June 23, 2010

Pretty|Simple Ideas!

Sometimes I just like posting ideas.
Things that are so simple, you can understand how to do it just from the photo! With our busy lives and busy culture, I think we all appreciate when we can create something pretty in a quick and easy way!

With that in mind, I've added a "Pretty|Simple" link on my sidebar where you can see all the "quickies" that I've done in the past, and I look forward to adding more!

The first to be added are these candlesticks that make their homes in my kitchen. I must have a secret obsession with candlesticks, because I keep accidentally adding more and more of them!

These three candlesticks were made into teacup votive holders with the help of some handy "Welder" brand strong-holding glue. It's sort of my take on the beautiful Anthro-inspired cake stands that we see everywhere!

I also have this decadent pair holding up my salt and pepper shakers. (Which everyone always thinks are candles...I can't imagine why.)

And this simple distressed ivory candlestick serves as my ring holder while I'm doing the dishes.

Confession: The ring holding one is totally useless, as I refuse to do dishes without gloves, and therefor never take my rings off. But hey, "beauty needs no purpose", right?   :O)

P.S. "Pretty|Simple" sounds like a great book title! Actually, I could probably write a book just on candlestick ideas. You can do anything with them! I wish I had a rich relative who adored me and gave me indecent amounts of money to buy craft supplies and create endless projects with.....*dreams*.....OK, back to reality!


Take care, you!


  1. I love these too.I made a veggie/dip or jewelery holder out of a plate, candlestick and bowl. You can see it on my blog at http://sassystylz.blogspot.com/2010/05/crafting-my-heart-out.html

    I really love the votive holders, now I have to go make some. Thanks!

  2. I love the vintage feel these have. Lovely idea.



    By the way, please check out my sewing blog for today's post, I have answered 8 questions about me in a game of tag. I'll think you'll find it very interesting.


  3. I LOVE this idea! I have some of my grandma's old tea cup sitting in the cupboard. I long to see them. This is a perfect way!!

  4. What a great idea! My favorite is the ring holder! I too use gloves when I need to wash dishes.

  5. I love the ring holder idea! Next to the sink = genius. So glad you are doing pretty/simple for us - a great addition to your blog.

  6. You have lovely taste in decor. It's so nice to browse your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great idea, this new Pretty simple link! And now, I know where to put my rings when I clean something like the table, for instance (for the dishes, my Sweetheart usually takes care of them... :-p)
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I want that ring holder! Fabulous post Disney!

  9. Love the ring holder one. I take my rings off when I am making hands on food such as meatballs and pizza dough and I don't have a permanent place to put them. I my old house I had a window sill by the sink, but in this house the windows are sill-less. So I will be watching for the perfect candle stick.
    Thanks for yet ANOTHER great idea.

  10. A candlestick with a styrofoam ball on it makes for a PERFECT baby bonnet stand too!!
    Thanks for your creative ideas!

  11. I love little quick ideas! What a great plan! Keep em coming!

  12. SO pretty!!! and I too wish I had that same relative!! :)

  13. Very cute idea
    I've got use to your new blog layout as well and I think it is de-stressing me as well as you :) It's very relaxing to come here now. Just giving you an update to let you know....I like it !! I hope you don't change it.

  14. Simple and easy to make. I love to visit you more often just because the beautiful photo you've taken (just like this one), even sometimes i don't care about your post. lol


  15. Thanks Dita! I love your shop, too!

    Emily, thank you so much, that's such an encouragement to hear! I don't plan on changing it much, but the jury's still out on whether or not I want to bring it back to displaying several posts at once. I always tend to pick visual appeal over easy functionality. :o/ We'll see which side wins this one! :o)

  16. Oooh, that's great! I like all of these ideas! They are kind of dreamy and lovely and girly, and I would totally use a ring holder -- at the kitchen AND in the bathroom for showers!

  17. Those are very pretty! I love the ring holder the best. And I love that it doesn't really hold your rings;).

  18. Super easy and lovely? Sigh-I'm in love! Thanks for all of your projects like this! I made your 20 minute skirt last week...and have gotten plenty of comments on it already!


  19. I absolutely love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that I passed on the Trendy Blog Award to you! So, stop by my blog to pick it up, and then pass it on to 10 of your favorite trendy blogs. =o)

  20. Keep on dreaming and you never know a little bird out there might hear ya and you'll get the money you need to create all you dream of. =)

  21. I LOVE the iridescent pink candle stick. I squealed when I saw it!


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