Happy Weekend!

Hope you're having a good weekend! 
My husband was out of town these last few days speaking at a retreat so Paige and I snuck over to see family for little road trip. Most of the trip was spend on the road so no pretty pictures. :o( Sorry.

P.S. Don't be fooled by that "sleepy" Paige face. That's actually her bored face. Paige never sleeps in the car! (Or at home...or at church...or at night...hm.) her cousins fell asleep practically every time their seat belts clicked and she was totally confused by it. "Why are they sleeping again??" So funny.

See you on Monday!



  1. Cute! She is getting so big. :)

  2. thats a totally bored face!!! haha i can relate, my son NEVER sleeps in the car. i always did when i was a kid/teen/adult, actually i still do if i can get away with it!! lol

  3. Haha--Paige and I are so alike! Always wished I could sleep at the drop of a hat...or the click of a seatbelt for that matter.


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