January 2, 2011

Silhouette SD WINNER!!

Congrats to...............

(Winner was chosen using Random.org's True Random Number Generator.)      

Yay for you, Morgan! I know you'll love it! I will be in contact with you to get your address. I noticed that Morgan also has a blog (and a darling little family!), so you can check her out at Mama Loves Papa, if you'd like!

Thank you so much for all the entries to our Silhouette SD giveaway, everyone!
See you soon!



  1. Woohoo! Congratulations, Morgan, you lucky girl! :)

  2. Horray! Congratulations! Enjoy your prize!

  3. Yay! I'm so excited! Thank you, Disney!

  4. I just love it when people who didn't win leave comments of congratulations. It's so nice, it just makes me have faith in people all over again! :o) :o)

  5. I'm glad I read your comment before I posted how sad I am about not winning. ;) That's ok...I'll just come use yours!!! =) Congrats, Morgan!


  6. Merry belated Christmas to Morgan! Lucky girl!

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  7. Congrats!!!

    Hey I was chosen to receive the Stylish blogger award and I got to pick bloggers I thought deserved the award as well and you were one of my choices :)

    Check it out here:


  8. Yay for Morgan! :-) Disney, you should have made it a condition that the winner had to post pictures of the cute things they make. ;-)

  9. waw congratulations =) !! Happy New Year everybody

  10. Loving your blog and am so bummed that I just found it and missed this awesome give away!

    I linked your refashion cardigan post on my blog.....hope thats OK! I just love and had to share!

  11. Yay Morgan!!! Way to go. Congratulations on your win!!

    Disney, I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for all of your amazing tutorials. You have inspired so many ideas in this head of mine! We had our first baby girl after 3 boys and I am loving all of the sweet girly things I finally get to make! Don't get me wrong, boys are absolutely wonderful too, but you just can't sew a pink ruffle on the back of a boy's pair of pants - haha!

    Thanks for a fabulous blog and may God Bless you!!


  12. Disney-
    I can't find your email but I was wondering if you wanted to do a trade with me and we can do a post on each others blogs! I have a new tutorial I would LOVE to share on your blog!!! You can reach me at shannon_staker@hotmail.com. Thanks!!!

  13. It is always fun to read your blog Disney. I just have to ask, what is owl city?

  14. Congrats to Morgan!!!

    Happy 2011. to everyone!!

  15. I just saw you had a top 12 tutorial on U create! Congrats!!!! I was like AHHHH she's there! Yay!

  16. congrats to her !!!

    stop by sometime <3

  17. I love the Silhouette. It is so much better than the Cricut, especially its ability to print and cut on printable vinyl.


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