Pippa and Rascal Pattern Download

Hooray! I finally got this pattern ready to download and print easily for you guys. So sorry that took so long. 

A big, giant "Thank you!" to "Essence", who recommended Embetit.com for the document hosting. Totally wish I'd heeded that advice before fighting with Google Docs for about a billion hours. :o)
I still have to perfect my PDF compressing process; the images lost some quality, which I'm not thrilled about. But hey, not everything has to be perfect all the time, right?? Right. 
To download the pattern, click the downward pointing arrow next to "share". To print, press the printer icon next to that. Easy!

So, how's your day going today?? I've got one of those headaches that just makes you want to run into a wall repeatedly, but other than that I'm feeling fantastic!! What a lovely world it is. :o)

Take care, you guys!



  1. woohoo!! great job. pippa & rascal are a-stinking-dorable!

  2. So nice of you to do that! Thanks Disney!

  3. SOoo soo adorable. Thank you sooo much!

  4. Thank You Disney, they are so cute, I just might have to make my first ever non-crochet- toy :)

  5. Disney,

    Your tutorial is wonderfull. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much! They are so adorable!!!

  7. Love it! For creating pdfs, I use pdf creator or bullzip. It's super easy and free. You just click the print button and choose the pdf creator printer or the bullzip printer and it prompts you to save it as a pdf!

  8. Thank you for That Disney, they are great. Shall have a go at these.

  9. Thanks a lot disney.
    You are so creative. And so generous to share it all with us.
    I love to visit your webside and I am so glad that we can meet you there more often than some time ago.
    Thanks again!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  10. So cute I may actually cry! Thank you, Disney. You are definitely one in a million xx

  11. Thank-you so much, what a generous person you are. It's my daughters 6th birthday on Tues, I might try to fit in making one for then!

    Colette x.

  12. My son saw this and requested it. Thanks!

  13. Glad it worked for you! :D Can't wait to make these as cute Christmas presents for some friends. :)

  14. I want to see everyones versions!!

  15. Thank you for the free pattern!!! Awesome work!

  16. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to give this pattern a try!

  17. How do you download it? I don`t see a share button?

  18. Ummm, I must be blind....I don't see a share or arrow button!

    1. Whoa, glad you commented, something's definitely wrong here, the whole thing is missing! You can get the pattern instructions and pattern pieces in this post: http://www.rufflesandstuff.com/2011/06/pippa-and-rascal-free-softie-pattern.html


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