A Real Life Garden Party

Paige's friend Sarah had her party! We were helping with the decorations and I thought I'd share the results. We were talking last week about Pinterest party photos vs. real life party results and I'm so glad that you guys feel my pain! I was wondering if it was just me who felt totally inadequate when it comes to that kind of thing. 

The decorations we made were all really simple. Here's how our garden themed party turned out...

Martha Stewart poms. This is when I really appreciate having friends who aren't involved in the craft world. Everyone was so impressed by these because they haven't spent hours upon hours online looking at photos of everyone else's parties with them. They thought they were so unique! Don't worry-I confessed that it was actually a pretty old idea. 

It always amazes me how easy they are. Martha (or whoever works for her) really hit the jackpot with those.

I hand cut these butterflies out of scrapbook paper. I just printed out a butterfly outline from google images. Then I just creased the wings and taped them to the wall.

I cheated and reused these hats from Paige's 3rd birthday. Are you amazed that I have held on to them for two years? Not as amazed as my husband.

For the boys I made simple paper hats (tutorial here) and hot glued little bugs to them. ('Cause bugs are in the garden. You know.)

Here's how it looked in real life. Pretty simple! 

I made this obnoxiously flowery headband for the birthday girl. She loved it! I already had all the embellishments, I just hot glued them to a headband with a layer of felt underneath.

Sarah's mom made the cute little ice cream and Oreo garden deserts. She even made a special one for Paige with organic allergen-free ingredients! Wasn't that sweet of her?

We hung mini-poms from the apricot tree.

And ate (or in my case, drooled over) butterfly cupcakes.

And the kids each got to decorate pots and plant flowers in them.

The decorations were lovely, but the real party looked like this:

Sweet, sweet kids having tons of fun together. I loved it. All the kids were Paige's friends from church and they get along so well it's borderline miraculous. :o)

So there you have it! A real life party.

See you soon, friends!



  1. I KNOW you hear this ALL the time, but your daughter is so stinking cute!!!
    Great decorations...I hear you on the REAL party thing. Sometimes I feel like I should do NOT decorations just so that they are not compared to the PINTEREST type decorations...haha!

  2. Hello,

    what a very lovely decoration.I like it.
    So cute.

    greatings send you Conny

  3. Well done Disney! I've never tried the Martha poms, but they look so good. Paige is sure looking older. She is so beautiful! Looks like it was a perfect party. I prefer that to the Pinterest-type of perfection any day! ope you guys are doing well.


  4. Absolutely adorable!!! What a fun party. . . . .

  5. What a beautiful party! Great job on the decorations. :-)

  6. What a lovely party! I am sure the birthday girl will remember it always. So magical!

  7. It turned out so cute! Forget the pinterest pictured parties because yours look just like them. Everything turned out so cute! I need you when I'm planning a party. :) Thanx for sharing.


  8. Ahh, I love the decorations. Very cute and matched the age/theme perfectly. I've always wanted to have a garden party ever since I can remember! Thanks for sharing :)


  9. Ohhh, Paige is SO cute! When I have kids, I want one to have dimples like hers. And what a cute party! :)

  10. My goodness, you guys make me feel so good. :O)

  11. I really like the stems you added to the poms to make them look like flowers, great idea! What a cute party : )

  12. You have such a sweet blog. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This makes me want to:
    A. Have a girl
    B. Have a garden party just for me



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