A Simple "Thank You" (Notecard How-to)

When it comes to note cards, I love a simple design. Don't you? 

These are as simple as it gets. Just use a ruler to write "Thank Y u" and use a heart shaped hole punch (craft stores) to glue a small heart between the "Y" and the "u". Use different colored hearts for variation!

  And in case you're wondering, it works with a regular hole punch, too!

Aren't those just fun? I'm rather tickled with them to tell you the truth.

This would work with other "o" words on the front, too! "Hello", "Welcome", "Sorry", "Congrats", etc.! 
 You could also choose to do one color for the hearts and write the message in different shades instead of the other way around. If you're hosting a baby or bridal shower, throw in a set with a matching color scheme for the guest of honor!

And just because I couldn't resist the chance to window shop, here are some cute and simple thank you notes from Etsy:

(click the images to go to the shop)

While we're on the subject, I just want to take this moment to encourage everyone to send thank you note to someone this week. It can make such a difference. It doesn't have to be for a gift given, just thank someone for their friendship or service! Or send one to your grandma for teaching you how to knit when you were little. The randomness of it will make their day.

On that "note" (ha.ha.) THANK YOU! 
For all your encouraging comments each day. I soak them in like a sponge. :o)

Love you guys!



  1. The simple ideas are often the best. I thought you had used a THANKYOU stamp at first, then realised they were hand written, what a good idea.

  2. I love note cards and I love writing to people! As long as I'm alive letter writing will not be completely dead! Beautiful cards!

  3. What a simple and cute idea! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Sweet idea! That reminds me that I need to get busy on Thank you notes for my kids b-day presents! I agree that thank you note writing is sooo important :)

  5. These are so cute and you can use them for so many things - lovely idea thank you


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