee hee! ditto to what hausmaus said! :D thanks for the shout-out... I love your blog and your tutorials! xoxo

  5. Wow--I've been featured on Ruffles And Stuff! :o I'm working on the coasters as a gift for my grandmother also. :)

  6. Oooh I LOVE the the way Lila Jo did her shirt/dress! So cute. So many of these are adorable. Forgive me, but I am not a flickr user (maybe it's something I should explore). I did use your shirt refashion tutorial and loved the results. You can see it at and some other creations as well :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Thanks for the love! Glad you like it, thanks again for the great tutorial!

  8. Thanks so much for putting my painting on your made my day! :)

  9. I am so in love with the J Crew inspired white necklace and the bouquet shirt. Those just spell summer and the beach...well anything JCrew spells classy summer beach, so I love anything that reminds me of that store! :P Now if only I could get my hands on those two... :P Sigh, guess that's what happens when you don't live in the land of plenty (even if plenty means leftover scraps!) and live in a foreign country (NOT full of domestic goddesses and their scraps! :P)

  10. Yay you shared mine! Your tutorials are the best Disney :)

  11. I so did not expect to ever see something I made here that I didn't even recognize my tee right away... I am so glad you like it. you had such a beautiful idea & it was so much fun making! Merci, Disney!

  12. love your blog and ideas...awesome works. Hop to mine whenever you are free. Cheers, Yuzz


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