The Gem State

Paige brought me this stack of blocks today and said "Look Mommy, I made Idaho!"

My little genius. :o)


  1. Flip it around! Take off the top three and she can also have Utah!!! That's great! Isn't it soo cool when we have little smartie pants!!! Makes us so proud!!!

  2. What a smart little cookie!
    She is too cute.
    (props for hanging the map in her bedroom!) ♥

    ♥ Bethany

  3. My kids are always making Idaho out of their food. So much fun! Way to go Paige!!!

  4. :D AWWWWWWW Shes so cute :) what a little genius! My little cousins like that :) a little musical prodigy! :) Im so glad i got her into loving music. Aww :) i just wanna give you and paige a hug. Love your blog btw :D

  5. Olá.
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  6. I love legos for this reason. They can become anything you want. Which is great for little (and big) creatives.

  7. Haha that's so cute. She is smart!

  8. Paige is sooo cuuute! (I'm sorry, but I LOVE little Asians.)

  9. oh so sweet....:)

  10. i miss Idaho so much! now i live in SW WA where its even more rainy and cloudy than Seattle (where i grew up). if you like the rain you should move here. 20 miles west of vancouver and you're in a seasonal rainforest--you'd love it! looks like you visited Seattle on one of those rare sunny days when the city looks so beautiful. glad you had a nice time with your friend and seeing the sites, but don't tell people to visit---there are too many people in the puget sound as it is. we had to leave in the 90's after in influx of californians moved north---LOL. gail


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