Vintage Frock Refashion Tutorial!

Oh. Guys. I love this one. Yesterday I shared a shirt refashion that I did for Paige. While I loved the shirt, I couldn't resist the temptation to turn it into this sweet little vintage inspired frock. Isn't it darling?

I love the mixed patterns. Green gingham with bright, vintage cotton tulips. 

Here's the how to!
(After you've shortened the sleeves and added elastic as per this tutorial.)

Detailed instructions:
  • Measure and double the length of your elastic waistband.
  • Cut fabric that is 1.5-2x the waistband measurement and sew up sides with right sides together.
  • Hem the bottom of the skirt piece.
  • Sew a gathering stitch (straight stitch on longest stitch length) along the top of the skirt piece.
  • Pull top thread to gather skirt until about 1.5 times the size of waistband.
  • Pin the waistband evenly to the gathered skit piece with right sides together and edges flush.
  • Sew elastic to the skirt piece, stretching elastic gently as you go to match the fabric length.
Tip: Serge or zigzag stitch the gathered skirt edge to avoid fraying if it bothers you.

All done! Enjoy your new frock.

One of the things I love most about this dress is the story of where the fabric came from. It was given to me by just the sweetest older woman at church, Joyce. "Grandma Joyce" as the kids all call her. She is spunky and witty and super active. She lives just a few blocks away, but every time Paige and I try to walk over and visit, she's out volunteering at the senior center, donating her handmade blankets somewhere, giving someone a ride, visiting nursing homes or taking one of her 5 mile walks. She is incredible! I hope I am just like her someday. This dress that I made Paige reminds me of something Joyce would have worn back when she was a young woman. That era produced some amazing people. I complain about how hard it is to keep up with the laundry while Joyce was up at 5 milking cows by the time she was Paige's age! How humbling.

Anyway. :o) Ramble, ramble.

Again, please don't feel like if you don't have a little girl you couldn't make this. It would be fantastic for us grown up ladies as well! I'm always looking for ways to make dresses for myself because of how short or expensive most dresses are. I don't have a button up shirt at the moment to make one for myself with, but if I try it I will be sure to post!

Have a great day, ladies. (And gents?)

I hope you are enjoying life, wherever you are right now.



  1. I love your ideas! I'm a huge fan of your blog. And you are so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl such as Paige. Keep up the great work! Love seeing your creations~

  2. Hi Daisy, the dress is wonderful, but the idea behind... coming from a great lady makes it even more pretty.
    With a mum like you are, for sure Page will become a strong, sweet and caring woman.

  3. I loved it as a shirt, but the dress is so cute. Great combination of plaid and floral. I hope she gets a lot of wear out of it.

  4. I love this, I wonder if it would work for an adult's dress? I have an old shirt that's waiting to be turned into something pretty...hmm, you've got me thinking!
    And Paige is adorable!!

  5. Absolutely adorable Disney! Love the combo of those fabrics, love the pictures, and love that gorgeous model. Great work on all three :)


  6. i have a couple of things i wanna say
    1. paige really is such a beautiful child ;)
    2. i agree with you. i meet so many interesting and inspiring older people at my work (an orthopaedic clinic). i want to be a cool eccentric old woman one day, with a loud wardrobe and a full social calender.
    3. i really really love how you use things that people give you. its really sweet!!!

  7. The dress is super pretty - it takes the shirt to a great new place! And what an amazing location shoot!

  8. ok, i just HAD to come back and share something else. i am scanning an mri on a 71 year old lady who just bee bopped her way in here with cute jewelry and a mega watt smile. im doing her knee because "it is interferring with gym time and my ability to volunteer at the mission". HOW IRONIC!!!! people can be truly amazing!

  9. Beautiful dress and pictures! I love the pattern mixing and story behind the fabric. :)

  10. Thank you guys!
    Astrid: That is amazing! What a great example to all us youngsters. :o)

  11. Hi Disney,
    I kept looking at the skirt fabric wondering where I had seen it before.
    Then it dawned on me. My mother-in-law made a cute little apron for my daughter ten years ago out the same fabric. So neat to see it sewn into a skirt. It looks cute on Paige.


  12. ADORABLE. If I'd look as cute as Paige does in that dress, I'd make one. :)

  13. this little dress is precious! i always get excited when you post :)

  14. this little dress is precious! i always get excited when you post :)

  15. this little dress is precious! i always get excited when you post :)


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