Simple Projects Week: Autumn Tree!

Wouldn't you know it, last project that I share this week didn't turn out as I'd planned. :o( 
I had this great golden tree in mind-it was so gorgeous in my head! But time ran out (ok, I procrastinated) and so did my gold spray paint. Oh well! It still turned out kinda pretty, and we have imaginations... :o)

So let's imagine that this tree has about twice as many gold leaves and gold branches as well. Isn't that lovely?

If you can imagine it and you'd like to make your own, here's how!

First cut one or two branches off a tree(dead or alive), trim them up a little if needed and spray paint them gold(or silver, white, pink?). One can should be enough. (Mine was only half full.)

Grab a package of silk leaves from the dollar store and spray paint them all. Because the leaves are fabric they'll dry in less than a minute, so this won't take long!

 Attach them with a glue gun, and you're done!
You can stick them in a vase with moss or rocks, etc. in the bottom.

I loved doing this! It was so quick and fun that working on it literally made me giddy. I love projects like that.

If you're not a "huge tree in the middle of my table" person, a row of little trees in vases would be cute, too! You could also totally leave the leaves their au naturel, multi-colored selves for a more traditionally autumn look.

That wraps up my simple projects for this week! Tomorrow I'll be sharing a roundup of my favorite simple projects from other places!
 I'll see you then. :o) Have a great Saturday!


  1. I haven't been by in a while, I love the look of it!

    And I love the leaves painted, great centerpiece!


  2. Thank you for sharing, even though this didn't turn out exactly as you'd hoped. That's what's so great about you, Disney!

    Thank you for your posts this week--I've loved them all!

  3. oi td bem seu blog e lindo amo suas postagem !!!! muitas idéias legais bejocas .

  4. So pretty! I really like the gold.

  5. Even though it didn't turn out exactly like you wanted, I think it's lovely...and my favorite one in the series. :-)

  6. Your tree is very pretty. In the fall leaves start dropping from the trees so I consider this a "late fall tree". Beautiful!!

  7. Oh my GOSH! I love this! Perfect example of BEAUTIFUL SIMPLICITY! Thank you for sharing. :)

  8. This turned out really cute! I didn't even have to use my imagination :) Have love the simple projects series! Right up my alley!

  9. It is so pretty! Thanks for the fun week, Disney!

  10. Nice! This makes me want to go out on a nature walk just to look for good branches. =)


  11. Looks like fun!

    P.S. your house looks beautiful

  12. Disney, you are so full of cuteness and fun. I want to be your BFF! Thanks for a fun week of ideas. I just love your creativity and how you radiate warmth and love in every post.

  13. So beautiful! I love decor with real branches.

  14. Love it! I love these kinds of projects too!


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