Garden Party Inspiration

My last post was about a baby shower I did recently, and now that it's over I have two more parties to think about. The first is a garden themed party that Paige's friend Sarah is having. I'm helping with the decorations, which should be so fun!

(photos are all linked to source)

I'm planning to make paper cone hats (my tutorial here) with paper versions of these flowers:

And maybe a special flower hat for the birthday girl? 

Martha's poms are a duh. I think I'll make them in different colors with green streamer "stems" hanging down. I think that would look cute!

Balloon flowers are a great outdoor decoration! And these folded paper flowers (here's my tutorial) are so simple to make!

A garden should probably have butterflies, eh? I love these that Dana's kids made, but I think I might use my silhouette for a time saver. :o)

We have several pair of wings for the kids to wear....

And I think I'll make a few felt flower collars, too. Looks easy enough! Won't that make adorable photos??

Technically, I'm not in charge of food. But how clever is this flower cookie idea? (Could I use donut holes??)

These next few cupcake ideas are totally out of my range of abilities, but seriously: HOW. CUTE. are they!

These ones with the chocolate dirt just kill me. 

I also have some little white terra cottas that I might put some bright candies in, like these:

This is a fun idea for green Christmas lights. Maybe not practical for a daytime party, though.

And lastly, the most important part of a party--what to wear!! I couldn't help sharing these adorable garden party perfect dresses for little girls. 

If I had time I'd make skirts like this for all the girls. So fresh and springy! I love the one with the birds.

Love this adorable butterfly dress. (With tutorial!)

And these sweet ones from J. Crew:

And these from Gap Kids. 
I WANT THEM!!  I love the celery green.

Doesn't a flowery garden party sound like heaven right now? I love spring. You should plan one! Seriously! You don't need a reason. Just grab your best girls and have a little one in your back yard. It would be so spontaneous of you. 

So what's the other party I'm planning? Paige's of course! But I'll save that inspiration for a little while later. It's not your typical little girl party theme, but Paige and I are excited about it. :O)

Hope you're having a great day. :O)



  1. I also could never make those cupcakes, but they look amazing- too pretty to eat.

    Those flower collars are a must! The girls would all look so cute!

  2. Oh, those little girl gowns look amazing. And I love that first picture, and the potted cupcakes♥

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. Auh! That's so funny that you should be talking about this because I am actually having a springy/vintage/shabby chic/whimsical outdoor garden party in our woods for my 16th birthday! :D And I've been having waaaaayyy too much planning it and getting inspirations on Pintrest too ;)

  4. All those pretty little girl photos remind me... I WANT A GIRL! There is time though, lots of it...
    Love all your ideas, I may just throw a party like that, just for the sake of it

  5. How beautiful! We hosted a garden party bridal shower last year. My sis printed out two pictures each of several different butterflies from the internet and glued them back to back with fishing line in between. Some single and some with three or four butterflies to a string then hung them from the trees. They blew around in the wind and looked exactly like butterflies flitting about. It was a lovely effect!

    Can't wait to see what you and Paige came up with!

  6. Love all these inspirations ideas. Great post! we are looking forwards to seeing Page´s party :)

  7. Love these ideas, especially the green shoots and leaves in the chocolate cupcakes. I can't believe Paige's birthday has come around again, it seems like only yesterday that I read about her party last year.

  8. After I found a $2 bumble bee costume after Halloween I decided my daughter's first birthday in August is going to be garden themed. Thanks for all the ideas!

  9. Hi Disney! Love your blog! You're always an inspiration! Just wanted to share something I pinned on pinterest for a garden party from Martha Stewart. I thought they were too cute, and look easy enough to make. They said "garden party" all over it ;)

    Melissa :)

  10. Those Hydrangea cupcakes are actually super simple. Two tone icing and a huge tip. You should try it! I found this video but it's really easy. You can also just Google it. :)

  11. Do you have the link to the flower cookies? It seems to be the only one that isn't linked, and the one that I want to see the most, lol. Really want to see how they look after being baked.

  12. Oh I found this blog post on the flower cookies.

  13. I like the flower cookie idea! This blog is a great help for me being in charge of the food for our party in catering suffolk!


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