Flutter Sleeve Dress Tutorial!

Here's an easy, seriously so. easy. dress refashion I worked up yesterday afternoon.
It was originally meant to be a shirt refashion with flutters all the way down the sides. Something you could definitely try yourself. But at the last minute I decided I needed another dress for Paige more than another shirt. I love to come up with new ideas and share them on the blog, but when it comes down to it, I usually try to make something that I'll actually use.
 I really like this look on Paige. Not too froofy or fancy. Just simple and comfy. It reminds me of the Tea Collection dresses. I think she liked it too, she asked to wear it to church that night!
 The only think I forgot? To check the size! The neck was a little took big and it kept sliding off, so I added a couple of temporary pleats until she grows into it more.

How to make it:

Step by step instructions:
  • Cut a diagonal line starting from 1" away from the neckline to the bottom on each side. (Trace a jumper if you like, adding room for seam allowance.)
  • Cut two strips from one of the sleeves. 4" wide, with enough length to go around an armhole.
  • Gather a 3" section in the middle of each strip. (Gathering tutorial here.)
  • Pin the strips to the side of the dress with right sides facing, matching the gathered area up with the shoulder seam. 
  • Sew sleeves on as pictured.
  • Turn the dress inside out and sew up the sides, just until you get to the sleeve strips. Backstitch to reinforce.

(make Paige's hair bow here)

The shirt was something I'd picked up at a thrift store for myself. It was too big, but I thought I would just ytake in the sides and make it work. That was a year ago, however, and I already have like, six coral striped shirts, so I'm thinking this was a better use for it. :o) 

 So how's your Monday going? Are you working today? Paige and I are doing some grocery shopping and visiting, then heading to the Naturopath to check on Paige's eczema, which has all of the sudden gone crazy. Then it's homeschooling and working on party decor, a church function and visiting with grandpa! Boy, that sounds like a busy day. I'm gonna go have some coffee. :o)  Talk to you soon! 



  1. Well Done Disney :) & she is so cute..

  2. this is adorable Disney! I am such a fan of stripes, and the dress looks adorable on your daughter :)

  3. What a great transformation. The dress looks adorable on Paige. She is such a cutie.

  4. Super sweet transformation. My favorite thing in your post: "I already have, like, six coral striped shirts." Hee!

  5. it's so cute! i love it! can you tell us how to do the adult shirt you had in mind as well??? :)

  6. Love the dress. Such a cute refashion. You homeschool? Us too! Is Paige in kindergarten now?

  7. This is so cute and easy! Looks super comfy too:)

  8. The pictures you take of Paige are so darn cute. You have a great eye for photography! Love the dress too!

  9. The pictures you take of Paige are so darn cute. You have a great eye for photography! Love the dress too!

  10. Danielle: Fun! We love homeschooling. Paige is in...kinderfirsten? Mostly first grade work. :)

    Miss Tweedle: Thanks! I'm pretty sure it's all Paige's cuteness that makes the photos though. ;)

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  12. oh wow look like Lindsey Lohan in the top picture

  13. Such a great idea! And possibly free too!


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