June 16, 2012

Here is the face...

Here is the face of a blogger who has over-scheduled herself. Note the subtle signs of insanity around the eyes:
 (Yes, we are in my bathroom. Whatever.)  

I just wanted to say that I might be absent for a few days so that my alter-ego can get some things done. Just to warn you, so you don't think I'm sick or dying or...lost in my alterations pile.

On a happier note, I tried something from Pinterest! Did you know that you can really try all those ideas in real life? :O) I didn't, either. But here's one I did try!

It didn't turn out quite as cute as the original, but oh well. :o)

Have a great weekend!!



  1. I hope you get everything done that you need to! The nails are cute :) Have a fab weekend!

  2. That first pic & commentary are too funny! I hope you get all your stuff done...I know how that feels. Just take it one step at a time :) And the nails turned out neat....haven't seen that pin. Gonna have to try it!

  3. Well you still look fabulous, subtle signs of insanity or no. Best of wishes getting everything you need done. :D

  4. hahahahhahahahhaha - I KNOW THAT FACE! Lol - I like to get outside and bury my head in the sand, literally, at the beach with my kids - when that happens :)

  5. Enjoy your time off! Everyone needs it once in a while :)

    I love your nails! Any time you try a pinterest thing, I'd love it if you'd link up with my Pinterest Party! It's the 1st Sunday of every month :)

    ♥ Bethany


  6. this made me laugh! ;) I need to remember to try some things I've pinned as well...

  7. Cute nails! I just pinned it. :)

  8. Good luck with your to-do list. Also, your nails are super cute! I love the color of the hearts! I don't know if it was in the tutorial ( I suppose I could read it, but I'm a little lazy), but did you add a top coat? I find it helps smooth down the weird edges that form when you use tape.

  9. Love your self portrait! Good luck getting stuff done. :)

  10. You do look fabulous! Hope you get everything done you wanted to!

    And thanks for letting me know about my pin! That's awesome! I didn't know!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. so gotta pin your blog, y did i not know about you and your blog?

  13. Hey Disney!

    I love checking in to your blog (I like to imagine that if you lived in Vancouver we'd be craft buddies--people wouldn't be nearly as impressed with my projects as they are now, but whatev'), but I want to encourage you that stepping back and breathing is probably always the best choice :o) I'm not a mommy, but I imagine (and you seem to know) just how precious that time is. And if you need to spend time doing things with real people, we can wait. We'll still be here when you get back. Just had that on my mind. :o)

  14. I know what you mean! Cute nails!

  15. You know I had to try this as soon as I saw it. About to give you a little shout-out. Thanks for the inspiration!


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