A Muscle Tee and Making a Man Cave

Remember that Chuck Norris t-shirt pillow that I made for my husband's "man cave" recently?
Chuck's got some competition.

My husband had this great idea that we would collect manly-man t-shirts so he could have a whole collection of pillows on his sofa. I'm totally into that! What a cool idea.  So we scored this tee with Arnold as Conan the Barbarian. Perfect. 
(But Norris could totally take him.)

Right now we're looking for t-shirts with Bruce Lee and Mr. T. Then maybe we'll throw a Mr. Rogers in the middle just for fun. :o)

"Muscle tees" (haha) aside, it has been so hard to come up with a decorative theme for My husband's room. He's asked for my help, I'm not being that psycho wife who has to have decorative control over every area of the house, but neither of us can quite pin down what we want to do. And when you throw in the fact that we're not really spending money on the re-do, it's quite a brain stumper.

The man room is downstairs in our finished basement. It has a nice "almond cake" light-tannish color on the walls and...blue industrial carpeting. Our furniture is totally hodge-podge with one jewel of a wood framed sofa that my father made in the 70's. I love vintage anyway, and I think my husband is liking it too, so maybe play off the sofa with a mix of mid-century and 70's with some organic elements...? He also likes really formal stuff too sometimes. Hmm.

I tried to go online and find some inspiring photos (love doing that!) and this is what I think it needs:

A nice sofa. Which we kid of already have. Good.

Man chairs.

Some unique lighting. 
Walmart lamps just don't cut the mustard in this kind of a room, you know?

Maybe a pop of orange?

Pillows for the guest bed. It's so hard to find a stylish throw pillow for a guy!

And some art that represents my husband's personality. Like how he's always reading a book.

How he is loving in the truest sense.
He loves bridges.
And Starry Night.

Then we need to throw in some personal elements. 
A few things I loved:
This leather journal. For some reason I always associate leather books with manliness. 
Cologne. Because smelling badly, while very manly, is never a good thing.
I'm not sure who this guys is, but he's in a Seattle Super Sonics jersey. That could be good or bad in my husband's man cave. (He's still mourning.)
A wood iPhone dock. We don't have iPhones, but...look how pretty it is!

And, last but not least, something totally random. I mean, who has a book with this title?? I guess if you live in Canada it's not so random...

So what would you even call that kind of style? "Totally random"? I guess it's just "whatever you love" style. My whole house is turning into that. I love it! :o) It's nice being surrounded by things that make you smile rather than things you think other people will approve of. After all, style is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Have a great day, wherever you are. I hope things are going well for you. 

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  1. haha! very manly cologne HAHH love it and manly sofa #3 !!!!

  2. Great post! I love the muscle tee pillows! Ha! This is good. I got my bro-in-law's name for our Christmas drawing so I need some Ideas of what I can make for him. =] Guys are hard sometimes.


  3. I love it! My husband would love a room like this. I saw where someone made a lamp using a camera tripod as the base--that could be cool diy alternative to an expensive lamp?
    Have a fun weekend, Disney!

  4. I think the muscle-man Tees are an inspired idea! Right now we are collecting bright, pretty tees for a girls recycled T-shirt party - we are looking for the opposite of muscle Ts.

  5. Great post! Except why does a man cave have to be so dreary and reminiscent of the Fonz? lol

  6. LOVE those plaids and checks. But make sure to leave out the Frido Kahlo portrait. Not very man-cave. :)

  7. Oh, I know of a great Mr. T shirt for you. Check out weirdninjas.com

  8. i just found a funny mr. t shirt and some others by searching on ebay. they weren't too expensive ($8). Great idea! :)

  9. Could you tell me where you found that orange bicycle print? My husband is an avid bicyclist and thought it was super cool when I showed it to him!

  10. Lovin your man cave ideas! I like trunks and old luggage as tables too! Indiana Jones-esque stuff :) always looks good,can't wait to see it all come together! Happy aloha saturday!

  11. You could so totally make some Chuck Norris subway art with some of your husband's favorite CN quotes. And I can easily see you putting together some 'faux' woven leather pillows for the couch.

    A man cave for him - designed by you. Piece of cake. You've got this, girl! :)

  12. You could steal an idea form me: I found a fish trap that I want to make into an industrial kind of chandelier. Also, is your guy a car guy? You could use old car seats for chairs, recover if necessary in colors you like, like the orange. Or if he prefers sports, maybe see if some gyms or stadiums in your area are getting totally new benches/seats and see if you can have their old ones. Speaking of gyms, if one is getting new flooring, see if you can get their old flooring to cover one wall with like on... I can't remember the blog right now! Was it House*Tweaking??? Anyway, you can find a pic of it on Pinterest. I mention that because wood says "Man" to me. I just got about 15 books of fabric swatches, from an interior designer, because there is soooo much you can do with them: rugs, curtains, slipcovers, pillows, throw blankets, etc. And the best part? You can usually get them for free!

    Those are all of my ideas, but you are doing a great job already and probably don't need any more suggestions!

  13. My comment really has nothing to do with your post (though I love the idea of having a man's room... my husband is dead-set on olive green shag carpet and a fountain coke dispenser in his "man cave"; I think we have some negotiating to do!)... but I had to comment on your husband's mourning of the Sonics. My husband and I were born and raised in the Seattle area and my husband is still so upset about the Sonics leaving. He wears his Sonics t-shirts with pride, refuses to buy Starbucks because Howard Shultz sold the Sonics to an out-of-state buyer, and now hates all things Oklahoma. It was so comforting to see that other households are still mourning the loss of the Sonics, even on the other side of the state.

  14. Hey Disney-
    I also was wondering where you found that orange bicycle print, it's fantastic.

    V&Co just did some really great accent pillows for her little guy's.

  15. Maybe you'd call this style Ruggedly Post Modern? Looks great anyhow.

  16. Ha ha What a fun project your embarking upon! Have fun!


  17. You got it! Style is all about what you love and makes you happy. What puts a smile on your face the minute you walk into a room.

    I also love surrounding our home by things we love.

    I hope you are also had a nice day.

  18. I'm an interior designer by education, and in my humble opinion I can tell you 'Totally Random' is the way to go! That's what houses are meant to be: practical, comfortable, looking like the person who lives in it.
    You can guess that I'm not a big fan of the white-box type of room that only looks nice in slick pictures without the stuff, clutter or people... Even though they're supposed to be made for all that stuff, clutter and people...

  19. I'm so sorry about not linking the bicycle print! I found it on Pinterest and then couldn't find it again! Sorry. :o/

  20. Love the pillows. for the lamp I saw a old slr camera and tripod wired to make a lamp - the bulb was in the lens, somewhere on the net in the last week - sorry I cant tell u where as I dont remember.

  21. I think this style could be called "The Most Interesting Man in the World"! But only if he occasionally drinks Dos Equis...


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