Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

You guys, thank you so much for all the feedback on the giveaway subject! I cannot even tell you how encouraged I am by all your comments. Blogging can be a bit thankless sometimes (at least when you don't have sponsors, haha.), so those comments make all the difference to me. I'm so glad so many of you are enjoying the blog, it honestly just makes me want to cry. Thank you!

I think I'll probably keep my eye out for special giveaways that I love, and post 1 or two a month. And don't worry, no hoops to jump through! ( I SO get that. Who has the time??)

I've got a small tutorial coming up tomorrow, but while I'm waiting for the daylight to take the final photos, I did a little online window shopping tonight. My birthday is coming up, so I "bought" some imaginary gifts for myself. Even window shopping is a  luxury for me, because, again: who has that kind of time??

Etsy beauties:
(photos are linked to listings)

I would wear this dress every day....and probably to bed, too.

Literally clutched at my heart when I saw these:

And I can see some peachy-pink toenails peeping out of these!

With all the quality time I spend with my camera, I would love to have a pretty strap like this! With ruffles, no less.  :o)

I love lariats right now. This simple feather one is just perfect! 

This bracelet is called "Lemon Tree"-isn't that cute?? It is so me, it's spooky. 
We belong together. 

J. Crew:

Coral leather. What else do you need?

When I'm not wearing the yellow dress, I'd be wearing this:

Forever 21:

Love this little headband, and it's less than $5!

I used to have a lace over shirt when I was about 16 that I loved. I lent it to a girl in the youth group, and never saw it again. 
I'm still not over that. 
So every time I see a lace shirt....I fall in love again! 

And speaking of Forever 21, while I was looking I stumbled upon this blue top; It's the "beachcomber" dress! I promise I didn't steal the idea from them. :o)

Sorry if that bored you to tears. :o) I love it when people post about their style so I thought I would just throw those out in case someone else enjoyed that kind of thing :o)

I have a busy day tomorrow, but I will get the tutorial up asap!

Thanks for reading! :o) And have a superb start to your week. It's only going to get better!!


  1. I love reading your blog! your personality shows though each post and I'd say its a pretty sweet one! Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. That was wasn't boring at all. It was fun. I could see myself wearing the dress at the top, too. It's so gorgeous.

    I think they stole the beachcomber dress idea from you!

    Happy almost birthday.


  3. Oh yes, that yellow dress is beautiful! Happy almost birthday to you! And you are right, it is thankless sometimes! So, thank you for being so awesome and inspiring to everyone. Seriously, you are so great.

  4. Happy almost birthday! I think you should make that lovely yellow dress for yourself. :) PS love the new look!

  5. I love that ruffled camera strap! happy almost bday to you ;-)) and thanks for all what you do and share. I for sure never get bored around here

  6. that camera strap is so pretty! still drooling over it!

  7. Happy early birthday. I don't have style. I just wear what fits. And a lot of cold weather stuff!!!

  8. Our bdays r super close mine is saturday. I think I need to go make a wish list like yours :)

  9. I heart the camera strap and the lace top and the dress and... well' i heart it all! Have a great week.

  10. I visit your blog regularly but don't post comments because of the language and sometimes I'm just lazy for that. I read your post and it's really incredible that you don't have sponsors yet....

    I really love your blog 'cause you are kind enough to explain your work not like most of bloggers who show you up their stuff but don't show you how....

    Hope you have a great week

  11. Disney my dear i can SO see you in the pretty dress!! so you!

  12. no way! your birthday is on the 2nd?? mine is on the 6th! no wonder i love you and your blog so much! happy early birthday! i pray that you have a blessed year!!

  13. Wow! Every thing that you have chosen, I would have choose for myself!!
    We are girly girls, aren't we?

    Can't wait your new project!!!!

    Have a lovely day, Ivana (Europe-> Croatia->Zagreb :-))

  14. Disney: I LOVE reading your blog and your tutorials show that you put alot of thought, heart and soul into them. That is what makes it all so special. Your blog is always so inviting and I find myself spending hours perusing the beautiful items you have made and that you share with everyone. Your're the best :D :D

  15. Happy almost Birthday to you, I have been etsy window shopping to as my birthday is Thursday :) Love that etsy!
    As always enjoy your blog!

  16. happy birthday! And you could so make that camera strap and it would be so quick and easy!

  17. I luv it when people post clothes styles on thier blogs.
    I've started to do that myself.
    I love the blue dress and the striped shirt.
    That's the kind of stuff I would definitely where.
    Anyway thanks for posting that.
    Have a great day :D

  18. Everything is amazingly adorable!!! I would never take that first dress off either...darling beyond words..I think I need to go for a shop! My summer outfits need a bit of punch!
    I adore your lovely blog...thanks for all the fun and loveliness over here...xoxoxoxo

  19. I bought the latest "Altered Couture" this past weekend, where I came across one of your projects. I was happy to discover someone I know and like and I showed it also to my husband saying: "Look, I know her (virtually:) ), I follow her blog"

  20. Happy! Happy! Happy! "almost" birthday!!! its mine too! (June 29th!) LOVE your list! could just "ditto" the whole thing!!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Many Blessings!

  21. I love posts like this that give a glimps of the person behind the blog. The yellow dress is deffinatly swoon worthy!! Happy B-day :)

  22. you should do a tutorial for a camera strap!!! that'd be so cool!

  23. Those lace shirts are only $24.99 and under and treschicboutique.com!!!!! Happy Birthday =)!!!

  24. It's all beautiful! Maybe your hubby will read your blog to get some ideas. :-)

    And BTW, I'm thinking they copied YOUR beachcomber dress. It looks just like yours!

  25. I love online window shopping! I do it on rainy days like today. And your style is adorable!

  26. Happy Upcoming Birthday. Mine is coming soon too!
    Love the yellow dress!

  27. I love seeing other peoples "If I had the money right now I'd buy..." lists. Thanks for sharing yours!

  28. Love the Lemontree bracelet. Happy almost birthday!! I love virtual shopping :)

  29. Did you know there's a song performed by Peter, Paul & Mary called "Lemon Tree"? I agree, the bracelet is adorable.

  30. Happy almost birthday!

    -Hannah Rebekah

  31. Happy early Birthday!

    I would love to go window shopping with you!

  32. I just love all the fabulous finds on Etsy. Great coral colored purse and jewelry too.

  33. Cute stuff! Happy almost birthday!

  34. Happy Bday and no the blog was not boring. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Is there a tutorial for your version of the "beachcomber dress"?

  35. Sorry. Guess I did not search long enough just found the beachcomber dress tutorial. Thanks again.

  36. I'm surprised no one's posted this yet but here's a tutorial for a ruffled camera strap on "Crap I've Made." This way you can make it look however you like!

  37. Happy [belated] Birthday.

    At this exact moment I have peachy pink toenails. So, yeah, apparently I thought that was worthy of comment. Back to Lurkdom I go.

  38. and yeah, meant to type [almost]. this is why I just read and don't comment on blogs. blerg.

  39. cute finds! i bet you could make everything yourself!!!

  40. It's my almost birthday too, and now I'm thinking about that ruffled camera strap! cuteness.

  41. Frequent reader, seldom poster. I love your blog, you inspire me. Thank you for sharing your sense of style also! Praying for your family.

  42. Love your ways to stretch the clothes. I once did similar out of necessity. Most of all I love that you LOVE GOD, so DO I! HE comes first in my LIFE. HE is my LIFE! I had 5 children, raised them mostly alone, but GOD made it all worthwhile!!


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