Faux Sequin Starfish Tank

Hello, friends!
 I made this little tank for Paige yesterday. Isn't it fun?
I love starfish. My family and I used to hunt for them at the beach when I was a little girl. It was the thrill of a lifetime each time we found one! I can't wait to take Paige starfish hunting one day.

(How old is Paige in this photo?? 16? gah.)

After discovering the fun of freezer paper stenciling, I am a little bit obsessed with painting clothes. I have about 8 million shirt ideas and only lack the, you know...actual shirts to put paint on. I need a knit shirt sponsor.

I know the starfish is a little summer-y. Maybe I'm jumping the seasonal gun a little bit? I didn't think of it as summer-y because I love nautical stuff so much! I'm totally into it during every season. I was inspired by all the shirts with little sequined designs on the front, but who has 50 hours to sew all those babies on? Not I. I'd love to get my hands on some sequin fabric, but until I find some I used gold glitter paint and a pencil eraser to get the effect! It was fun!
Here's how:


Detailed instructions:
  • Print out this template (click the photo to get the original size) and cut it out:

  • Use the remaining paper as a guide, placing it on the front of the shirt with paperweights to keep it from flying away. 
  • Using gold puff paint, squeeze little dots all over.
  • Press down with a (unused) pencil eraser.
  • Peel paper off immediately.
  • Let dry several hours (or blow dry with a blowdryer) 

If you wanted to sew on a few sequins here and there it would probably look even more realistic.

(P.S. Don't you love Paige's necklace? It's actually two of my bracelets hooked together. It was perfect for her!)

Hope you're having a great week! Mine has been seriously. wonderful. I think because we've had lots of family time. It's nice. :o)



  1. this is so clever Disney! I love the way you used the pencil to give the paint a little texture - came out so cute. I love it!

  2. Very novel use of the gold. I really wonder how the gold will hold up after washing. Any idea yet?Does it come right off or ... are we lucky??

    please email me!
    contact at finecraftguild dotcom

  3. She is a little beauty :) love the tank, it's sooo cute!

  4. This is neat. Love the cute model and very understated background in pics too.

  5. I love this idea, and Paige is so cute; she seems too get older every day.

  6. That is such a cute idea. Your photography is beautiful too.

  7. I found your blog the other day and am having fun looking through all your old projects. This one is so simple and cute! I would even like it in my size. I'll have to try it once I have a free shirt to use. :)

  8. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. I always love coming to your blog to be inspired : )

  9. So stinkin cute! Thanx for sharing, you may have just given me a new obsession. I can't wait to try it!


  10. Well, what a cool idea! I also heart FPS and haven't thought of doing this....so cute :) And Lovely photos & model...as always!

  11. Все гениальное - просто. Спасибо за идею.

  12. Hi Disney! What a cute idea!!! You are so creative!

    also...i love the bracelet that sweet Paige is wearing as a necklace. Is it available online somewhere?


  13. Rose: I used fabric puff paint which is meant for washables, so yes, go ahead and machine wash it!

    Kristen: I'm afraid the bracelet is vintage. :)

  14. Love the painting idea... but I love the background even more, it's so clever!

  15. I love it all! I love the shirt, the simple-awesome technique, the color combo, the background, the bracelet necklace! Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

  16. This is so cute, what a great idea! And the necklace really makes the look.

  17. you just gave me so many ideas for onesies for my baby niece!


  18. Thanx for the inspiring and easy spiffied up tank! I can think of lots of grown up versions too!! Nini~

  19. I am so excited that I found this! My girls want a mermaid party and this would be perfect to make for them! xoxo- Rachel

  20. So glad I found your blog. I love it!

    I just finished making this! I added a fish and some swirls since my starfish wasn't centered. oops! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it dries!

  21. This is great! I love this! I am going to make some for a mermaid party! I tried printing your starfish template and its opening small for me? is is suppose to be a quart of the page or a full page? in your pics it looks full page size? any idea how to help me get your template? THANKS!!!

  22. Question: What happens when you wash the Tank? Does it stay on...just thinking if it will be a good option for loot.

  23. Oh this is easy and perfect for the under the sea party we have coming up... thanks for the brilliant idea!


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