An Update

 Since I've been away for a bit, I thought maybe I would update you guys a little on what we've been up to the last month or so.

First of all, I'm excited to say that I was in two more magazines! Yay! The first is a lovely Australian magazine called "Bella"; it's geared toward adolescent girls and is very positive and uplifting. Not to mention just beautiful to look at! I absolutely loved it, I wish we had more publications like it here in the States. I created a hanging word decoration(got to think of a better name for that!) tutorial for them. Thanks, Bella magazine!

I was also in another issue of Altered Couture. I love them for having me back so many times, what an honor. I just love the magazine, and the editor, she's amazingly kind. They featured this tee refashion I did last year.

In real life events, we've had a great autumn season! Paige and I went to a huge pumpkin patch with some friends where she picked a baby pumpkin, pet some furry friends, and climbed the biggest mountain of hay bails I've ever seen. Which, incidentally, gave Mommy a few small heart attacks, but Paige had fun.

We got to visit family a little, and Paige enjoyed leaf-jumping and orchard picking with her cute little cousin, Jack.

We also went to a costume party with friends at Church! Paige went as a Park Ranger...

Apparently, I went as "Frumpy Sweater Woman".

We did a little wedding coordinating. Fun! The wedding was planned in a week and a half. I was the coordinator, photographer, invitation-maker, decorations sponsor and anything else you can think of. Our budget was...nothing, so, I'm embarrassed to say, the entire wedding came out of my craft room. How is it possible that I've hoarded enough treasures to create an entire wedding out of? Yikes.

Paige was the flower (leaf) girl. She loved it. She took it very seriously, placing each leaf gently on the floor, all in a row. :o)

There has been Christmas cookie decorating:

And Christmas tree decorating!

And even a little of this:

And of course, homeschooling, housekeeping, gift-making, Church family things, and I don't really remember what else. Sometimes I feel like my life is a little too busy, and sometimes I feel like a lazy bum who doesn't use her time as wisely as she should. Maybe when I'm in my thirties I'll be magically organized. ...40's? 

P.S. By the way, I really do have a husband. I know he's never in the pictures, but he's there in real life. He's just not a big "post photos of me on your blog" type of guy. :O)

Have a wonderful day, now!




  1. You have a wonderful life, and you are even more talented than I realized with planning a whole wedding and all. Wow! Let us know if you ever figure out the secret to being organized. I could use a little help in that area myself.

  2. What nice pictures. They are so fun to look at and remember me being home (studying at the moment in another town).
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. your great with the camera, I'm still trying to work out how to work my dslr manually. It must have been a busy week organising the wedding!! Good to hear everything has been going well! :-)

  4. Good to hear from you again, I was wondering where you had got to? Lovely photos as usual.

  5. I love that last bit, lol because I was just thinking "wasn't she married?" Congrats on the magazines!

  6. So nice to have you back on posting! and so good to see your beautiful pictures. I love them!
    I really hope that can find some time to keep posting... we have missed you.

  7. Hi Disney. Lovely to hear from you again and thank you for such an honest account of your life.

    It's refreshing to see written in words, experiences and feelings that are shared by women around the world.

    It's a tricky job as mother and homemaker -by nature they are often isolating tasks so it's great to take any opportunity we can to share the trials and tribulations. For me, a post like your's is just as uplifting as a craft and sewing post (which, by the way, I also adore!).

    Thank you. Emma. x

  8. what great pictures and gosh it makes me wish fall were still here! how fun about the wedding and beautiful too at that! that is funny about your husband. my husband doesnt care about being seen on my blog, just has no desire to read and has only does so once. it always makes me chuckle because he is a huge supporter of my blogging, sewing and crafting...he just doesnt care to read about it on the computer:) have a wonderful christmas!!

  9. It's great to know you've been having a wonderful fall! I LOVE Paige's costume.

  10. I love posts like this. REAL life. My favorite picture is you crashed with your little lady. I can totally relate.

  11. Loved your update! Kudos on the wedding planning! You deserve an award for that!

  12. we were both published in the same issue of Altered Couture ~ how fun !

    gorgeous flower girl & dress !!!

  13. Love the pictures! That's so cool you put together a wedding!

  14. It's good to know you're still around! I've missed your posts lately. And don't worry, my husband gets kind of freaked out if I suggest putting pictures of him on my blog, too.

  15. Awww, congrats on the mag! Awesome! You are so friggin adorable honestly. I don't care if you post once a year...I just love hearing from ya and seeing your smiling face. Happy holidays luv! xoxox

  16. That's not embarrassing! That's freaking AWESOME! And I'm sure the bride was so excited and thankful! Congrats on all the fun things going on in your life. Happy Holidays!

  17. That was so special of you to help with a wedding like that. Give our regards to the Happy couple, and tell the bride she was BEAUTIFUL and radiant.

    Have a wonderful day, and glad to see you're having a crazy, but happy life! :)

  18. So good to hear from you!!- you have been missed!!
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Congrats on the magazines!!! Good to see you back. You guys look like you enjoyed yourselves.

  20. Disney, I just love your real-life accounts of the goings on in your day-to-day stuff! It's refreshing to see that everyone gets caught up with life sometimes, and that's totally ok in my book!

    Also, I spied the newest edition of the Altered Couture mag in my local Hobby Lobby this past weekend. I saw ruffles all over the front cover and knew you were probably featured again! I thought of you without being online! Haha.

    Stay sweet, and love up all that livin' you're doing! It's good for you!

  21. I love her tights, I have an addiction to putting my daughter in adorable tights!

    congrats on the features :)

  22. Congrats on your magazines features! You are so creative you need a whole magazine to yourself!

  23. Oh my goodness, the dimples on your girl! Made me smile just to see them.

  24. We missed you! Welcome back and thanks for the super-eye-candy photos!

  25. nice to have you back Disney.
    you have the prettiest name.

    hugs from a fan in Kenya.

  26. Great pics and congrats on the magazines. Might I ask a question simply out of curiosity (I don't even have a blog)? Do these magazines contact you based on your blog alone or do you attempt to submit items?

  27. Really very great pictures. I like these pictures.

  28. Que grande y linda esta Paige, te he segido algun tiempo y me encanta tu blog.

    Feliz navidad

    Claudia Mendez Villarreal


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